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No Phone Calls Allowed For Britney

Pop Diva Britney Spears is undergoing rehab at the ultra posh Promises Center in Malibu. As part of her program, she is not allowed to receive any phone calls during her stay. Visitors are allowed, but only restricted to immediate family members.

Just proves that celebrity status can not get you any exceptions. Even ex Justin Timberlake had to leave a message. A close friend of Timberlake tells America's Life & Style magazine, "He wished her the best and told her to get healthy and come back as the Britney he knew."

We hope Ms. Britney comes out as good as before....


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    Britney Spears' Manager Talks About Britney's Alleged Suicide Attempts

    Larry Rudolph, manager for Britney Spears, said the rumors regarding Britney Spears being on suicide watch are 'absolutely untrue."

    Larry added, 'She is in rehab, and it is very disappointing that various media outlets are running these false stories about her, as Britney tries to get better.-

    A magazine that Britney's manager was referring to reported on Britney's supposed suicide attempts and threats with a headline that reads, "BRITNEY ATTEMPTS SUICIDE."

    According to other reports, Britney has attempted to physically hurt at least one other person. Before entering rehab for the third time in one week, Britney Spears reportedly attacked a photographer and vehicle with an umbrella a few nights ago.

    According to the agency, Spears went to soon-to-be ex husband Kevin Federline's house at "around 7 pm and rang the bell at his gate three times with no answer."

    The agency added that Britney Spears "was so frustrated that when her assistant stopped the car, Britney grabbed an umbrella and went after our photographers."

    Throughout the incident, Britney's assistant helplessly tried to plead with photographers who were filming the entire incident on video.

    After Britney swung at the vehicle and hit at least one photographer with the umbrella, a photographer was heard telling her that she would "get in trouble for that." Britney yelled a number of words to them, including, "f**k you," as she ran back into the vehicle that her assistant was driving. Once Britney got back inside of the car, her assistant drove off.

    Britney Spears has checked back into rehab since then. Maybe this was the reason that Britney's soon-to-be ex-husband Kevin Federline cancelled an emergency court appearance regarding the custody of their two sons.

    Both Spears and Federline are seeking sole custody of their sons. Earlier this month, a second temporary order granted both parties joint custody of their sons Jayden James, 5 months, and Sean Preston, 17 months, through February.

    News of the emergency hearing came after Britney's wild behavior over the past week, which included Britney being a patient at two different rehab centers in the same week. Between rehab visits, Britney Spears went to a salon and took a razor to her own head, shaving off all of her hair after the salon's owner refused to do it.

    Kevin Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, said in a statement, "Kevin continues to be a very focused father with his children with hands-on management."

    Meanwhile, Jamie Spears, Britney's father, finally spoke out about his daughter, saying, "We've got a sick little girl - we're just trying to take care of her."

    Courtesy of PR-Inside.


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    Party Makeup - 13 Most Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Night!, Inc

    Are you worried about your makeup for tonight? Maybe you have an upcoming event or friends invited you out, but you remember that your last makeup was a disaster? Don't worry anymore. I will show you 13 most common mistakes girls usually do, that totally ruin their party night. You will learn what not to do and what you should do!

    1. The first mistake isn't about applying makeup itself. It is about how you apply it. Never rush to apply your makeup. Take your time and stay focused. Remember, I'm a professional makeup artist and if I'm not focused I do mistakes, we all do! This makeup can change your life forever. Someone that can become a part of your life can notice you, while if your party makeup is a disaster, they would possibly miss you out.

    2. Some girls forget it's important to wash their face with cold water. Cold water improves the blood circulation and makes your skin ready for the makeup. Also don't forget to apply moisturizing lotion. You want your skin soft and ready!

    3. So, now is the time for foundation, right? Wrong! Now you check your skin for acne or pimples or other similar skin problems you want to hide. If you have green colored concealer, it's the time to use it. Yes, before the foundation, use the concealer. Apply it directly on the spots where you want to hide the unwanted guests on your skin. If you don't have green concealer, don't worry. Just skip this part and apply your normal color concealers after the foundation. Caution: don't apply too much of the concealer, you will regret that, because the spots will be visible on the photos.

    4. Okay, next big mistakes happen when girls choose their foundation color. For a party, specially club party with all the flashy lights, always chose lighter foundation tones, compared to your skin tone. If the club uses ultra violet lights and you use darker foundation your face will look extremely dark, which is very unpleasant.

    5. Now we move on to foundation application. This is where most of mistakes happen. If you applied the concealer we were talking about before, don't apply your foundation in rush. If you are used to apply your foundation in right and left motions now you have to change this. Your party makeup will look the best, if you apply it with wet sponge. Just apply some of the foundation on the sponge, then press the sponge on your face. Make just little movements to the right or left. Repeat this all the time, until your foundation isn't completely applied. This way you will avoid moving the concealer you applied before.

    6. Many mistakes happen when choosing the lipstick and eyeshadow colors. For party makeup it is important that you chose strong colors. You have to make this makeup different from your normal daily makeup. If you keep it the same, nobody will notice you on the party. You will just be the member of the crowd. But you want to stand out and become the star of the night, right? So, chose strong colors, don't be afraid! Caution. Choose either strong lipstick, or strong eyeshadows, don't make them both strong at the same time. Because they might clash and it could ruin your night. There are however exceptions when this is possible and it still looks cool, but just don't risk it!

    7. Next big mistakes happen when girls with those dark circles under their eyes, totally forget about them. If you have them, just use some white eyeshadow to lighten the under-eye area. Don't apply too much, it can look funny. If you don't have white eyeshadow, use concealer.

    8. Now, don't make this big mistake when applying blush. Remember. Blush color has to be lighter than lipstick color. Rather use no blush than a darker blush, compared to your lipstick color. I did this mistake once and my cousin ended up looking like someone hit her on the face! Very bad!

    9. Party makeup is all about sparkles. Don't hesitate to use them!

    10. Did you ever notice that on some photos your face might be much brighter compared to your body? Sometimes it is such a big difference that it is really embarrassing and it ruins your photos? Well this is another mistake to make! Foundation and concealer on your face reflect the flash light. And that's why your face glows so strong. If your shoulders and cleavage are visible, always apply some of the foundation there too. You can also apply sparkles there. Not that it just looks cool, but your face and body brightness will get balanced and you will end up looking so gorgeous on photos.

    11. Always check your neck! Usually girls forget about the line they make on the neck. All your efforts, doing this party makeup, will be thrown away if you make that stupid line. Your party makeup will be whole when you take care of the line. Even it out with your neck tone, use pressed powder too, it helps!

    12. Well, usually it is very hot on parties and you also get to dance. Your skin becomes wet and oily and on photos you look like a fountain. Very embarrassing! But there is something you can do about this. You have to apply pressed powder foundation. If you don't have one, buy it! It is completely necessary for parties. Your face will never again glow that much on the photos and you will also look much better during the party alone! You apply it the same way you apply the foundation, just not with the wet sponge, but with the dry one that usually comes with it. Don't forget to apply some pressed powder on your body, it looks great.

    13. And the last big mistake. The lipstick! Your lips can do wonders when applied correctly. Let me explain what can go wrong here. Your lips have those pores that have to be visible even after applying lipstick. But how is this possible? Well usually girls make the mistake and apply too much material on their lips. The pores become invisible and their lips look plastic, unnatural. And when this does happen your party makeup will get ruined. Now. Chose your lipstick color. Apply it on your lips. Blot your lips with a tissue paper, so that you remove the unnecessary lipstick and your pores will become visible. Now, the magic trick! Apply the crystal clear lip-gloss on your lips. Your lipstick color will remain on your lips, your pores will still be visible and your lips will look totally sexy with the gloss effect. They will also look fuller and nobody will be able to resist your "sexy" lips anymore. This way the lipstick stays on longer too.

    That's about it! All the 13 biggest mistakes were revealed. Now it's up to you. Follow my advice and you may become the queen of the night! The right application of your party makeup can totally change your night life, guaranteed!

    About the Author
    Zoran Gajic, a professional makeup artist always full of tips and tricks to make girls look even more gorgeous. If you liked my article about mistakes that girls usually make when applying party makeup, don't hesitate to check the party makeup I've done on gorgeous looking girls, at



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    Four Rules Celebrities Should Follow

    We live in a celebrity obsessed culture. There are news programs devoted exclusively to the lives of stars, and weekly publications that report every facet of their lives both professional and personal. They are not allowed any measure of privacy. Camera people follow them on the most mundane of tasks, await them outside their homes to take photos that can be worth thousands of dollars and even rifle through their trash to find any snippet of information.

    Common sense would tell someone in this situation that they must behave in a very respectable manner at all times living in the proverbial fish bowl. Yet, most celebrities don't seem to learn. Therefore I have compiled a list of tips that celebrities on the A, B, or even D list may want to follow.

    Do Not Cheat On Your Spouse

    This is not to say that they are supposed to be morally superior, or that they need to set an example. The simple truth is that with the increased level of scrutiny it is likely that they will get caught. Celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, and Ryan Phillippe to name a few can attest to this. It is not a good idea of your spouse to learn of your wandering eye through the pages of Star Magazine.

    Do Not Commit Any Crimes

    Celebrity mug shots are the dreams of publishers of celebrity weeklies such as Star Magazine and The National Enquirer. There are websites devoted exclusively to embarrassing pictures of entertainers. Some favorites are those of Nick Nolte, Robert Downey Jr., Hugh Grant to name a few. Before the desire to pick up a prostitute, buy illegal drugs, or drive under the influence takes hold, remember every interview going forward will discuss the lapse in judgment and show the less than flattering photo provided in public records.

    Do Not Lose or Gain Drastic Amounts of Weight

    Most of us know that it is incredibly easy to gain weight as we age. Celebrities have no such luck. Every morsel that they consume must be monitored. A mere five pounds of extra weight gain can easily lead to false pregnancy or depression rumors. On the opposite end of the spectrum it is not unheard of for celebrities to be shamed into shedding pounds only to be questioned about their weight loss methods or about having an eating disorder once the weight loss becomes too drastic.

    Do Not Marry Kevin Federline

    This should be self explanatory; however, it appears that Britney Spears never got the memo. The level of criticism she received once she started to date the former back up dancer reached epic proportions. Though you should be able to date or marry whatever person you like, the same rules do not apply in the entertainment industry. Marrying Federline made Spears become a punch line. In this case the bad publicity did not bode well for her career. The rule in Hollywood for women seems to be that it is best to marry someone who has the same amount of power or more than you. In the case that your career takes off it is essential to upgrade to a more desirable spouse. Jennifer Garner and Katie Holmes are a great example of this.

    Though it may seem unfair that those who choose the entertainment industry for a living have to live by a different set of rules, they do reap the rewards of their profession. Celebrities earn large amounts of money, often more in a year then many achieve in their lifetimes. They receive preferential treatment much of the time, receive complimentary expensive items when they can afford to pay. Perhaps it is fitting that they get themselves into such crazy situations. It makes life a bit more fair.

    About the Author
    Lisa James reads Star Magazine and is a writer for Suscriba, seller of Star Magazine Subscriptions and other discount magazine subscriptions.

    Photo Courtesy of PR-Inside.


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      6:01 PM, Anonymous Calypso
      This is excellent advice for both celebs and non celebs. I especially like your last tip. Kevin Federline should be avoided at all costs. LOL 

      10:10 AM, Blogger mtatum4496
      LOL. This was a nice slice of good old fashioned common sense in a world where far too many folks like to put their business on the streets instead of keeping it private. Kudos to the writer for spelling it out in terms that even the most delusional of celebrities can grasp.

      All I really want from any entertainer is a godo time when I plop down the money to see a movie, play, or concert. 

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    The Most Of Common Facial Imperfections And How To Correct Them

    All of us have some kind of blemish or flaw which can be corrected and made the most of with a few easy-to-perform tricks. Read on as we let you in on a few of the best:

    Overly tanned skin

    If you've overdone it in the sun (do remember to be especially careful and use high factor sun protection for the face and body) though even with sun cream some of us go so dark it leaves our skin difficult to work with; well don't worry and just follow this advice to bring your face out:

    * What make up do I use?

    Use a foundation that's the same tone as your tanned skin but with a luminous texture, lightening and clarifying your face.

    * What eye shadows flatter me most?

    Use clear pearly tones to emphasize dark skin.

    * And the rouge....which one is ideal for me?

    Use rosy tones with a pearly finish. Cream textures will also make your face fresher.

    * How do I make up my lips?

    Choose a transparent lip gloss to give volume and luminosity

    Very pale skin

    Some of us also have skin so pale that our smaller veins show, and the slightest imperfection stands out as the skin is very fine and sensitive. Follow the advice below to correct this and emphasize the skin:

    * What make up do I use?

    Use a foundation in the same tone as your skin (yes: pale as you may be, don't try to use foundation to increase your colour -this will look unnatural). Use a moisturising foundation with an average covering, and then apply a tanning powder which must be luminous, but with a very light tone, to give just a hint of colour. Ensure you have corrected all the little veins, bags and marks with a good corrector.

    * Which eye shadows flatter me most?

    Use earthy tones with mid-range colours, such as bronzes and greys ...Avoid extremely dark or light tones.

    * And rouge....which one is ideal for me?

    If your complexion tends to redden, avoid rosy tones and go for peachy, golden, or earthy ones...

    * How do I make up my lips?

    Choose a tone similar to that of the eyes but light; particularly if you have fine lips.

    Round face

    If you have a round face, follow this advice to dissimulate it...

    * How can I correct the face?

    The blusher is your ally. Use two: one to give colour, the other to correct. The one you use to correct should be in a matt earthy tone, very natural. Use this to give depth to the face.

    Apply it directly on the cheekbone, from the roots of the hair to the centre of the face. Also use it around the face, ensuring you smudge it well so it doesn't stand out.

    Next, on the same cheekbone, use a coloured rouge, such as pink, peach, or gold; and apply it straight towards the centre of the face.

    * And hairstyle ...which one flatters me most?

    A hairstyle will help you no end in correcting a round face. Create a wispy haircut that goes towards the face, and avoid haircuts ending around chin level. If it complements you to do so; cut the fringe. This will give you a wider look. Remember that volume should always gather around the crown and never to the sides of the face.

    Bulging eyes

    If your eyes bulge out a lot, take advantage of this -make the best of it by following these steps:

    * Which eye shadow should I use?

    Dark and matt! Seize the chance to use matt black, grey, navy and dark green tones; you'll automatically fix this little problem. Avoid light colours and pearly textures.

    * And how do I make myself up?

    Use the smoky eyes technique, that's to say make up your upper eyelid in the dark tone, and the inner side of your eyelid with a pencil, also applying the dark colour below the eye, just where the lashes begin, smudging it well to produce that trendy smoky look ...

    Very thick lips

    If you have very thick lips, instead of correcting them: bring them out! Follow these steps;

    * What colours do I use?

    Use dark tones to bring down the volume, giving you a classical, elegant look. For example: wine red, purples, chocolate brown...Avoid shine, which doesn't mean your lips shouldn't be moisturised, rather the opposite: as they are noticeable, it is very important you look after them properly.

    * And how do I make myself up?

    If you are going to use a dark lipstick, avoid going over the top in making your eyes up, use a luminous base, give your eyes a touch of light with a light eye shadow you can apply over the whole eyelid, and a lot of mascara. For the rouge, choose a tone from the same range as the eyeliner, for example if you use wine red lipstick, use a pink rouge, or if you use a brown liner use a gold or bronze rouge.

    About the Author
    Articles by Asuncion Parra Llorente a Beauty coach and founder and professional Make Up teacher at the online Make Up school; Elite Make Up.



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    Dreaming of Chocolate and Valentines 2008

    I am not one of those people who like to plan ahead. Because I'm an orange.

    In the color personality scheme of things, I love to do things on the fly.

    Not this time though. I want to spend Valentines 2008 at The Hersey Chocolate Spa in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Nothing sounds like the ultimate pampering until you combine chocolate and spa together. Their spa treatments involve chocolate in some form, like Chocolate Bean Polish Body Therapy.

    "One of our signature chocolate services! We combine the gentle exfoliation of cocoa bean husks and walnut shells with a softening Cocoa Body Moisturizer for superb results. Smells so good, you may want to eat it!"

    Or The Chocolate Fondue Wrap ....

    "Our exclusive formula of warmed moor mud and essence of cocoa revitalizes and nourishes the skin as it relaxes the body. A luxurious body brushing is followed by the fondue application. The body is then wrapped in a soft warm blanket to enhance the total effect. A Vichy Shower rinse culminates the effect."

    I always believe that chocolate is the cure to all the world's problems. Just thinking about lathering myself in creamy, milk vanilla chocolate and rolling around in a tub full of whipped cocoa.... Yes, I am thinking of moving to the quaint little town of Hershey so that I can enjoy these services at a regular basis.



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    Although one of the most popular trends in Hollywood recently was sporting a size zero waistline, named "Best of the Web" by People magazine's StyleWatch, is offering its clientele a chance to flaunt the hottest trends without having to fit into a size zero. Since offers a wide selection of authentic designer handbags at off-retail pricing, women worldwide can carry the latest trends in designer handbags because one size fits all when it comes to a fashionable designer purse.

    We want our clients to know if they want a new attitude, a new focus or a new image they don't have to diet to fit into the latest trends in fashion. Our clients can show their style by wearing their favorite pair of jeans and carrying a high-end designer purse without breaking their budget or a strict low-carb, low-fat diet!

    "We're having 'the new size zero attitude' sale because we are all about allowing our clientele to grab a new attitude and image for less," said Anna Miller, owner and operator. "We want our clients to know if they want a new attitude, a new focus or a new image they don't have to diet to fit into the latest trends in fashion. Our clients can show their style by wearing their favorite pair of jeans and carrying a high-end designer purse without breaking their budget or a strict low-carb, low-fat diet!"

    With the new size zero attitude, is taking an extra 10% off all regular-priced merchandise, including Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Juicy Couture, Tods, Coach, Christian Dior, Fendi and many more of today's most sought after brands. This will help to make online shoppers express their new attitude even easier.

    To receive the extra 10% off all regular-priced merchandise, online shoppers will use coupon code "1SFA" at check out. As an added focus, offers an additional 10% - 20% off everything in its huge sale and final clearance departments.

    Shoppers can also take advantage of layaway plan, which allows them to pay for their items in three easy payments spread out over a 60-day period. A 60-day diet may or may not shed pounds for the fashionista, but carrying the bag of their dreams is a sure thing using a budget-conscious layaway plan.



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    Foxy Eva Mendes

    As with every Nicolas Cage movie since the 1980's, I have always made a point to watch them on opening weekend. He never fails to entertain, and as the weekend closes at the box office, Ghost Rider is expected to pull in over $44M.

    The first thing my fiance said as we walked out of the movie theatres on Saturday night was "Eva Mendes is hot". And I have to agree with him. She is not your stereotypical Hollywood starlet that is just skin and bones, Eva is just plain in-your-face sexy even after she gained 10lbs to play this role.

    "I just let myself have dessert and I skipped the gym," she tells Australia's The Sunday Morning Hearld. "It wasn't a big deal. The good part about my body is that when I gain that extra 10 pounds [4.5 kilograms], it goes to the fun parts. After that it goes to the other parts where you don't really want it to go, as an actress."

    Eva is the current darling of magazine covers this month - GQ, Maxim and Shape.


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    Mariah Carey - The New Diva Face Of Pinko

    mariah carey

    The Pinko lifestyle is fresh, and very sexy. I took a quick peek at their spring and summer 2007 collection, and I just absolutely love it! Ultra feminine, a little bit of an attitude, and edgy with a metallic twist is how I would describe it. Pinko even makes the drabbiest of greys in their collection look quite fashionable and chic.

    And just like every Italian fashion house, sooner or later they "go hollywood" to expand their brand's exposure. It has signed on mega superstar Mariah Carey as the new face of its London-inspired fashion brand.

    "I first discovered this spectacular fashion house while working in Italy...I immediately became a huge fan of the brand, and I bought almost everything in the store." says Mariah Carey. "So as you can imagine, when I was approached about doing the Pinko campaign I was beyond excited. The clothes are so stylish and fun, and I'm really looking forward to our new venture together."

    This campaign is probably one of a few times that I have seen the diva with more clothes on than her usual magazine glossies. After all, she is an all-time favourite by the editors over at Playboy, with 5 Pictorials since 1999 and making it into "Playboy's 25 Sexiest Celebrities" March 2006 edition. The upcoming March 2007 issue is going to feature Miss Mariah on the cover and an exclusive interview - "Playboy's 20Q: Mariah Carey".

    I do hope that sooner or later, Pinko's global market expansion includes storefronts in the United States and Canada. It is just not the same purchasing designer creations through auction sites......



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    Red Carpet Love Match: Reese and Matthew?

    Awards season is in full swing. So, which celebrity would you most like to accompany at an awards show? Which celebrities would you like to see start dating? What awards category would you most like to add? What do people think about the red carpet and what would they do if they chance to walk one?

    For single people in the U.S. surveyed by, Meryl Streep and Will Smith were the top picks for "most want to accompany to an awards show," while Reese Witherspoon and Matthew McConaughey were the two celebrities they wanted to see start dating. And the new award category most people would create? Cheesiest lines.

    With the red carpet season at its peak, conducted the online survey to see what consumers think about their favorite celebrities, their love lives and awards shows.

    And the Winners Are…
    Additional insights of interest from the survey include:

    Penelope Cruz (42%) and Leonardo DiCaprio (33%) are considered the sexiest of the nominees.

    Kate Winslet (33%) and Leonardo DiCaprio (35%) are considered the most romantic

    Majority of men and women (25%) would like to bring Meryl Streep home to mom.

    Vast majority (80%) think the red carpet is just another excuse for celebrities to flaunt themselves.

    Majority (53%) said if they had a chance to walk down the red carpet they would wave "hello" to mom.

    Majority (27%) would rather go on a date with an "ex-" than watch an awards show.

    Women (54%) said the best part of watching awards shows is the fashions, but men (37%) said it's the cleavage.

    Most important accessory on the red carpet is not shoes or bling -- it's a smile (32%).

    Meryl Streep (26%) and Will Smith (27%) are top picks for "most want to attend an awards show" with.

    Would like to see Reese Witherspoon (23%) and Matthew McConaughey (28%) date each other.

    Majority said if they could create a new award category it would be "cheesiest lines" (39%); the next most popular category would be "Most gratuitous nude scene" (28%).

    About pioneered online personals when it launched on the Web in 1995 and continues to lead this exciting and evolving category after more than a decade. Throughout its 11-year history, has redefined the way people meet and fall in love and is credited with more marriages than any other site. Today, more than 15 million people around the world participate in the community, providing a rich tapestry of ethnicities, interests, goals, ambitions, quirks, looks and personalities from which to choose. is the world's biggest online dating and personals property, according to the November 2005 global ranking of the Personals category by industry-leading independent measurement firm comScore Media Metrix. Number one across North America and Europe, operates leading subscription-based online dating sites in 35 countries, in 15 languages and spanning six continents. also powers online dating on MSN across Europe, Asia, the United States and Latin America and is the premier provider of personals for Love@AOL.

    Dallas, TX (PRWEB) February 17, 2007



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    Britney Spears MIDNIGHT Fantasy Call

    What's the latest thing for Britney's fans?

    How about a MIDNIGHT fantasy phone call from the pop diva?

    Elizabeth Arden, in conjunction with the launch of the new Britney Spears fragrance in December 2006, started a new online program on Valentines Day that allows fans to send personalized MIDNIGHT fantasy phone calls from Britney Spears.

    You can send a message to your friends and other fans of the superstar by visiting and providing information about the recipient such as name and type of personality in order to personalize the phone call.

    So, Answer Your Cell! It could be Britney 's voice on the other line with a MIDNIGHT fantasy message just for you.

    "It's so cool to personally reach out to my fans this way!," said Britney Spears. "I am really excited for people to get the calls and send 'midnight fantasy' messages to their friends from me. I absolutely love this new fragrance, and hope everyone is encouraged to try it."



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    6 Tips and Tricks That Will Help You Achieve That Red Carpet Look

    The glamour, the excitement, the drama. What we wouldn't give to be a part of Hollywood's red carpet. After all, it's a chance to shine in the spotlight, to look and feel beautiful. Whether you're enjoying the single life, a wife or a mom, there's no reason a person can't enjoy a little red carpet glamour of her own, and with these hair and makeup tips and tricks, the leading skincare and beauty portal,, will show you how to achieve that red carpet look.

    Believe it or not, Hollywood's celebrities are not born with perfect skin, perfect bodies or perfect hair. What we see on the red carpet a lot of times require hours of preparations by Hollywood stylists who fake a few things to make celebrities look their best.

    1. Airbrush tans: If you haven't been to the gym lately and you're worried about a perfect body in that stunning dress, try an airbrush tan. Not only do airbrush tans give off a healthy glow, they also add muscle definition where it's needed. This method of tanning is also much safer than tanning beds. You usually find an airbrush-tanning specialist at a local tanning salon and spa.

    2. Extensions: If you weren't born with beautiful hair, try extensions. Many celebrities use these when they want their hair to be thicker or just need a little extra when wearing an up-do. If you don't want to commit to a more permanent extension, choose a clip-on extension instead. Most hair extensions are available at a local beauty store or salon. You can also find them at stores that specialize in wig pieces.

    3. Wavy hair: If you'd like to opt for a natural approach, loose wavy hair and hair that is parted down the center, are both red carpet winners this year. For loose waves, apply a styling gel to wet hair. Using your fingers, scrunch hair from roots to ends to create a natural wave. Allow the hair to dry naturally. Once dry, you can use a setting spray if you'd like.

    5.Get a celebrity hairstyle: If you want a specific style like Jennifer Aniston's, apply a setting gel to wet hair. Using a round boar bristle brush, blow-dry the hair from roots down while pointing the dryer nozzle down as you dry. Once hair is dry, use a flat iron from root to tip to create a smooth look to the hair. Finish this look with a holding spray. If you would like to create a little more shine to this style, follow up with a shine spray.

    6. Makeup: It's not just about the hair when it comes to celebrities on the red carpet. Makeup plays a very important role as well when it comes to being in the spotlight. For a look similar to Desperate Housewives' star Teri Hatcher, sweep a pale shadow that is closest to your skin tone across the entire eye. Next apply a medium shade of choice across the lid of the eye and up to the crease. Apply a darker shade along the crease starting at the upper outside corner of the eye, then sweeping in and down toward the crease to create a contour. Next apply brown eyeliner to the upper lash line, and then apply a few coats of mascara to lashes. Finish the look with a soft shade of pink lip color.

    More about
    Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, was founded by CareFair Ltd. is a sponsor-free online community website dedicated to providing readers with a place to find reliable and updated information from the world of beauty -- skincare, makeup, fragrance, cosmetics and more -- while maximizing the advantages of the Internet through social networking. For more information on please visit

    Zug, Switzerland (PRWEB) February 15, 2007


  • Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Patricia Arquette Help Fund African Charities
  • David Kirsch - The Man Behind Heidi Klum's Body Secrets
  • Celebrity Jewelry: Forget Bling, Bring Back Pearls!
  • Mohapatra Completes Fall 2007 J Mendel Collection for the Bryant Park Fashion Shows on March 8th


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    Helping You Keep Your Clothes On

    So, you're going to a party and you're dying to wear that new sexy dress hanging in your closet. The dress is daring, with a dangerously low neckline held together by these tiny little spaghetti straps.

    You know what I'm talking about. This dress makes you feel the ultimate femme fatale .... until of course those tiny little straps threaten to fail you every single time you move. The night just became a fashion emergency from hell.

    So how do you prevent these pesky wardrobe issues from ruining your night? Keep your clothes on by using a body clothing double sided tape. That should do the trick and take your mind off that nagging fear that "anytime now" you could be exposed for the whole world to see.

    Fashion tapes are also great for tube tops, low backline, or just keeping stray bra straps from falling. They are easy to apply and easy to remove. For all the miracle that they do, they are quite affordable. Amazon has most listed between $5 - $9 per box.

    Braza Flash Body / Clothing Double Sided Tape Style 1009

    Braza Flash Body / Clothing Double Sided Tape Style 1009



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    Finding Mr Right Through A Dating Service

    Earring Planet

    This year's Valentines Day is almost a memory. A couple more hours and our single friends in the east coast can celebrate that the day is finally over.

    It's all because the media is now portraying Valentines Day as a day for singles to enjoy being single. Don't buy into that crap - it's just a big deception. If you had a choice, would you want to be single? Really? The truth is .... nobody wants to be single. Everybody wants to be with somebody and not just on Valentine, but for the rest of the 365 days of the year.

    Valentines Day is a day for love and romance. Getting Chocolates and Flowers. Maybe a bubble bath and a little bit of somethin'-somethin' afterwards. If you didn't celebrate the day with a partner, then, it is time to start looking.

    So, here's a list of dating sites where Mr. Right could be hiding:

    A girlfriend of mine just started on Eharmony and she gives it a big thumbs up. You have to pay for the service, but they provide you with high quality matches. Before you enter open communication with a match, you send questionnaires back and forth to make sure that this could be a relationship worth pursuing.

    I personally would give this site a ten star rating. I first used their service about 4 years back and met some really nice quality men. Just not for me, but they were very prime examples of manhood - great job, good lifestyle and ready for commitment. I met my fiance through a friend of his that I met on American Singles. This is an excellent example of why you should take a chance on online dating.

    My first exposure to online dating, even before I was single. One of my best friends decided it was time to meet "the man" and went on Lavalife "speed dating". Her concept really was to meet as many men as possible and eventually she'll find him. We couldn't keep up with her, she had a different date every night, maybe even two - one for drinks and another for dinner. In three months, she met him, and in another six months she was married. My best friend also met his wife on Lavalife and they where married within one year of meeting each other.

    Mr. Right is most definitely out there. You just have to broaden your horizons in order to find him. Who knows? He could just be waiting for you set up an account so he could send you a wink. And the rest could be history as we know it.



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    Relationship Advice 101: Can You Change Your Love Life Simply by Changing Your Bedroom?

    Earring Planet

    Romance is in the air - especially this month with Valentines everywhere you look. But for many people, romantic relationships seem unattainable or current love connections lack the sparks they once created. Feng Shui, the ancient art of object placement to enhance energy flow through a space, is gaining attention as a powerful tool for improving all kinds of relationships.

    "Feng Shui can make a marked difference in people's lives," says Linda Binns, founder of the Feng Shui Success Institute and author of Feng Shui for Your Relationships: Changing Your Environment to Create Better Relationships. "But before you start moving things around or making changes to your environment, it's important to clarify exactly what you want to change."

    Binns notes that this process, which she calls "setting your intention," is a crucial first step that will guide your subsequent actions. "Perhaps you want to strengthen or rekindle the flame of an existing relationship. Perhaps you want to attract an exciting new romantic partner to your life. Perhaps you want to find a life partner with which to share the future. While there can be a variety of issues or scenarios, it is important to begin by considering your current situation and recognizing what you would like to change."

    After setting a clear intention, Binns recommends a variety of actions that can enhance the flow of positive energy in the home, creating a more conducive environment in which to achieve your desires. A few of her basic tips include:

  • To symbolize a close relationship, it is important to position decorative items in pairs. For instance, display a painting of a couple, place two ornaments together, or hang two pictures that form a set. Two flowers in a vase or two stuffed animals beside one another are other examples of pairs that you can place in your environment.

  • If you already have a partner whom you wish to become closer to, it is important to display photos that feature you as a couple. Pictures of you with your partner and other individuals, whether family or friends, symbolize your propensity to give up time as a couple in order to become part of a larger group.

  • Clutter and other distractions in the bedroom, such as exercise equipment, a television, work-related items or a computer, serves to bring unwanted distractions into your relationship. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary that feels romantic and invites you to spend time with your loved one.

  • Make sure that the side of your bed is not against a wall because this position symbolizes only one way in and out of the bed and indicates that there is room for only one person.

  • When you make your bed, keep it relatively uncluttered and create a space that will easily accommodate a couple.

  • Master bedrooms ideally feature warm, soothing colors, such as cream, taupe, cocoa, or shades with a red or pink base. Such warm bedroom colors represent warm, close relationships.

  • When you remove clutter, don't move anything to a storage box under your bed. People store all kinds of things under the bed - fire extinguishers, ladders, guns, papers, books, exercise equipment and more. Remember that, based on the principles of Feng Shui, energy should freely flow throughout a space, including under the bed.

  • Large bedrooms should feature cozy, intimate nooks, such as sitting areas. Again, creating an intimate space reflects an intimate relationship.

    Binns says that these are among the basic steps that help set the stage for romance. She details these and other strategies in her new book and offers specific guidelines on which portions of a home are especially important when seeking to create or improve various types of relationships. More information on Feng Shui for Relationships can be found at

    "Let's face it, our relationships do not always go as smoothly as we would like," she says. "Whether we're dealing with our partner, children, coworkers, friends or even mailman, our interactions with others can be tricky. As we struggle to make things work, often spending considerable time and emotional energy to figure out why certain relationships seem so difficult, many people fail to look at their environment as a factor in the way they manifest their lives. Yet for those who become familiar with the principles and practice of Feng Shui, the results can be remarkable."

    About the Company

    Harmony Inside and Out and its founder, Linda Binns, are dedicated to helping people be aware of how they can maintain a healthy, natural lifestyle, taking responsibility for and control of their health and their life through the environmental art of Feng Shui and natural healing methods. Her mission is to inspire others to achieve abundance and personal greatness with a holistic approach guided by her experience and intuition. She offers free feng shui tips at PRWEB


      6:45 AM, Blogger mtatum4496
      Amazing how much of my own bedroom I saw in the descriptions in this article - the sooting color scheme, the lack of exercise equipment and television, pairing objects etc. About the only thing I missed out on was that I do use the area under the bed for storage.

      I agree one hundred per cent that bedrooms need to be inviting places where a couple can focus on one another and not be distracted by a lot of clutter and nonsense. it does make the occurance of romantic moments much more likely. 

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    New Grape Seed Extract, Skin Cell Antioxidant Cosmetics -- 29 by Lydia Mondavi

    29 Cosmetics - the world's first comprehensive cosmetic collection enriched with the beneficial grape seed extract and dedicated to protecting, improving and presenting beautiful skin - is thrilled to reveal the backbone of this luxury line with the debut of four essential products.

    Within the unique 29 cosmetic collection, four signature products stand out as must-haves: D'Vine Conditioning Mascara, Preserves Lip Therapies, Dew Lip Gloss and Napa Mist Atomizer.

    D'VINE Mascara: The eyes are the windows to the soul...and the lashes frame the view. Promote healthy lashes with this one-of-a-kind conditioning mascara. Not only does it lengthen and curl, it nourishes the lashes with a veritable vitamin bomb to promote strengthening and natural shine. D'VINE conditioning mascara includes the benefits of grape seed extract, of course, in two devine colors of conditioning mascara: Vine Noir (black) and Devine Brown (dark brown). $25.

    PRESERVES Lip Therapies: Antioxidant lip care beyond just moisturizing and protecting - these grape seed extract cosmetics will become vital to the perfect pout:

    Hint of Honey: A combination of beeswax, honey and grape seed extract with a slight shimmer. Perfect alone or worn over lipstick it offers complete protection and all the benefits of 29's advanced anti-oxidant, free radical busting products. $23.

    First Crush: A mini-facial especially for the lips, this Lip Exfoliating Therapy combines the power of crushed grape seeds with the antioxidant and moisture benefits of grape seed extract and peach extract. Rub a little between the lips and tissue off. For intense moisture, follow with Wine Blot and a drop of Hint of Honey for a touch of shimmer. $23.

    Wine Blot (SPF 20): The ultimate sunscreen lip balm to use after First Crush exfoliation therapy and a natural for everyday use to maintain the lips' delicate skin. With one application, the restorative and rejuvenating rewards of this intense moisture formula will have lips lauding its benefits. $23.

    DEW Lip Gloss (SPF 15): Top it Off is a high gloss sunscreen lip gloss with a unique formula that turns any color lighter - subduing that favorite nighttime lipstick color making it perfect for daytime. This grape seed extract antioxidant lip gloss also be worn alone for a pretty, moisturizing shimmer. $23.

    NAPA MIST Replenishing Atomizer: With a hint of rosewater and the benefits of soothing, moisturizing grape seed extract, this light mist might just become the next cult collectible. As a perfectly light antioxidant atomizer, it's a natural under makeup. It may also be spritzed on to set the perfect look, or as a pick-me-up during a stressful day at the office. Deluxe Refillable Atomizer, $25.

    In a range of rich palettes inspired by the extraordinary beauty of America's fruitful Napa Valley, 29 captures the essence of natural radiance. Enriched with the proven benefits of grape seed extract, the 29 cosmetic collection offers an array of brilliant shades and sumptuous textures for the eyes, lips and face. 29's grape seed extract Age Protecting formula protects skin from harmful free radicals found in the everyday environment while moisturizing and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

    29's packaging palette of glossy patent-finished winter white with silver and aubergine-brown accents sets the tone for this luxury line. The stylish compacts and cases are embossed with the 29 logo. Counter displays for the 29 collection are modeled after classic steamer trunks, imparting a sense of travel, adventure and elegance to the brand.

    29 exclusively available at Neiman Marcus and online at Grape Seed Extract Antioxidant Cosmetics from 29 Cosmetics and, February 2007. Prices range from $22-$50.


  • Make Up for Dark Skin
  • Makeover Solutions for Gorgeous Eyelashes
  • Sheer Cover with Leeza Gibbons - Free Gifts
  • Discover Cindy Crawford's Secret to Flawless Skin


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    Hydroderm Is Better Than Botox - Free Trial Offer Just Pay $3.95 For Shipping

    120 x 600 - 1

    Hydroderm Wrinkle reducer is an anti-aging serum that dramatically diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With its revolutionary patented collagen delivery system, which transports whole collagen molecules directly to the skin, Hydroderm Wrinkle Reducer is specially formulated to make skin look brighter and smoother. In conjunction with the product's additional key ingredient, Matrixyl 3000 peptides, which reduced the appearance of deep wrinkles by 45% in a user study, Hydroderm Wrinkle Reducer fights aging, fine lines, and wrinkles quickly and effectively.

    User Study Shows Matrixyl 3000 fights the appearance of wrinkles with:

    45% reduction in the area occupied by deep wrinkles
    15% reduction in the mean depth of the main wrinkle
    18% reduction in complexity

    Hydroderm Coupons & Discounts

    Hydroderm - 30 Day Free Trial!*

    Hydroderm Other Promotions

    Erase wrinkles with Hydroderm!

    Plastic Surgery in a Bottle!

    Hydroderm Moisterizer - get smoother, youger looking skin - Free trial!*

    First Impression Lip Enhancer



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    Perfume Emporium - Fragrance & Skin Care Sale Up To 70% Off

    Perfume Emporium

    Perfume Emporium offers discount perfumes, fragrances, skin care, and colognes for men and women. Our goal is to provide the largest selection of perfume and cologne designers at the lowest prices. Browse quality and cheap perfume, skin care, colognes, fragrances, women perfume and men cologne at Perfume Emporium. At Perfume Emporium we provide perfume reviews, ratings, and online discussion for each perfume in our store.

    For a limited time only sign up today and receive 50,000 FREE Beauty Bucks! Our Beauty Bucks Program basically rewards you for doing what you already do, purchase beauty products. For every $1.00 spent on Perfume Emporium's web site you will receive 500 Beauty Bucks. You can use these Beauty Bucks to get free products on Perfume Emporium. Once you accumulate enough Beauty Bucks to purchase what you need you can cash them in. Coupons & Discounts

    Buy more and save! Get $15 off any 2 items using code FB1990 at Perfume Emporium

    Save $10 off any purchase of $40 or more at Perfume Emporium. Use code CD1972.

    Shop Perfume Emporium today and receive $5 off any purchase using code KL1966.

    Perfume Sale. Up to 70% off over 7,000 designer fragrances at Perfume Emporium.

    Find the right mens cologne in the Perfume Emporium gift center and save up to 70%.

    FREE Shipping at Perfume Emporium! Enter coupon code FS2000 to get free shipping on over 7,000 designer fragrances.

    $10 FREE just for registering for Perfume Emporium's Beauty Bucks Program.

    Womens Skincare on sale at Perfume Emporium. Save up to 70% off on over 5,000 fragrances and skin care items. Product Catalog

    Womens Fragrances, Minis, Gift Sets, Bath & Body
    WHAT'S N E W ? Alien, Baby Phat Goddess, Curve Soul, Fantasy, Incanto Dream, Island, Love At First Glow, Paul Smith London, Secret Wish, Very Irresistible Sensual
    TOP RATED BY CUSTOMERS 1. Mont Blanc Individuelle, 2. Sport Feeling, 3. Eau De Gucci, 4. Jolie Madame, 5. Sotto Voce, 6. Eclat D'Arpege, 7. Fidji, 8. Galanos, 9. Cabochard, 10. Van Cleef, 11. Jungle L'Elephant, 12. Mackie, 13. Niki De Saint Phalle, 14. French Vanilla, 15. Intimate

    Mens Fragrances, Minis, Gift Sets, Bath & Body
    WHAT'S N E W ? Aqva Pour Homme, BLV Notte, Curve Soul, Dunhill Fresh, Gendarme V, Hugo Energise, Hummer, Paul Smith London, Tommy Bahama, Unforgivable
    TOP RATED BY CUSTOMERS 1. Ferrari Passion, 2. Samba Red, 3. Nicole Miller, 4. Verino, 5. Axis, 6. Versus, 7. Colours, 8. Shiseido Basala, 9. DKNY Leaded, 10. Kanon

    Skin Care, Moisturizers, Cleansers, Toners, Anti-Aging, Sun Care, Eye Care, Masks



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    What Are People Saying About Winsor Pilates?

    Camille lost 14lbs and 3 dress sizes.
    Vincent lost 30lbs and 6 inches.
    Gina lost 66lbs and 3 dress sizes.

    These men and women have done it, and so can you. It's fun to look at all the testimonials and see how people just like you, with similar goals, have succeeded. Listen to some of these real-life success stories and hear from the many who have achieved their health, fitness and weight loss goals.

    "Dynamic sequencing." Two words that at first glance may not mean much to some. But to Mari Winsor, her celebrity clients and millions of fans, dynamic sequencing has literally changed their lives. It's a special combination of controlled movements guaranteed to shape and sculpt long, lean muscles in a fraction of the time of other workouts. And it can only be found in Winsor Pilates.

    Winsor Pilates is designed to tone and sculpt the entire body to help people like you and me lose weight through a low-intensity, calorie-burning workout. Together with Guthy-Renker, Winsor has helped millions of Americans get the body they want while helping them achieve their exercise results through an exciting, fun and healthy workout.

    Learn the fundamentals first. Get started on the Winsor Pilates program that's right for you. All of the programs offer step-by-step instruction and provide the foundation for all Winsor Pilates workouts. Click here to order Winsor Pilates and get 2 free bonuses!

    "By doing Winsor Pilates, I lost 30 pounds and 8 inches in my waist. I went from a size 42 to a size 34 pant... If you hold onto those male stigmas, you're gonna miss out. You can't get the benefits that you get with Winsor Pilates by lifting weights." - Jeff Reiff



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    Did Cupid Bring You A Jerk? 5 Signs His Arrow Hit The Wrong Guy

    Dishes, Decor And More

    Valentine's Day is celebrated as the day you express affection for that special someone. From flowers to candy to diamonds, retailers gear up for the day of love. Adrian McMaster says not everyone gets to celebrate.

    "What is the renewal of affections for some couples is the disarmingly bypassed event for many women," says Adrian. It doesn't have to be this way. Adrian mentions his newest book, "Why Men Are Jerks." "Instead of letting another Valentine's Day go by spent with a jerk who could care less, make this a day you stand proud as a woman and declare "I deserve better!""

    Here is my list of five warning signs Cupid really may have hit the wrong guy:

    1. You pass each other in the hall without kissing.
    2. He doesn't know about your promotion at work because he passed out
    the day you called him to invite him out to dinner to celebrate.
    3. He spends all of his time at home on the computer with the door closed.
    4. He has the nerve to insult you, your family and your friends.
    5. If he has ever laid a hand on you that wasn't soft and caressing.

    "There are so many people who really want to love and be loved," insists Adrian. "You just don't need to settle, my book stresses that." Adrian's book discusses the differences between men and women and how women can best handle cases of indifference or even abuse.

    "If you're being abused, no matter what, there is no excuse for it and only good if you get away," Adrian points his finger matter of factly. "Get yourself to a woman's shelter and start again."

    After reading Adrian's book, you may just trade in your beer guzzling Neanderthal for a prince charming. Will Cupid pull his bow back again for you? Adrian certainly believes so.

    For more information about Adrian's book, "Why Men Are Jerks" visit

    Perth, AU (PRWEB) February 10, 2007


      6:06 PM, Anonymous Calypso
      This is excellent advice! I used to work in a domestic violence shelter, and it broke my heart to see wonderful women remain in relationships with abusive men because they thought that was the only kind of love they could get or the only kind of love they deserved.

      Women, if your man is hurting you, he's not worth the dirt under your feet. Give him his walking papers and find someone who will treat you right. 

      6:52 AM, Blogger mtatum4496
      I have been in a verbally abusive relationship with a woman before, one who also saw nothing wrong with slapping a male if she felt like it. I'mnot sure which hurt more - the verbal disrespect or the physical pain.

      So I know that much of this cuts both ways. At the same time, I would never had forgiven myself if I had ever laid a hand on her.

      Thank goodness I eventually had the good sense to pack my bags and leave. I later met a woman who healed many of my hurts simply by being a good woman who carried herself well and was secure enough in herself that she felt no need to belittle anyone else.

      Whether you are male or female - if the relationship is such that your self confidence is being undermined or there is a steady stream of debilitating comments coming your way, then you need to get out of it. And if you have been physically struck by your partner, realize the time to get out is NOW, not later. 

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    We Just Love Louis Vuitton

    Louis Vuitton does their shoe collection just right.....

    Browsing through the summer 2007 women shoe collection, you just can not help but want to buy everything. And I really mean everything!!! It is one of those rare moments in my life that I grab my credit card and charge until there was nothing left to charge.

    Even Jimmy Choo's does not elicit this kind of response from me. Only the great Louis....

    So, I have decided to put together my newest wish list of designer shoes that is going to be a must have in my collection, and most likely yours also. Prices range between $450 - $550 per pair which I think is quite affordable considering the brand....


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    Get Rid Of Cellulite

    Dishes, Decor And More

    Cellulite - a word most women are very familiar with. Cellulite is the formation of tiny dimples on the skin, usually appearing on the thighs and your bottom. Now dimples were really cute when we were children, but the puffy puckering dimples we find on our body are a curse to most women. Statistics say that over 80% of women develop cellulite.

    Cellulite is very difficult to treat. Cellulite is constructed of small pockets of waste and studies indicate is tied to poor circulation and a sluggish metabolism. The most effective treatment involves enhancing your natural cellular function and speeding up your metabolism so it is better capable of eliminating toxic waste from the body.

    There is a huge selection of cellulite remedies on the market, all claiming to reduce or rid the body of cellulite. It's pretty easy to get caught up in the hype of the miracle cellulite cure. So how does one determine what will or will not help? Below is useful information to help you make an intelligent choice.

    Up until recently most of the treatments for sale were merely topical treatments which by themselves are not very effective at treating cellulite, It is important to remember that until now very few if any remedies were more than simple topical treatments, which alone are not very effective in treating cellulite. There are many creams on the market the mix combinations of vitamins, herbs, and antioxidants. Some will do no more than make your skin appear smoother and healthier. Although a superficial treatment, it will reduce the appearance of the cellulite areas.

    The better creams will contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and ingredients that stimulate the flow of blood. Cellulite areas are damaged skin pockets which are normally dehydrated. . Increasing the blood flow and reducing inflammation help the skin repair itself. The best treatment comes from the inside out.

    We've all heard the commercials or ad campaigns that claim that "their cream" can decrease the size of the thigh and repair cellulite. What these products actually do is draw waste water away from the area, thus temporarily decreasing the size of the thigh and the appearance of the cellulite. This is "not" a cure, but a temporary fix. Any size you lost will be regained as soon as you drink water. Body size is not relevant to having or not having cellulite.

    Topical cellulite remedies can be beneficial, however they have little effect if they are used alone. Creams reach only the epidermis [top layer] of the skin. They are unable to penetrate the dermis where much of the damage is. Because they are unable to penetrate the dermis layer and fight the skin damage, many of these treatments are not successful. The surface dimpling caused by cellulite is merely a symptom of the underlying cause.

    To reverse the damage you must go beyond treating the top skin layer. Internal treatments and technological treatments can be very successful in treating the underlying problem. Combine science and nature with your topical treatments for real help.

    To "really" fight celluloid you need to go within the body. By working inside the body and outside with topical treatments, you'll have a better chance of fighting cellulite. The more of them that you use, the more success you will be in reducing, preventing, and even eliminating your cellulite.

    It is very important to strengthen blood vessels/increase blood flow. Strengthening blood vessels and increasing blood flow you increase circulation. Increasing circulation will then allow more blood flow to the celluloid areas so the body will better be able to break down the toxic areas.

    The first stages of cellulite and are not visible to the naked eye. The first stages are the result of blood vessels breaking down. Nutrients reach the skin via blood vessels and when the blood vessels are unable to feed nutrients to the skin damage occurs. This damage is called cellulite. It is very important that the right nutrients are actually able to reach the areas that need them. Feed your body antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, water, and collagen. These will act as reinforcements to help nutrients reach the affected areas. etc., the skin has no way to attain reinforcements. It eventually loses the battle to cellulite.

    It is important to encourage the Production of connective tissue. This can be done by increasing production of the matrix (GAGs) that make up connective tissue in your body. A strong dermis will help in preventing and repairing cellulite. The connective tissue is the primary water reservoir for your entire body, so it stands to reason if you have healthy connective tissue your body will be much better able to hydrate itself when needed, keep all of your cells, from your liver to your skin, supplied with their ideal component of water, thereby functioning at their optimal level. The most important Internal needed to form GAGs in your body, is glucosamine. Glucosamine is the primary building block of GAGs. Your body also needs B vitamins and trace minerals so that your body can metabolize the glucosamine into GAGs.

    It is also important to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Your body needs ample collagen and elastin to keep the connective tissue strong. When the dermis is strong, fat cells are not able to break through and appear on the surface, with the familiar dimples. Your need to supply the body with amino acids to build collagen and elastin.

    Make sure that your cells are fully hydrated. De-hydrated cells become weak and are then unable to hold back the fat from surfacing. By drinking plenty of fluids you keep your body hydrated, which revitalizes your cells. They are then able to push the cellulite forming fat cells back below the surface into the deeper layers of the skin. Keeping your body hydrated has other benefits also, it will keep your skin looking young and beautiful and allow you to better fight disease and infection.
    By optimizing the health of your cells they will be able to function at peak levels. Your skin will look younger, smoother, and overall more beautiful.

    It is also important to ensure waste is properly removed from the body. If your body is retaining wasted water it can cause problems such as bloating, weight gain, edema, and puffy eyes. It also interferes with your body's ability to repair cellulite damage.

    All of us are exposed to the damage caused by free-radicals. Free radical damage occurs from many sources, such as sun exposure, smoking, and a poor diet. Free radicals damage the skin making it more susceptible to cellulite. The best way to prevent and repair free-radical damage is with the use of antioxidants, both topically and internally.

    Your body responds to damage by rushing defensive nutrients to the affected area. It accomplishes this by dilating the blood vessels and releasing specific chemicals. What you witness is the skin becoming warm and red. This is inflammation. Prolonged inflammation causes the free-radical damage and cell wall deterioration that it is attempting to prevent. That is why it is so important to use soothing ingredients, both topically and internally, to calm inflammation before it begins doing more harm than good. Anti-inflammatories are widely available in a variety of products.

    Exfoliation is a must. By the time we reach adulthood, the rate our cells turnover has drastically decreased, leaving us with a surface of dead skin cells that not only looks dull, it no longer provides an adequate barrier against the elements and water loss. The most effective way to combat this is to exfoliate. Exfoliation removes the surface layer of dead cells. There are many ways to exfoliate. Chemical formulas use mild agents to dissolve the dead cells. Textured soaps, sponges and brushes strip away the surface cells. When you remove the dead cells from your skin's surface, a message is sent telling your body to create replacements. The dead cells are replaced with strong young cells that look and feel healthy. But more than that, these cells are better equipped to stand up to the onslaught of cellulite.

    Many effective ingredients include essential oils and botanical extracts. Before using a product is always wise to do a patch test. Some botanicals and antibacterial agents can cause reactions in sensitive skin types.

    Aloe Vera juice or oil is extracted from the aloe Vera plant. The leaves are made up of water, enzymes, and minerals such as calcium, aluminum, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, and sodium. But wait there's more. Aloe Vera juice also contains twenty amino acids. Aloe Vera is well known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids are used in many cosmetic products. Certain combinations of AHA products increase cell turnover rate and increase the thickness of the epidermis. The effect depends on the product's pH level, the AHA concentration, whether it is a cream or cleanser, as well as how the product is used AHA products make the skin appear smoother and younger.

    Lactic acid is commonly found in milk, pickles, and other foods made by bacterial fermentation. Lactic acid can help reduce the effects of photo-aging and can play an important role in the treatment of sun-damaged skin. Glycolic and salicylic increase the cell turnover rate and uncovering younger skin. Hydroxy acids unclog embedded cellular debris from pores and shedding the outermost layer of dead skin.

    Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a potent fat- and water-soluble antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. ALA penetrates the skin cells the lipid-rich cell membrane and continues to be effective once inside the cell due to its water solubility. ALA works with vitamins E and C, boosting their antioxidant abilities.

    Basil extract is used to relieve pain and muscular spasms, and to stimulate blood flow. It is also known for its restorative and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Bioflavonoids' have strong anti-inflammatory powers, and are also a strong antioxidant
    Niacin improves the ability of the epidermis to retain moisture. When used topically it produces softer, smoother skin with less dryness and flakiness, and it reduces the appearance of fine lines. Butcher's broom root extract strengthens and tones blood vessels. In Europe it is a popular treatment for varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

    Carnitine is found naturally in the body. It transports fatty acids to your cells, where they are metabolized. It burns fat and strengthens cells.

    Cat's-claw is an effective anti-inflammatory, which also increases blood flow throughout the body. Recently is has been successful in stimulating the immune systems of cancer patients.

    The active ingredient in cayenne is capsaicin. Capsaicin not only increases circulation. It also alters the action of the body's substance P which transfers pain messages to the brain. As a result it is effective in reducing both pain and inflammation by short-circuiting the pain message.

    Coenzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant. Studies have shown its ability to increase resistance to disease and to strengthen the heart. It creates a substance known as ATP in the body's cells which is vital for energy. It also has great antioxidant abilities, as well as boosting the antioxidant effect of vitamins C and E.

    Peptides are the amino acid, the building block for collagen and elastin. Copper peptide is a trace mineral that helps the body convert amino acids into this connective tissue. Copper peptides are an excellent source of collagen and elastin production.

    Essential fatty acids are so vital that they have been referred to as vitamin F. They have amazing hydrating abilities in topical creams, and when taken internally they help to build up the cell membranes and attract water to cells.

    Fennel is a diuretic and an anti-inflammatory that needs more research to find its full abilities.
    Ginkgo Biloba is an antioxidant, but it also increases the blood flow throughout the body, expanding the reach of any nutrients in the food you eat.

    Grapefruit oil and extract have been used for muscle fatigue, stiffness, acne, fluid retention, and skin tightening, and as an antiseptic and astringent.

    Grape-seed extract inhibits the enzymes collagenase and elastase, which break down collagen and elastin. Because grape seed is able to prevent the damage from ever occurring, it is very effective in the prevention of celluloid.

    Green clay is sometimes reffered to as a cellulite solution but does need more study to confirm this. Green clay contains many of the trace minerals that your body needs to metabolize nutrients into new tissue.

    Juniper berries extract is high in vitamin C. It is used to treat pain and inflammation from arthritis and varicose veins, and to increase circulation.

    When Lecithin is taken internally on a regular basis, it aids your body in repairing and strengthening its cell membranes.

    Kelp is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties on the skin. It is rich in minerals and has been used to supply the thyroid gland with iodine in some instances. Kelp can also be used to hydrate the epidermis, nourish the skin, and protect elastin fiber.

    Pine oil is used as a disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, as a diuretic, and to stimulate circulation.
    Pomegranate is fast becoming recognized for its antioxidant qualitites. Studies have showed the that the topical application of pomegranate extract has an effect on preventing skin cancer. Pomegranate is a very potent antioxidants that work primarily in the skin.

    Retinoids applied topically over a long period of time temporarily thicken and strengthen the dermis, making it more difficult for cellulite to push its way through.

    Zinc, manganese, copper, selenium, magnesium, boron, chromium, molybdenum, silica, and vanadium are all trace minerals. Our body needs these minerals in trace amounts to r metabolize nutrients. Trace minerals are vital to cellulite.

    Vitamin C fights an ongoing battle against cellulite and skin damage. Vitamin C breaks down collagenase and elastinase, two naturally occurring substances in the body that attack collagen and elastin. Vitamin C is also a natural anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant with proven studies that it is effective in battling free-radical damage within the skin.

    Vitamin E, both topically and when taken internally, is a very potent fat soluble antioxidant. Because it is fat soluble it can work its way into the fat-rich cell membranes in our bodies, protecting the cell walls from free-radical damage. Vitamin E is also an excellent hydrating and sealing agent in topical creams.

    Many popular treatments claim to reduce cellulite. Treatments range from body raps to massage to surgical procedures.

    Body Spa Treatments are beneficial on many levels. Great for exfoliating, toning, and stimulating blood flow. A terrific skin care regime.

    Body wraps induce sweating thereby having a temporary diuretic effect. However, fat cells and connective tissue are not affected by sweating. With a body wrap you are covered from head to toe for up to an hour in herbal or seaweed-soaked cloth strips to increase circulation and firm the body's contours. Once you are unwrapped you body is massaged to enhance circulation and send oxygen to blocked tissues.

    Watch your alcohol and caffeine intake prior to a body wrap as both are dehydrating. Body wraps are not recommended for anyone with high blood pressure, anyone who is dehydrated, or pregnant women.

    Deep-tissue massage consists of slow strokes to create micro tears at the surface level, making tissue longer and smoother. It also loosens the connective tissue so that it moves more freely and no longer adheres to underlying structures. Deep massage followed by lymphatic drainage can make the surface layer of skin more flexible.

    Massage can improve the condition and appearance of your skin, however it does not remove or decrease fat cells. It is excellent for increasing circulation and thus moving nutrients to tissues. However, if deep massage is too intense, it can also damage blood vessels, which defeats the benefits for cellulite reduction. Areas with cellulite are already sensitive, so be sure to tell the therapist it it feels like too much pressure is being applied. Deep massage provides relaxation and can stimulate the blood vessels and reduce stiffness.

    Dermal fillers are expensive. They are a temporary method that improves the appearance of cellulite dimples. The treatment consists of a serious of human fat injections which make dimples less obvious. Other filling agents can be used rather than fat. The dimples appear less noticeable until the fat is absorbed by the body, then the dimples return to their normal appearance. Not only is this procedure quite costly it is a lengthy procedure.

    Electronic Anticellulite Devices are a few noninvasive, nonsurgical treatments for skin contour irregularities. This procedure temporary reduces the appearance of cellulite. A vacuum type device creates suction to temporarily immobilize and lift the fatty tissue, while dual rollers create deep, subdermal massage to the connective tissue. This stretches the connective tissue, increases blood and lymphatic flow, and exfoliates the skin. A session can take from forty to ninety minutes, and entail from ten to thirty treatments as well as a monthly maintenance treatment. If you stop treatments your skin reverts back to its original condition. Long term results have never been established either clinically or scientifically.

    The lymph system is the body's waste disposal system. It is the body's natural defense system, clearing away bacteria, cell debris, excess water, proteins, and wastes from the connective tissue and returning it to the bloodstream for ultimate removal by the kidneys.

    If pathways become congested or damaged fluids build up in the connective tissue, leading to edema, swelling, and inflammation. When this occurs the lymphatic system transports the damaged cells, inflammatory substances, and waste away from the area. The sooner this occurs the faster the recovery.

    Manual lymphatic drainage is a technique that involves a gentle lymph massage, which enhances and stimulates the lymphatic system to remove wastes more rapidly from around the cells and in the tissues, sending it back into the lymphatic system for removal and ultimate cleansing.

    For cellulite treatment, the therapist first assesses the condition of the skin: color, texture, temperature, moisture, and elasticity. The next step is to look at the contour of the hips and legs, and hunt for skin thickening, ridges, lumps, and visible scars that run across lymph vessels and may obstruct lymph drainage. The therapist also examines for visible veins, looking for redness, swelling, heat, and pain. Lymphatic drainage is very useful before and after cosmetic surgery to decrease bruising, edema, and inflammation. The effects are only temporary, and it has not been proven to reduce dimpling in the long term.

    Mesotherapy are micro injections injected into the middle of the dermis at a trouble spot, to deliver healing or corrective treatment to a specific area of the body. They can be made of conventional or homeopathic medication. They are mixed with isoproterenol, vitamins and a diuretic when treating cellulite. Isoproterenol is touted to melt fat although no clinical studies are available to back up this claim. Up to two hundred deep injections are delivered into trouble The biggest problem with mesotherapy is that there is no standardized mix for the formula. Long-term, chronic cellulite and wrinkles may require at least fifteen sessions before you notice any result.

    Microdermabrasion is a popular alternative to chemical peeling that utilizes a blast of aluminum oxide or salt crystals to exfoliate skin superficially, by passing the particles through a vacuum tube to gently scrape away the aging skin. The results are similar to a light peel. Microdermabrasion devices are available for home use, although not as good as a professional treatment the cost is significantly less.

    Nonablative Lasers point the laser beam at the affected area, causing the collagen and elastin bundles to heat up and move closer to the surface. This firms the skin and reduced imperfections. The results are temporary.

    Peels utilize a strong concentration of a chemical exfoliating agent to resurface the skin. New cells made by the remaining dermis result in a newly healed surface, and healthier, more radiant skin. Chemical peels are very flexible and can be adapted to various levels depending on how deep a peel you want and how sensitive your skin is. Glycolic acid is a common ingredient in peels as it is generally gentler and safer than trichloracetic acid Peels work by damaging the skin to a stage where the body needs to build new collagen and elastin bundles. You might feel a burning or stinging sensation, and there will be moderate swelling of the treated areas for about a week and minimal scabbing, followed by healing and a toughening of the skin

    Thalassotherapy is rich in sea minerals and nutrients. The therapy combines the sea nutrients with warm sea water to dilate pores and blood vessels, opening the skin to absorb the sea minerals.

    In the end the best way to cure celluloid is simply to avoid getting it. Eat a balanced diet low in fat, drink plenty of water, eat fiber foods, and plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit. Exercise for 20-30 minutes daily to help keep the body in shape, and avoid smoking, alcohol. A healthy life style will go along way towards prevention.

    © Copyright Sher Matsen, All Rights Reserved.

    About the Author:

    Sher Matsen from Estate Jewelry International has been serving customers for over 20 years, providing fashion, jewelry,and wedding help. Please visit us at


      7:20 PM, Blogger
      Endermologie and Liposuction

      Dr. Barbara Smith purchased LPG’s patented technology to bring patients in on a more regular basis and keep them coming back. Initially, I invested in LPG as a way to access an additional type of clientele, those who were not interested in surgery. Not only have my expectations been met, they have been exceeded. I have found, in addition to attracting new patients, the LPG equipment and Endermologie are extremely efficient when used in conjunction with liposuction. For example, I have seen an improvement in skin condition with my liposuction cases. I also use Endermologie during surgery to improve results in areas such as the inner calf and thigh where liposuction results tend to be unpredictable.

      Dr. Smith proposes a maintenance plan to her liposuction patients involving the LPG treatment. For the first two months following surgery, the plan calls for ten treatment sessions, with one session per month after that. Women are more and more demanding now, she explains, ``The supplemental treatments improve the results of their surgery and undeniably increases their level of satisfaction.`` In those cases where patients are dissatisfied with liposuction results, Dr. Smith has also found LPG to de of great benefit. Instead of performing a second surgical procedure for which she must bear the cost, Dr. Smith now initiates billable Endermologie treatments and claims it is a solution that satisfies both the patient and the physician.

      LPG’s patented system of aspirated hypodermal mobilization is ideal for use in conjunction with liposuction. Though the procedure is simple enough for a trained nurse or technician to execute, its multiple applications used before, during and after liposuction, as well as the benefits of its whole body approach, can greatly improve results.

      The unique non-invasive technique offered by LPG softens connective tissues. When used before liposuction, the procedure will facilitate penetration and movement of the canula. By stimulating the natural absorption and elimination functions, LPG’s technique also significantly reduces recovery time. Once purified and decongested, tissues can be stimulated so that their natural elasticity is restored. Specific mobilizations aimed at dynamic and repetitive stretching of the elastin fibers will tone the tissues that had been distended by fat or liquid overloads for too long. LPG not only enhances the benefits of liposuction, which are restricted to specific localized areas, but provides the physician with a practical method for treating the whole body.

      With this approach, physiological as well as cosmetic benefits are extended, enhancing the efforts of the physician and giving the patient an increased sense of satisfaction. Besides the clinical experiments that have demonstrated the efficiency of the LPG technology, countless physicians and patients can testify to its results. 

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