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Mood Enhancer: 10 Surefire Ways to Get Yourself in a Better Mood

Vision Direct

When you're exhausted, out of sorts or just plain blue, don't give up.


It's like those advertisements-furrowed forehead, a face as a urinal queue, and then a sip of a hot cuppa. And hey presto! Worry lines melt, knitted brows unravel, a wide grin emerges, and the body reconfigures itself-smart, smarter, smartest-in the twinkling of an eye. The magical properties of tea owe themselves to caffeine - a stimulant and a host of antioxidants - they alleviate hypertension and are good for the heart. Coffee too can cheer you up but only when it is consumed in moderation.


If you are thinking prayer rug and flying fakirs, stop. We are merely asking you to switch off. All those times when the whole world seems out to get a piece of you are trying to please everyone but to no avail, just distance yourself. Meditation involves taming or a word or a chant or even an idea. Humans have different kinds of brainwaves - beta, alpha, theta and delta. Of these, alpha waves indicate the most calm state of being. And meditation generates alpha waves. But one should take meditation lessons before practicing on one's own.


The first thing in the morning and the last thing at night - the silent exchange between planter and plant is nice frayed nerves. A tits simplest, gardening involves tending to a couple of potted plants. The activity takes one's mind off humdrum worries. At its more evolved best, gardening involves a lot of output is directly proportional to aesthetic and other returns. Dumb pets did you say? Well, they talk back with their leaves, soothe with their green and smile with their flowers.


What is about putting one's feet up that is so relaxing? This simple act (of putting up your feet) revises the circulatory capacity of the blood, the venous blood flow to the heart is multiplied, the oxygen capacity increases and the end-result is a coffee-like phenomena-rejuvenating. And the physiological implications as well. The action works not so much as a full stop as a comma - a welcome pause wherein you engage in an activity of your choice, be it watching TV or reading book or simply doing nothing.


Chopping, grinding, boiling... Come to think of it, cooking is a string of some of the most violent activities. Then why is it the that is? Cooking is like love, you should enter into it with complete abandon or not all. When cooking is a quantity every day, it can hardly work as a feel-good factor. But if you wield the ladle occasionally you will realise it is the simplest and most satisfying creative exercise possible.


You might say why not the pet dog or cat. And you would be right in asking. Only there is something so gratifying about feeding pariah birds that you have to do it to know what it feels like. One reason could be that they make a pretty sight, first flocking, then pecking away daintily (they don't gobble like cats or dogs). It could also have something to do with the no-strings attached nature of it.


There is nothing quite like a pedicure from a professional. At home, you can scrub and scratch and slather on all lotion in the universe, but you can not even begin to approximate the effect. Feet are the most used part of the body. A pedicure works on the rough edges, cleanses dirt and works like an ablution for the mind too.


An obscenely heavy family lunch followed by some heavy-duty napping. It is difficult to say which of the two is more delicious. Qualitatively different from the kind of sleep you sink into at end of a day. It recalls interminable summer vacations. But why is that a short nap works better than a long one?

They reproduce, excrete and die and they need time to restore themselves. Napping facilitates this. But during the day it is the job of the body to eliminate toxins. If you sleep too long, you impede the digestive process.


Recommending a cry to cure sagging spirits might sound a bit like prescribing a heart attack to someone down with flu. It is really a period of opportunity, a time to optimise on the stress. As he sees it, distress, despondency and despair are inevitable when it comes to keeping oneself emotionally and physically in sync with one's immediate environment. One should always allow for a precipitation of these accumulated woes and then a nice lusty cry is just what you need!


At its most evolved, it works like a meaningful conversation between bodies. At its simplest it is ice-cream for the mind. The list is endless. Good sex works as an analgesic. You could be down with anything serious but you can rest assured that good sex will alleviate it. As they say, pleasure lies between the two ears and not between the two legs.

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Michael Douglas is a well known author and he has written hundreds of articles for various books, magazines, and websites. Currently, he is offering his services to:

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      5:31 AM, Anonymous technoflutemom
      Yes, yes! I look forward to working in my garden every evening. I can feel the stress fall away as I get my hands (well, my gardening gloves!) dirty. 

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