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    Feel Great Now! 7 Tips to Melt Holiday Fat Before Valentines Day

    Apple iTunes

    Just about everyone looks forward to a New Year because it gives us a fresh start. If you've overindulge yourself this holiday season, here are 7 tips to burn those holiday pounds just in time for Valentines Day. Follow these 7 simple tips and give yourself a gift that will mean a lot far beyond the holiday season. While these tips may seem small, they will make all the difference in the world. Don't waste a lot of time looking for the one big magic weight loss secret. Instead you'll find a lot of little things here that can be improved. Added together these 7 little tips will have BIG IMPACT.

    1. Increase your water intake. All of our bodies are over 70% water. If your body is not getting enough water, it will do everything to keep what it does have. The one and only way to get rid of excess water weight is by drinking more of it.

    2. Learn to laugh out loud. As we gain extra pounds, we lose our sense of humor and get fed up easily. Several studies suggest that people who laugh, lose weight more easily than those who don't.

    3. Find a workout buddy. Research shows that you are more likely to keep to a workout plan if you're doing the activity with a friend. Select a person who is serious about making a change for the coming year.

    4. Consider trying a diet program. Trends indicate that individuals are not only purchasing diet plans like for themselves, but more and more couples are joining one another on a quest to loose weight. These programs provide foods are nutritionally balanced, clinically proven, and delivered to your door.

    5. Have more SEX. Need I say more? Ladies if you want a workout plan your husband is sure to support you in, give this a try. : )

    6. Visit the shopping mall. Walking has proven to be the easiest, most affordable and convenient form of exercise for all ages. But why walk in the heat or the cold. Take a day trip to your nearest shopping mall and stroll through all the stores you've avoided while in a holiday rush.

    7. Don't quit until you win. There is only one way to eat an elephant and that is one bite at a time. Take these small steps toward a new and improved you for the New Year.

    About the Author
    Brian Stephenson is the President of a product review company based in Houston, Texas. To read Brian's review of one of the above mentioned diet plans, visit:


      10:07 PM, Blogger Sean Carter
      That's quite an interesting list you've come up with...i'm sure many will follow that!!! and i'm surely gonna share this with my other blogger friends....and hey you can also drop by my blog sometime and find some cool info and suggestions for Valentine's visit soon and enjoy all that's there!!!! 

      12:01 AM, Blogger The Imaginary Diva
      Hello Sean.

      Thanks for dropping by. I can't believe that Valentine's Day is just around the corner.

      Great blog. 

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    Black Seamed Nylons Are Back In Fashion


    Black seamed nylons are making a huge comeback. Isn't it a curious fact of modern life that things go in and out of fashion? Just like they say "what goes around comes around" and it is especially true of fashion. Stockings and suspenders must be the of the most evocative pieces of lingerie ever designed so it is no surprise that they have a huge fan club especially amongst the male population.

    The feel of smooth nylon or pure silk against the skin is something to experience and will make any women feel special. The sensation of a satin suspender belt pulling those yards of silk or nylon taught over smooth soft skin is a truly exciting feeling. Maybe there is just something totally feminine about wearing sexy black seamed nylons under a slinky satin skirt or your favorite satin party frock. The way the silk or satin brushes lightly over those silky satin stocking tops whilst caressing the exposed flesh at the top of your legs is divine in the extreme.

    Ask any red blooded male about a woman wearing stockings and suspenders especially black seamed nylons to get the full picture. Most men will agree that the worst thing to happen to women's legs was tights. They must be the most un sexy piece of women's underwear ever designed. The guy (or gal) that came up with them managed to spoil the last bastion of male sexual intrigue in one foul swoop. Gone was that promise of a flash of bare flesh and stocking top, the delicious exploration of what lay hidden from the eyes but was glimpsed almost by accident. But don't despair because these slinky silky niceties are back with a vengeance.

    Ladder your tights ladies and they are ruined but the great thing about stockings is that they come in pairs. Why shouldn't you adorn your lovely legs in something smooth soft and elegant? Maybe it's time for you to once again revel in your femininity and make yourself feel sexy all through the day. Imagine the thrill of wearing those delicious silky black seamed nylons beneath your work clothes. Your own naughty secret that will make you feel so feminine as the silky nylon brushes against the shinny satin linining of your smart office skirt.

    Remember girls that there is a huge range of styles and colours available from the many online stores that have sprung up recently. Many of these outlets specialize in stockings and suspender belts alone. With so much on offer you are sure to find something to complement every outfit or occassion. Spare a though for the men too, many of them are still mourning the passing of the glamorous age of the stocking. Give him a surprise the next time you go out for that romantic dinner for two or when you have an intimate night at home. Slip on those silky black seamed nylons, a smooth satin suspender belt and watch the temperature rise.

    About the Author
    Kevin Moore owns and runs the silky satins web site. Silky satins is the number one online resource for all your silk satin slips, lingerie and clothing needs. Packed with pages of shiny smooth satin delights for you and your partner to enjoy. You are sure to find what you are looking for at



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    Proactiv Solution- Relief for Acne Prone Skin

    Guthy Renker Corporation

    Get clearer skin for 2007. Try Proactiv Solution today!

    The Answer for Acne
    Proactiv Solution acne treatment is a revolutionary acne skin care system discovered by millions to help fight breakouts and get clear skin. From people like you to superstars like Vanessa Williams, Jessica Simpson and Elle Macpherson, our customers all say the same thing: Proactiv Solution really works!

    The Proactiv Solution treatment is a dermatologist-developed, Combination Therapy system that helps the skin heal the blemishes you have now - and helps stop new ones from forming - in three quick, easy steps.

    Millions of people have discovered Proactiv Solution...from people like you to celebrities like Vanessa Williams, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Brooke Shields and Elle Macpherson... they all say Proactiv Solution helped banish their breakouts and get them on the path to clear, beautiful, star-quality skin.


    Click here for clear skin and 2 free bonuses!

    Get The Great Skin You Want Now!
    Renewing Cleanser gently exfoliates dead skin cells allowing benzoyl peroxide to penetrate pores.

    Revitalizing Toner soothes and softens skin while removing pore-clogging impurities.

    Repairing Lotion hydrates skin while penetrating deep to stop acne-causing bacteria at the source.



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    Your Favourite Little Black Dress Just Got Sexier

    Ready to take your favourite black dress for a night out? Whether the occasion calls for chic sophistication or all out femme fatale, simply adding accessories can take that classic little black dress into a stunning outfit.

    Amongst all the black, greys and and navy this winter season, popular designers such as Jimmy Choo, Gucci and Manolo Blahnik have added a splash of bold colour to the perfect companions to your little black dress. From sexy high heels to handbags, animal print has made a come back as the season's hottest fashion trend!

    So, go ahead and sex it up with our couture fashion accessory picks! Wearing your favourite black dress will never be the same again.

    Christian Loboutin Pewter Snakeskin
    Christian Louboutin Pewter Snakeskin

    Louis Vuitton Chain Pump
    Louis Vuitton Chain Pump in Pony Styled Calf Leather

    Jimmy Choo Always
    Jimmy Choo Always Suede / Watersnake Dorsey Sandall

    Bottega Veneta
    Bottega Veneta

    Jimmy Choo  Tam
    Jimmy Choo Tam Pony Leopard Print and Leather Handbag

    Chloe Betty Pouch
    Chloe Betty Pouch in Mastic Washed Python


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    Happy Holidays To Everyone!


    It's Christmas time!

    During this holiday season, everyone here at The Designer Diva is preparing to spend time with famiy, loved ones and friends. I am sure there will be a lot of exchanging of gifts and parties to attend!

    I hope that everyone is done with their Christmas shopping! If you still have a thing or two left on your list, do not fret, the malls are still open for the last mad rush. It's a probably a big zoo by now, and most likely filled with men looking for a gift for their significant other.

    If you think you might have forgotten to remember someone this year, here are some ideas on what to bring extra when attending a party:

  • Boxes of Chocolates
  • Gift Cards
  • Christmas Cards

    This is perfect for when unexpected company drops by, or your fifth cousin Martha decides to attend the family function. Everybody will be amazed by your thoughtfulness!

    Christmas is not only a time to give gifts to your loved ones, remember also to give to those who are less fortunate. If you have not made a promise donation yet, we hope that you will consider making one to The Designer Diva's charities of choice:

  • World Vision - It's Not Too Late To Change The World. View their 2006 Gift Catalog and find out how your gift of $35 can help give hope to sexually exploited children in third world countries.
  • Save The Children - Make a gift donation in honor of someone special and help give children hope.

    However you chose to spend the holidays, be merry and stay safe!

    We will be back bright and early on the 26th of December to bring you an exclusive interview with APO Jeans, The World's Most Expensive Jeans!


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    Handling Major Disagreements In Your Relationship: Fair Fighting


    Guest Article By Dr. Annie Dennison, Ph.D

    If fights happen in your relationship every once in a while, don't worry -- provided that both of you stick to some fair fighting guidelines.

    Ideally, if you're single and getting involved with someone new, it's a good idea to start laying the foundation for fair fighting BEFORE you have that first major blowout.

    How do you do that?

    By discussing important topics with your partner to see if the two of you are basically on the same page. Some of the dirtiest fights in relationships happen when two people get seriously involved and then discover that they have surprisingly different expectations about basic things like money, sex, housework -- and how to handle conflict.

    So, long before you're about to move in together, find out where your partner stands on topics that could have a huge impact on your relationship somewhere down the line. If you're not on the same page, please don't convince yourself that it won't matter because you love each other. Discuss those differences realistically upfront, rather than fighting angrily about them later.

    Or, here's a radical concept:find someone who matches up with you better on the basics from the get-go.

    And no matter how long you've been in a relationship, a great way to keep laying the foundation for fair fighting is by not allowing problems between you to fester -- and anger to build. Once all that anger builds up and explodes, it's harder to resist the urge to fight dirty.


    Here's how you and your partner can keep it FAIR:

    Fight about what you need to be fighting about.
    There's nothing more exhausting and pointless than hours spent bickering about everything BUT the core problems you and your partner need most to address. And the more exhausted and annoyed you both get with the bickering, the more likely you are to spiral into dirty fighting.

    Thats why it's important to be as honest and clear as you can with each other about what the fight is really all about. Don't drag in a hundred other little issues or past grievances. Keep it as focused as possible.

    In other words, conserve your energy for the important work that can happen during fights. As in, dealing with those top priority problems that put distance between you and your partner, and potentially threaten your relationship.

    Attack the problem, not each other.
    I'm not saying don't be angry. Of course you're angry when you're fighting. But that doesn't give you license to be disrespectful and rude.

    That means no snarky sarcasm, name-calling, or putdowns. Although it can feel so good, in the heat of battle, to say something that will make your partner feel one-upped and defensive, it's a really dumb idea. Know why? Because once that stuff comes flying out of your mouth, your partner probably will never, ever forget it.

    And then the damage is done.

    During a fight, think of your words as potential darts. When you're not fighting fair, on some level, you know that your words are hitting the target with their sharp, piercing metal tips. In a fair fight, no matter how much you'd like to make your words into darts, you have to figure out how to make them into those ping pong balls covered with self-adhering Velcro instead!

    Oh, and it does help to use specific "I" statements during arguments (e.g., "I feel threatened when you yell at me like that," etc.), rather than generalized personal attack statements (e.g., "You're a stupid Neanderthal bastard," etc.).

    Speak for yourself.
    When you're pissed off and the stakes are high, you're going to have a hard enough time accurately describing your own position. Concentrate on doing that well, staying as focused as possible -- and not going into attack mode. Use those "I" statements, even if doing so seems a little corny to you.

    And if you get the desperate urge in the middle of a fight to mind-read what's going on in your partner's own head, stop it! Instead, ask your partner to speak for him- or herself. Then listen without interrupting. And try to understand.

    Speaking for yourself also means not dragging other people's opinions into your fight to strengthen your position. That includes opinions of your family members, friends, or therapist -- especially those opinions that conveniently make your partner out to be the only flawed person in the relationship.

    News flash: there are two flawed people in every relationship.

    Leave some wiggle room.
    When you're in the middle of a fight, and mad as hell, you might think that the ultimate goal is to win at any cost. Take no prisoners and all that. But if you value your partner and the relationship, you'll get over that way of thinking!

    There are two outcomes to hope for at the end of a fight: (1) Get through it with as little damage as possible and, (2) Effectively attack whatever problem is causing you to fight -- and threatening your relationship.

    To achieve those outcomes, there needs to be enough "wiggle room" so that the fight doesn't go past that terrible "point of no return."

    You and your partner might want to consider agreeing in advance on a "time-out" signal or code word. If a fight feels like it's getting out of control, the signal or code word allows either person to put the argument on hold for a later, designated time. This is a lot better than one person unexpectedly "abandoning" the argument!


    Last but not least, there's nothing like genuine apologies coming from both people to turn a fight into something that makes a relationship stronger.

    Being successful at love isn't exactly rocket science, right? But you still need to be smart about it.


    After 15+ years of relationship experience - including some bad mistakes - I figured out how to think about love in an intelligent way, without over-thinking it. That's when I stopped wasting my time in relationships with men who were all wrong for me (and me for them...), and fell in love with and married a wonderful guy. Along the way, I also got a PhD in psychology.

    When I'm not writing advice for, I'm a Southern California dating and relationship coach for single people. I provide personalized, confidential coaching services by phone and email. And if you don't live in Southern California, no problem; I have a TOLL FREE phone number that coaching clients use.


      2:31 PM, Anonymous technoflutemom
      That is some great and practical advice. I especially like that you pointed out to find someone compatible in the beginning. I have too many friends that spent their courtship fighting and "working on the relationship," then can't figure out why they are still fighting and working at it when they get married! If you have to change someone to get along with them, find someone else! 

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    The Battle Of Celebrity Buzz - Blogger Showdown

    Bloggers have been busy creating celebrity buzz according to's Blog Trend Tool.

    Paris Hilton vs. Britney Spears
    So who's the baddest party girl of all? Survey says..... Britney Spears has been blogged about an average of 940 times a day compared to Paris Hilton's 701. Paris lost out to Britney's naked essentials. Oh, Brit, where did you take the wrong turn out of the highway of decency? With Kevin Alexander's expose book and K-Fed looking for a book deal, I am sure the blogging wave will peak some more. Paris will just have to take a backseat for now.

    Tom Cruise vs. Katie Holmes vs. Baby Suri
    The buzz has slowed down on the TomKat talk. In the last two months, the highest peak was in November to coincide with the big castle wedding. Big thumbs up for Katie. At least, Tom did something right. A castle wedding is hard to top. Tom had an average daily post of 408, Katie 212 and Baby Suri 71. Even Katie's birthday last December 17 did not make Blogger news. She is only news worthy buzz when she is with Tom and when stores close so that she can shop. And as for Baby Suri - we all know that there is one. We probably might not hear about her again until she hits puberty.

    Jessica Simpson vs. Ashlee Simpson
    These two sisters have done the worst thing that could ever happen during a live public performance. I don't know which one was worse - Jessica Simpson fumbling her words because she was "nervous" during The Dolly Parton Show or Ashlee Simpson lipsyncing. Jessica had an average of 330 daily posts in the last two months and Ashlee at 100. At least you can guarantee that you will not be reading about Jess and her panty-less escapades to get blogger buzz.

    Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston
    Since the Battle of the Brad, it is not a surprise that Bloggers have taken to the sexy Angelina instead. She wins hands down in blogger buzz with an average of 342 daily posts for the last two months and Jen taking the consolation price (Vince Vaughn?) at an average of 1 post every two days. Jen's choice of acting roles have gone downhill after Friends and after Brad. Angelina's star, however, has been holding steady and rising. And it has nothing to do with catching the Brad.

    *Daily post stats are averaged for two months from October 22 to December 17.



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    The Late Great Shopper: Picking the Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gift

    One of our oldest Christmas traditions is the last minute gift. Perhaps not the noblest of traditions but certainly common enough to raise a comment on two from anyone who has had to brave the check-out counter of any retail establishment.

    For as long as we've been buying presents for family and friends, there are those among us who just can't seem to get any real Christmas shopping done until the last possible minute.

    In fact, I'll bet that the retail side of Christmas counts on the last minute gift buying frenzy for a good chunk of their sales. As for me, I blame my brother...

    You see, my brother raised last minute Christmas shopping to an art form. To see him weave his way through the crowds was poetry in motion. It was a thing to behold. And since he's my older brother, I looked up to him in every way.

    If that is how he did it then it must be right. Mind you, not all of us are 6'4" and 225lbs so here a few tips to help you perform your own last minute miracle:

    1. Get organized. You're going to be standing in line in a short while so fight the urge to rush out the door. Make list, no matter, how general or short.

    2. Know exactly who you are going to be buying for. There's precious little time left and you may actually have to prune your list. If you must drop someone, you can give them a New's Year gift instead. It will still be appreciated.

    3. The big question, of course, is what to get. Let's start with where not to go. No matter how tempting, avoid the "Big Box" superstores. By now, they'll be picked over and full of stressed out Moms and Dads.

    4. By avoiding the superstores, you must now think outside the box. Think about the likes and dislikes of whomever you're buying for. If that draws a blank, think of their friends and the things they have in common between them. If that doesn't create an idea or two, think of the work they do. And last but not least, you can always lean on old faithful. That is, you can either male or female.

    5. Stop for a just a second right here. If you've not got a list, start over! If you do, great! You're on your way. Take your list, which should include names, gifts and possible stores. Head for the door knowing you've done most of the hard work already!

    6. One last stop before you hit the stores. Get some cash! You can count on credit card machines and ATM terminals not working at the most inopportune times. And besides, there's nothing like real green to speed-up check-out.

    6. Once you're in the store, don't browse. Remember, you're on a mission and the clock is ticking! Either it's there or not. Your list should be fresh in your mind so if you see something that is close or even matches something on the list, grab it!

    Of course, a little practice goes a long way. By the time you're in your second or third store, you'll have it made.

    The best part of grabbing a last minute gift is the experience itself. There's not much to tell about buying a Christmas gift in September! But you'll run into all kinds of characters if you venture forth sometime after December 21st. Oh, the stories you'll be able to tell!

    And what better gift can you give than a smile?

    Be brave my fellow procrastinators! There's no need to rush - You've still got time...

    About the Author
    Sarah Miles is a staff writer for Christmas Gift Ideas and a recovering last minute shopper.



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    Yoga Could Actually Help With Eating Disorders

    It, Yoga, has been praised for almost everything, however, very few people no that for even eating disorders. Some specific Yoga poses and derivatives can be used effectively for restoring better digestive and mental health which are perhaps the two types needing attention in regards to eating disorders.

    Not so long ago, eating disorders, such as bulimia and anorexia, were thought to be purely the result of mental conditions.

    However, some physical factors have been attributed to these conditions. It is now thought that eating disorders can be triggered by a multitude of factors, in combination, including those of a psychological, behavioral, social, or biological nature.

    Thankfully, as with many conditions, eating orders can better be dealt with through a calm and focused mind and of course drug-free healing methods.

    Often times, depression and low self esteem are problems associated with people with eating disorders, and Yoga can help with both. Moreover, as a mild restorer of physical vigor and a corrective therapeutic measure internally from abuse arising from eating disorders, some Yoga poses are extremely effective.

    They include

  • The Sun Salutations Sequence
  • The Shoulder Stand Sequence (This friends is a reputed panacea or cure-all for most if not all human ailments)
  • The Bow Pose (A back bending exercise)
  • The Head to Knee Pose ( A forward bending exercise)
  • The Spinal Twist
  • The Peacock Pose
  • The Diamond Pose
  • The Triangle Pose
  • The Corpse Pose

    Now those are just poses friends, if you want to get more advanced, Yoga still has the abdominal exercises such as

    a. The Abdominal Lifts
    b. The Abdominal Isolations And let's not forget the breathing exercises.

    It has been proven that Yoga can reduce depression, restoring a state of balance and well being in the individual. Also, there are different yoga practices which encourage heightened levels of self esteem, and promote a positive view of your own body.

    Regular yoga practice will increase the overall fitness level of the human body, improving the immune system and giving it a good chance of fighting illnesses.

    Furthermore the Yoga Diet known as the Sattvic Diet consisting of mucus-less and mucus-poor fruits, leafs and other vegetables are perhaps the most preventive and curative substance of any disease that may be associated with anorexia or bulimia be they physical or mental.

    Suffice it to say that Yoga-in its entirety-is not just some 'hippie' exercise that seemingly double jointed people only can do, know it is for everyone and the framework of one's upbringing, can be included for everyday life.

    For eating disorders, it sure can stand its own.


    About the Author
    Foras Aje is an independent researcher and co-founder of BodyHealthSoul LLC. He invites you to visit his blog on Yoga for Beginners for more yoga tips today.



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    Product Reviews At The Designer Diva

    The Designer Diva is a magazine written by women just for women.

    We review the hottest fashion trends, beauty products, and everything woman! We gather and share information with our network of readers on what is new and exciting!

    Create a buzz with our readers!

    Send us your product or service to review. We publish reviews that are unbiased, honest and positive. As we strive only to provide the best in our magazine, products that receive negative feedbacks will not be published.

    Inquire for more information on product reviews at The Designer Diva.


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    Have You Ever Tried Naming A Star?

    Here is another last minute gift tip from the Diva - this holiday Name A Star for that special someone who has everything! That's right! An actual star in the Cosmos!

    Each International Star Registry gift package includes a beautiful 16" x 12" parchment certificate, available framed or unframed, with the name of your choice, dedication date, and telescopic coordinates of the star. You'll also receive an informative booklet with charts of the constellations plus a larger, more detailed chart with the star you name encircled in red. All Star Kits Include our booklet on astronomy written by a professional astronomer with additional sky charts, and a letter of congratulations.


    Shining Star Bears are also available for every little boy and girl. Each bear includes its very own star ready to be named! Each bear comes with an 11" X 8" full color certificate to personalize with the star name and date, and a sky chart containing the constellation and the location circled in red where the star is in the sky.

    Isn't that just special? It's also perfect to give on Birthdays, Graduations, Valentines, and Mothers Day!



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    Will They Or Will They Not Cheat?

    Have you ever told your partner or spouse how you would feel if you found out they had been cheating? Maybe your spouse or partner will never cheat on you! Are would they?

    Ok, maybe they want cheat. But you must face the fact that your spouse or partner will be tempted with the "grass is greener on the other side" especially after all the responsibilities of parenthood have set in and things are not so carefree anymore. And you will be faced with that same temptation unless both of you have suddenly become really, really an eye sore.

    Who knows? They may be attracted to the same thing you find attractive about your spouse or partner in the beginning and now! By realizing this now, depending on the type of relationship you are in, not only can you make this one of the healthy topics to discuss but you can possibly get back some of what was lost. You know before all of the many responsibilities set into everyone's life.

    Cheating causes so much pain and grief and if you have not experienced it firsthand, take a look around - It affects everyone! Saying no requires at times the willpower to walk - no run away, the action to back up what you say and truly caring about your partner or spouse feelings.

    Do not become obsessed with this topic but talk about things like this before it happens. Talk about how the both of you would feel and what would cause the both of you to entertain the thoughts of cheating. Would it involve something physical like not receiving enough affection or something emotional like not feeling appreciated or loved? You want facts that will help you both understand what your needs are so you'll NOT look elsewhere.

    We seek love and acceptance in our society and this does not change once we enter relationships. We want it regardless of the changes we grow through with our body and spirit. So when we do not feel we are getting these things from the ones we love, we seek it from others! If you do not want to make the topic about the two of you just yet, talk about cheating in relationships in general before the opportunity presents itself to either of you.

    About the Author:

    Angela Renee is a wife, mother of three and a writer who's passionate about helping "Every Day Become A Mothers Day." With her straight talking yet compassionate manner, she works through her articles at to assist all mothers with every single aspect of their life as a woman, as a partner in a relationships, as a mother and more. © Copyright 2004 - 2005 Worlds Best Mothers Guide. All Rights Reserved. Content Property of

    Read more articles by: Angela Renee

    Article Source:



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    Free Articles For Reprint

    All articles listed below are available for reprint on commercial and non-commercial websites from The Designer Diva. Please check back frequently as we will be adding new articles.

    Bling H20 Is More Than Just A Pretty Face, But Would You Pay For a Bottle?

    Makeover Solutions for Gorgeous Eyelashes

    The 411 On The Best Beauty Experts

    Love and Romance - Frogs Need Not Apply

    Recipe To A Perfect Holiday Cocktail Party

    It's A Tough Life Being A Celebrity Superstar


    Each article must be accompnied by the following ABOUT THE AUTHOR SECTION. Please copy and paste the following information to the bottom of each article. All links will have to remaain active on all articles reprinted. We will be checking frequently for copyright infringement violation.

    The Designer Diva - Just For Women with the hottest fashion trends, beauty advise, celebrity gossip and discount shopping. Copyright 2006 - 2007 The Designer Diva.


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    The Scent Of A Sexy Man Can Drive A Woman Wild

    I would like to open a discussion on this - Can the scent of a sexy man drive a woman wild? Or is this just another urban myth picked up by the producers of men's fragrances such as Axe and Tag to generate additional advertising revenues?

    At least once we have seen commercials like Axe (above) on television. Nick Lachey goes for a stroll around the city and does his usual errands - picking up drycleaning, buying shoes, checking out the music stores.... Women flirt with him ourtrageously. He tallies up his conquests for the day and still falls short compared to a blue collar man with passably good looks.

    Can you really bottle sexy like Axe claims? During a recent public promotion of Axelab in Milwaukee, they ran "pharmasexual experiment" displays. Visitors spoke to a computer "hologram girl" and she responds back in playful seductive voice. She groans, giggles and "ahs" when you dose her with the Axelab scent by pushing a button. "With the gentle hint of AXELab in the air, the young, curvaceous female lab assistants clad in long, tight, white T-shirts often are "overcome" and need to regain their composure. That's when the cool-down chamber is activated. A technician steps inside a shower-like container, where she is blasted with compressed air from below Marilyn Monroe style." as reported by The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

    I found a humorous blog post from the Ejucated Guy on his recent experience with Tag Body Spray. To quote his letter to Tag - "The first day I went out after trying Tag, I noticed women suddenly covering their mouths as I walked by. At first, I thought they were just laughing because I was suckered into believing they would be attracted to me, but then I realized they were throwing up in their mouths just a little. Indeed, the various scents don't seem to be as appealing to women as you promised in your commercials."

    So, what do the experts say?

    Playboy - Miss July 2006 Sarah Jean Underwood
    "Even though he might not be the most attractive guy in the world, not the most suave guy in the world, if he smells good, that might catch your attention. "You walk by him he might turn your head, turn your nose," she said. "So it's definitely important to smell good, I think. It's sexy." - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

    Dr. Tina Read for the Calgary Herald
    Why scent works to increase your libido is a little fact and a little hocus-pocus. If it gets you good to go, who cares why?

    Al Link, Author of Soul Sex
    The Australian organization, Bennett Research, conducted a survey of 306 men. Ninety percent of them claimed that the product had increased their attractiveness to women. Increased response from women was measured by: Making conversation - 61%, Starting up a conversation - 52%, Expressing an interest in the man - 43%, Being responsive to him - 40%, Paying unsolicited compliments - 36%, Overt flirting - 34%.

    What Do You Think? Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do you notice how a man smells before you mind registers what they are wearing?
  • When a man smells nice, does he turn you on?
  • Would you flirt with a man, just because he smells nice?

    Let the Diva know what you think!


      6:20 PM, Anonymous Jan
      Yes, I like a man who smells nice 

      6:43 PM, Blogger The Imaginary Diva
      There is just something about men that smell nice Jan. It's probably good for men to know that our appreciation for them is not just of beauty and skin deep.... 

      6:52 PM, Blogger EjucatedGuy
      Here's another question: Do women like consistency in how specific guys smell, or do they like the guys to always smell different? (i.e. should a guy have a variety of colognes or just one)

      By the way, thanks for the link to my blog:) 

      9:00 PM, Blogger The Imaginary Diva
      I am allergic to certain *ahem* cologne, so I prefer a consistency of smells..... 

      4:00 AM, Anonymous leeme
      i think it's a case to case basis. it depends on what scent the specific guy is wearing, if it mixes well with his body chemistry. Some perfumes just stink on you and thus ppl's reaction go XP

      but here's my confesion. my guy uses axe but i didn't know then. i always wanna be near him, and hug him, and just sniff him every time i cling to his arms. which is really surprsing since i'm not a clingy person. and accidentally we saw an axe commercial the following week.

      so as to my reply, i guess in my case, it did made him hunkier than usual. 

      4:26 AM, Blogger The Imaginary Diva
      Leeme, I know what you mean. It makes the scent all more unique when it blends in with the man's body chemistry.

      Sounds like the relationship is smokin' hot! 

      7:02 AM, Blogger mtatum4496
      More than one woman has approached me and struck up a conversation, working into the flow that question "what is that scent you are wearing?". Since I am not blessed with movie star looks, I can say yes, the type of cologne a man wears - and the way he wears it - is a definite draw.

      One word of advice guys - cologne is not after shave lotion. Apply it sparingly. You want to bring attractive parties into your space, not give them a heads up that you are coming down the road five minutes before you get there. 

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    It's A Tough Life Being A Celebrity Superstar

    If you are a celebrity, you will need to give your personal privacy more than just an extra thought. Gossip rags are always looking for dirt to dish out. Everything sordid always makes for good front news nowadays - what you eat, what your religion is, and what your sexual orientation is. I wouldn't be surprised if non-disclosure contracts are made mandatory for everyone that comes ten feet close to you.

    You could be hot news today on the celebrity columns, and hopefully by tomorrow, it will all just blow over and become yesterdays news. But Tell-All books? They are a legacy that you will never be able to live up to as an A-list celebrity. So, who's talking about who?

    Jason Alexander is writing about his marriage to Britney Spears. Remember him? Brit's childhood friend and husband of 55 hours? He'll be talking about sex, Brit's tummy tuck and what a lucky bastard K-Fed is for being there at the right time and the right place. Rumour has it also the K-Fed is also shopping for a book deal now that he's broke, and will be exposing a side of Brit that's never before seen by fans - her physical encounters with women, plastic surgery faux pax and use of drugs. Note to K-Fed: Better brush up on those writing skills, because if your rapping is any indication, it needs some serious work.

    It looks like Britney Spears might have the last say after all. She is threatening to publish a warts-and-all book about her marriage to Kevin Federline if he doesn't play ball through their bitter divorce. Brit are you trying to say that there is more to K-Fed that has not been reported by the media yet? I am hoping one of these days I will open the television and find him in Fear Factor stuck in a glass casket with a million maggots. And to think he duped not only one, but two beautiful women.

    It's really not Paris Hilton fault that she is the way she is. It seems that Paris Hilton's faux pax pale in comparison to the Hilton women that came before her. Jerry Openheimmer's autobiography "House Of Hilton" paints a not-so-pretty picture of the Hilton women from great grandma Dodo to Paris. The book talks about each generation's never ending obsession with money, wedding rings and divorce settlements. Oppenheimer has woven a trash tale based on estranged childhood friends, ex-spouses and family member. They are labelled as gold diggers with obscene spending habits and their despearte desire for power and attention. So can you blame Paris? Apparently, us common people would love to hate the Hilton women, for any reason. Here's my confessional: I really liked some of the songs in Paris' album.

    JLo is fighting ex Ojani Noa's tell-all memoir. Ojani is challenging a preliminary injunction that prohibits him from casting a negative light on JLo. She does not want their intimate sex life placed in public display. He only wants to talk about the hot sex and nothing else. Why can't Jennifer Lopez understand that? His life has not been the same since the court injunction. I wonder why. Poor misunderstood Ojani.

    Carmen Bryan, the women behind rapper the success of superstar Nas, tells in her book It's No Secret that she held down two jobs and paid the bills so that he could go into the studio. She is also the woman behind the Nas/Jay-Z rapper wars, dating and sleeping with them both at the same time. Bryan's book will "provoke readers to question society's double standard and the imbalance of power in the male-dominated entertainment industry" as reported by This book is a way for her to get her version of the story told and clear her conscience. Here is the fact Carmen - book deals and clearing of conscience do not go together.

    Supermodel Kate Moss has cancelled her Tell-All Book on her love life and drug use now that she has her career back on track. It's a very smart move. I know curious minds would love get every detail on how she had fallen from grace and ended up on the cover of a British Tabloid snorting cocaine. But for now, I prefer to hear more about the wedding dress her beau has picked up from a second hand store. It must be so nice to be able to look great in almost anything!



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    Feng Shui And Romance - Using The Ancient Art To Enhance Your Romantic Space

    "If your love life needs a quick boost, you can use the art of placement to produce the romantic results you desire." Heidi Richards

    Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is the ancient Asian practice of object arrangement and space planning designed to bring balance, harmony and well-being to your environment. Its purpose is to enhance prosperity, creative, health and romance. Feng Shui fortifies a home with positive energy known as chi. The attainment of positive chi is both an art and a blessing to those who manifest that chi. The word "feng" means wind and "shui" means water, each one associated with a good harvest and ultimate good health or good fortune.

    If your love life needs a quick boost, you can use the art of placement to produce the romantic results you desire. Relationships need the proper environment to grow. They need the balance of the five elements, too much or too little will find the romance wither. Here are some Feng Shui tips to enhance your romantic space:

    1. The first thing you must do is remove clutter out of your romance area (generally this is the bedroom). That means you must remove trash, dirty ashtrays, dead plants and nothing should be stored under the bed. Dust and cobwebs on the fans, walls, light fixtures and ceilings should be cleaned away.

    2. Enhance your space with romance colors, such as shades of pinks, reds and whites. Guys, this does not mean it has to be feminine. You can use maroon, grayish tones of pinks and whites to achieve the same results. The key is to not use any one color so much that it overpowers the others. Other good colors include browns, beiges, lavenders, yellows and deeper shades of those are appropriate.

    3. If you keep flowers in the room (an excellent way to attract romance into your life), make sure they are always fresh. At the first sign of wilting, toss them out. Silk flowers are an okay alternative, provided they are free of dust. Absolutely no dried flowers as they signify death. Also, make sure the roses are de-thorned. Nothing prickly such as cactus, unless your goal is to break-up.

    4. In Feng Shui a Relationship Alter positively stimulates a relationship. Designate a special place in your romance area in which to put items that will encourage a healthy, loving relationship. Things to include in your relationship altar can include a heart shaped pink crystal quartz, a pair of candles, mandarin ducks.

    5. Use the Pairs Principle to encourage love. That means two candles, two nightstands, two lights on top, two potted plants, two pillows, two chairs, etc. The Chinese symbol for love is Mandarin ducks. They signify love, romance, fidelity, affection, and loyalty in love.

    6. Your bed should be placed in the commanding position of the room. This is to permit the widest possible vision. The door or entry to the room should be easily seen from the bed. And the head of the bed should be against a wall or against a corner. If you have nightstands, make sure one is on either side (a pair) and that the bed is accessible on three sides to attract and keep a partner. The bed should not be placed under a window.

    7. The bedroom is for sleep and intimacy. No one should come into your room without your invitation. There should be no distractions such as workout equipment, a television, things that would remind you of work.

    8. It is good to hang pink (heart-shaped) crystals and wind chimes in a sunny window to attract good love energy (yang).

    9. Pictures of you as a child, your children or other relatives should also be removed from the bedroom or romance area. This space should be reserved for couples and should only display pictures of the two of you.

    10. Dim lights will give the room a warm, inviting feeling. No harsh fluorescents or high wattage lighting, here.
    While this is by no means the ultimate guide to Feng Shui for Romance, it is a good start. These ten tips will give your relationship area the boost it deserves and your romance the fulfillment it requires. Altar your space and you will altar your love life.

    copywright 2005 Excerpted from the book, Romance on a Budget –

    About the Author:

    Heidi Richards is an Author, Professional Speaker, and Business Mentor. She is the owner of Eden Florist & Gift Baskets - and the Founder & CEO of the Women’s ECommerce Association, International - an Internet organization that "Helps Women Do Business on the WEB." BASIC Membership is Free. She can be reached at

    Read more articles by: Heidi Richards

    Article Source:


      3:40 PM, Anonymous Maria
      I'm stumbling through your blogs [discovered them through Blogher] and I think they are soo cool! How are you able to do that with blogger?! I had a dumpy blog in there LOL most likely due to lack of imagination. Though I'm now hosting my own site I'll give this hardy ol' blogger another try.

      Kalesa ni Maria - everyday life is an adventure 

      5:14 PM, Blogger The Imaginary Diva
      Hi Maria. Thanks for dropping by. I design blog templates so I was able to customize this blog. A lot of pain. And a lot of frustration. I finally learned how to do curves :) Your site looks great too. Couldnt find a space to say hello... 

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    Sheer Cover with Leeza Gibbons - Free Gifts

    Guthy Renker Corporation

    Look your best this holiday season with Sheer Cover makeup. Sheer Cover is no ordinary makeup. It's a unique pigment and mineral complex that provides full coverage with a sheer, flawless finish. Simply brush away your flaws and build your confidence so you feel great about how you look. Whether your skin is blotchy, red or blemished, Sheer Cover allows your most beautiful skin to shine through.

    Try Sheer Cover now and get 2 free bonuses!

    Minerals are the hottest thing in makeup - and for good reason. Hollywood makeup artists rave about the radiant coverage of mineral powders. Skincare professionals use mineral foundation for special cosmetic needs. You, too, will be amazed at the beautiful, natural coverage you get with Sheer Cover.

    Sheer Cover mineral powders contain no oils, perfumes, dyes or talc - so they're gentle to the skin. Pure mineral pigments lay on top of the skin to provide extraordinary coverage, while mica reflects light to minimize the look of fine lines and give skin a sheer, flawless finish. The minerals work with your skin's natural oils to make imperfections disappear instantly, without looking thick, cakey or dull. You get a luminous, natural look that lasts and lasts.

    Sheer Cover's natural minerals are very finely ground, light, easy to apply and cover all kinds of imperfections. They cover the flaws, and let the real you shine through. Sheer Cover is recommended for dark circles, age spots, freckles and sun damage - as well as other special cosmetic needs such as rosacea, scars, acne, and broken capillaries. With Sheer Cover virtually any skin imperfection seemingly disappears!

    One of the best things about the Sheer Cover system is that you just put it on…then get on with the rest of your life. Here's a quick summary of the easy application steps.

    Cleanse your face with our Purifying Cleanser and rinse with warm water then pat dry.

    Moisturize with the Nourishing Moisturizer SPF 15 evenly over your face and allow to absorb into skin.

    Conceal by dabbing on the Duo Concealer with your fingertip to camouflage flaws.

    Blend the Mineral Foundations to find your perfect shade.

    Tap the Powder Brush to work the powder into the bristles... a little bit goes a long way.

    Apply the foundation in a circular motion with the Powder Brush.

    Set your makeup with the Finishing Powder to complete and set your flawless finish.

    Camouflaging problem areas

    More noticeable skin blemishes, such as rosacea, birthmarks and scars sometimes require additional coverage. Here are some simple steps for heavier coverage:

    Step 1: Dab on the Duo Concealer to the area with your fingertips or a cosmetic sponge on the desired area. Blend in well.

    Step 2: Set the area with Finishing Powder. Use a cosmetic sponge to press in the Finishing Powder over the area using a patting motion.

    Step 3: Brush on the Mineral Foundation. Start with a small amount on the brush, tap handle vertically downward to distribute powder into the bristles. Then work in with circular strokes building thin layers of foundation.

    Step 4: Brush on the Finishing Powder over your foundation to set.

    Helpful Hints
    How to Find Your Perfect Shade
    Your Sheer Cover kit includes two shade of Mineral Foundation to blend with your skin tone. If one shade is not a perfect match, you can custom blend them together.

    Lightly dip your finger into one Mineral Foundation, and apply a stripe at the side of your jaw line.

    Repeat with the other shade to put a stripe right next to the first one.

    Look to see which shade is a closer match, use that as your base color. Add some of the other color to shift lightness/darkness as well as pink/yellow undertones. Mix until you find your perfect match.

    Preparing Your Skin
    Always start your daily Sheer Cover routine with a clean, smooth and dry face. Sheer Cover® powders glide beautifully onto dry, clean skin.

    Cleanse by gently massaging the Purifying Cleanser onto your skin. Rinse with warm water and a washcloth and pat dry.

    Moisturize by applying the Nourshing Moisturizer SPF 15 evenly over your face and neck. Avoid your eyelids.

    Allow at least 2-3 minutes for full absorption into skin.

    If your face still feels sticky, you can dust it lightly with the Finishing Powder.
    Dry, Oily, or Combo Skin Tips

    The Sheer Cover is so versatile, it is great to use for all skin types. Here are some quick tips on how to get best results:

    Dry Skin: Use a facial mister to lightly spritz after you've set your foundation. It will set the makeup as well as help hydrate your skin

    Combo: Apply the Finishing Powder lightly all over to set your foundation, then apply another layer just in your t-zone areas to help absorb excess oils.

    Oily: Use a stronger application of the Finishing Powder when you first put on your makeup. For touch-ups, gently blot the areas with a tissue (do not wipe) and then apply the Finishing Powder over to mattify.


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    Dear Santa, Please Bring Romance This Season

    Windsor Vineyards

    I would not mind getting an Ipod Nano for Christmas, but Santa if I have choice, will you please bring me a new boyfriend instead? And that he did. Three years ago. Just when I was about to give up on finding "the man" and everlasting love.

    Finding love is never easy, especially the kind that rises above all trials and tribulations. Do you believe that such a love exists? You know, 'til death do us part. Are we looking for it in the wrong places? Are we asking the right questions? Will anyone ever measure up to our expectations?

    Funny enough, the best advise I received was from a friend who told me she was throwing away the list. The one I helped her make - the list of what she is looking for in a man made during one drunken moment in between crying sessions of another relationship down the drain. She explained that you can never ask for the moon, the sun and the stars all in the same lifetime. Instead, she advised me to concentrate on what I do not want in a man. Make that list and keep it short.

    Is it a bad compromise? Instead of wanting a man who is 6'2" with a big career, her list became as simple as wanting a man who does not smoke and does not gamble. And it has worked for her. She has met a fabulous man that met criteria 1 and criteria 2, with a lot more other wonderful goodies that she didn't expect.

    Why this is the most important lesson I have ever learned in my life is no surprise. We get so wrapped up with the material things and the outer packaging, that we overlook what is really important - basic compatability. So, this Christmas season, I hope Santa will bring romance in everyone's lives when they least expect it.



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