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   Geo Prints Are Hot For The Summer
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  An Eye Surgery Patient Helped by Cell Phone Collec...
  Geo Prints Are Hot For The Summer
  Get a 2nd GT Xpress 101 Free With Your Order
  Celebrity Controversy Sells Almost Anything
  MyWinesDirect Summer Sangria Recipe As Seen On The...
  Hundreds of Free Magazines & Catalogs At ShopAtHom...
  Fashionable Yoga Sticky Mats
  The Vector Electrolysis Home Hair Removal System $...
  Free Sample Hydroderm Wrinkle Reducer

An Eye Surgery Patient Helped by Cell Phone Collection Program


Glenda is a single mother who had a steady job that supported both she and her young son. In her mid 30s, Glenda developed cataracts that caused her to become legally blind. She could no longer work, drive or perform daily household activities such as cooking and reading to her son. Eye surgery provided by the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation restored Glenda's sight. Glenda says, "I am able to support myself and my family again and that is very important to me."

The Lighthouse has over 175 stories like Glenda's from last year alone. The Lighthouse has also provided over 500 pairs of glasses and 600 hearing aids to Georgians in need over the last year. They recycle over 100,000 pairs of eyeglasses a year to send on medical relief missions. That is what the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation is about--helping restore the sight and hearing of others.

How can the public help? By donating old cell phones to the Lighthouse's Cells for Sight Program. The cell phone collection program provides revenue for sight surgeries like Glenda's. The cell phones that have been collected have already paid for three surgeries this year.

Through working with cell phone recycling giant PaceButler Corporation, the Lighthouse has raised $10,000 for their sight program. Their goal is to collect 100,000 cell phones, so they're asking individuals as well as businesses to get involved and collect phones on their behalf.

The cell phones collected not only help the Lighthouse and their projects, they also help the environment. Environmental Protection Agency regulations state that toxic items such as cell phones should be kept out of landfills because of their destructive effect on the environment. Cell phones are constructed of materials known as 'persistent toxins' that don't easily decompose after disposal. By donating your old cell phones, you can help to ensure they do not end up in landfills.

Contact the Lighthouse at (404) 325-3630 for a location to donate used cell phones. For more information on how you can help, visit Or, to find a charity in your area where you can donate cell phones, go to


Hollywood Celebrities are Letting Their Voices be Heard
Could Eyelid Surgery Be Obsolete?
Cell Phones For The Ladies That Bling
Britney Spears MIDNIGHT Fantasy Call

    6:52 PM, Anonymous FourBear
    That sounds like an excellent program. The way people replace cell phone nowadays, it should be a great way to fundraise. Thanks for sharing information about this organzation; it sounds like they are indispensable. 

    5:21 PM, Anonymous tater03
    This is a great idea. I know people right now that don't know what to do with their old cell phones? Great way to get rid of them and help someone else out. Thank you for passing this along. 

    10:40 AM, Anonymous SageMother
    It's nice to know that programs like this are actually helping regular folks. We need more of them! 

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Geo Prints Are Hot For The Summer

(Click on the picture to view full size)

Not just black-and-white...geo prints are so in this summer! With a pair of bright patent-leather shoes, black and white never looked so sexy.

Check out modish and classy Demi Moore, Claire Danes, Mandy Moore, Renee Zellweger and Giselle Bundchen in Gorgeous Geometric Prints!

Courtesy of Life & Style Weekly

Be Glam with a Dime
Suede Laptop Skins The Latest Accessory Craze
Paris Hilton: A Fashion Icon
Are Your Tootsies Ready for Summer?

    8:55 AM, Anonymous SageMother
    I have noticed the geo prints in splashy, fun colors for summer. It is rather retro but advances in fabrics, which mean no or little ironing, don't bring the retro laundry issues with them! 

    6:50 PM, Anonymous FourBear
    Geo prints can look great on people. My mother bought a really nice wrap dress with a black and white geo print. It wasn't something she'd normally wear, she said. She looked youthful and fresh, yet still appropriate for her age. 

    5:26 PM, Anonymous tater03
    I have noticed more of them this summer also. I have yet to get any with a geo print yet. I am sure I will though before the summer is over. I really like the geo prints. 

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Get a 2nd GT Xpress 101 Free With Your Order

Good Times Entertainment

Cooks delicious food fast

No turning your food or slaving over a hot stove

Non-stick surface means no extra fat and wipes clean in a flash

Built-in cord wrap and compact design make for easy storage

Satisfaction guaranteed – or your money back


Order Now and Get a 2nd GT Xpress 101 Free!

You'll get 4 FREE Gifts with each set: Pocket Maker, Flavor Injector, Spatula & Recipe Book


Delicious low carb food in less time.

GT Xpress101. Simply great Food, Fast!


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Celebrity Controversy Sells Almost Anything

Celebrity exploitation and obsession has taken itself to a new level. Even companies that usually shy away from this form of promotion are hitching their branding on to the bandwagon. The bottom line is - celebrity notoriety sells almost everything and companies can always expect a good return on the publicity.

I can almost imagine the executive conversation that goes on in the marketing boardrooms of some of the nation's most respected brands:

Louis Vuitton - Maybe we can get Naomi Campbell to throw another hissy fit so she can wear our shoes in public during her court mandated public community service.

or even,

American Apparel - Who hasn't been drunk in our hoodies? Celebrities love to do it all the time!

This is the level of marketing that companies have stooped down to in order to sell their brand identity. "Even at their worst, hot young actresses can move product, and fashion companies that in the past would have shied away from provocateurs are less reticent to embrace them," says Eric Wilson of The New York Times.

And what kind of justification have we heard fom companies to make this acceptable?

"We don't do celebrity branding," said Mathew Swenson, a spokesman for American Apparel, adding that Lindsey Lohan had to have purchased the sweatshirt herself. This remark comes after the company decided to splash pictures on their website of the popular actress wearing one of their hoodies passed out drunk. It didn't even stop there, some American Apparel stores ran hoodie sale ads on the front page of their local newspaper along with the pictures.

Hollywood's Most Wanted - Celebrity Mug Shots
Get Out Of Jail Bash For Paris Hilton
Even Celebrity Pets Need Protection Too
Celebrities with Eating Disorders

    10:42 AM, Anonymous tater03
    To be honest I think society as a whole is way to wrapped up in what the latest celebrity is wearing or doing for that matter. The sad fact is that it is society that makes these things popular because they are bought. 

    8:59 AM, Anonymous SageMother
    When reality goes bad, as it has with the war and everything, celebrity and their activities becomes the great escape. Add to that the 24 hour news cycles and a company would be foolish NOT to take advantage of the clamor.

    It is sad...but its true. 

    6:48 PM, Anonymous Angela
    It's advertising and watching-a-trainwreck built into one, thanks to celebrity press. It's too bad that sales have to be built upon ridicule. 

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MyWinesDirect Summer Sangria Recipe As Seen On The View

    9:49 PM, Anonymous Gigi
    Thank you for posting this! Sounds wonderful and I am going to try it! YUMM! 

    7:49 AM, Anonymous SageMother
    There's nothing better than having your luxuries delivered to your doorstep. I belonged to a wine of the months club a while back and it was great! 

    1:52 PM, Anonymous FourBear
    That sounds great! You really can't go wrong with sangria, especially in the summer months. 

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Hundreds of Free Magazines & Catalogs At

Shop At Home Features:

Cash Back - 1 to 30 percent cash back, Deals of the Week, free shipping for selected orders, exclusive double and triple cash back promotions

Catalogs - Access to more than 700 discount catalogs and magazines (many are even free)

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Comparison Shopping - Ability to search thousands of stores and products and compare the right price at the right store

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Stylish Home Décor - housewares, elegant linens, curtains

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700+ Free Catalogs and Discounted Magazine Subscriptions


    9:50 PM, Anonymous Gigi
    I am a catalogue is the best way to scan new fashions and plan for holidays and special occassions. Thanks! 

    10:45 AM, Anonymous tater03
    Thank you so much for this list. I love getting catalogs in the mail. My husband hates it because they are constantly lying around but I love them. 

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Fashionable Yoga Sticky Mats


Sticky is in no matter which yoga studio you go to. No, I am not talking about the beads of perspiration from doing the most challenging poses, I am talking about mats. Yoga is very demanding on our body and we need to demand more from our mats - non-slip, extra cushioning, easy to clean, perhaps made of natural fibers..... and all of that, for an excellent price of course.

Like the Premium Sticky Mat from Gaiamicon pictured above. It's on sale for $24.00, a $6.00 discount from its regular price. It's twice as thick as regular standard yoga mats and comes in a rainbow of colors to match your exercise outfits.

Who says going to the gym doesn't have to be fashionable?

Are You Ready for the CURV(OLOGY) CHALLENGE?
Yoga Could Actually Help With Eating Disorders
Stretch Marks - Causes and Treatment Options
Semi Annual Sale on Women's Designer Fitness Products

    9:23 PM, Anonymous SageMother
    I haven't done yoga in years but had a mat like these a while ago. When I was no longer able to do yoga, I used it to keep a large rug from sliding around. Those things are so great! 

    9:33 PM, Anonymous Gigi
    Hey, that is a great idea! And great to use for crunches and things like that. Love that it wont slide around with you! Thanks for the heads up! 

    3:15 PM, Anonymous Lauren
    Definitely, sticky is where it's at for yoga mats. I've found that the thicker the mat, the more comfy I am in floor poses and the more confident I feel getting traction while in standing poses. 

    6:39 PM, Anonymous FourBear
    Those look so cute! I have had problems with mats slipping in the past, too, so I may have to check these out. The bright colors are certainly uplifting! 

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The Vector Electrolysis Home Hair Removal System $50 Special Bonus

The Vector Electrolysis System is the answer to unwanted hair problems. Shave your unwanted hair and it comes back again and again. What about razer cuts? No body wants them but sometimes you just can't be careful enough. Hair removal creams are messy and expensive. How much will they cost to use for a lifetime. The results aren't permanent. The hair always comes back. You'll have to buy more to remove your unwanted hair again and again. If you spend just $30 per year on hair removal creams, it would cost $1,200 for hair removal over 40 years.

The Vector is the most advanced personal hair removal system available. It permanently removes unwanted hair. For the first time ever, it is now possible to perform professional electrolysis treatments in the privacy of your own home. Unlike other devices that use radio frequencies and batteries, the system uses the process of electrolysis to dissolve the hair follicle with AC power. The Vector Hair Removal System is so advanced that it achieves professional results without the use of a needle. Tweezers are used to make the procedure safer and less painful. Clinical studies have shown that the Vector system has equivalent effectiveness as professional needle electrolysis. The Vector replaces salon visits and you will no longer have to pay $80/hr for electrolysis sessions.

Vector Electrolysis System Coupons & Discounts

Special Bonus With Every Order -
1. An extra tube of Conductivity Gel and 12 extra patch electrodes shipped with each Vector ordered.
2. A certificate for $10.00 off your next Vector supplies order of $25 or more.
3. Our exclusive How To Use The Vector CD.
4. Free Shipping.

Vector Electrolysis System Other Promotions

Free Skin Care Ebook

    5:35 PM, Blogger Nick Phillips, MY
    Hey Sharon, does this thing work on the face? Cos I really hate shaving every other day ... LOL! 

    7:41 PM, Anonymous Sharon
    You are so funny Nick. And I'm sure your wife appreciates all the time you spent grooming and shaving :)

    To answer your question, I believe it does... 

    4:58 PM, Anonymous tater03
    I need something like this. I hate having to shave. I only do it because I have no choice. Thanks for the information on this product. 

    9:35 PM, Anonymous Gigi
    I can NEVER hear enough about hair removal. My tweezers are my life. LOL I will check this out! 

    6:40 PM, Anonymous FourBear
    Sounds better than shaving to me...and I am really tired of depilatories. I wonder just how painful this would be? 

    7:51 AM, Anonymous SageMother
    I think it would be wise to practice on your legs before you try it on your face! 

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Free Sample Hydroderm Wrinkle Reducer

120 x 600 - 1

Hydroderm Wrinkle reducer is an anti-aging serum that dramatically diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With its revolutionary patented collagen delivery system, which transports whole collagen molecules directly to the skin, Hydroderm Wrinkle Reducer is specially formulated to make skin look brighter and smoother. In conjunction with the product's additional key ingredient, Matrixyl 3000 peptides, which reduced the appearance of deep wrinkles by 45% in a user study, Hydroderm Wrinkle Reducer fights aging, fine lines, and wrinkles quickly and effectively.

User Study Shows Matrixyl 3000 fights the appearance of wrinkles with:

45% reduction in the area occupied by deep wrinkles
15% reduction in the mean depth of the main wrinkle
18% reduction in complexity


Hydroderm - 30 Day Free Trial!*


Erase wrinkles with Hydroderm!

Plastic Surgery in a Bottle!

Hydroderm Moisterizer - get smoother, youger looking skin - Free trial!*

First Impression Lip Enhancer

    7:24 PM, Anonymous SageMother
    A couple of years ago I tried Hydroderm. It's the next best thing to DMAE. Everyone should try it at least once! 

    9:37 PM, Anonymous Gigi
    Thank you for the info! I have never tried this product but it sounds great, and I will give it a try! 

    2:12 PM, Anonymous FourBear
    I have heard a lot of great things about this product, and this sounds like an excellent promotion. 

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Free Shipping + Up To 70% Off Fragrances At Perfume Emporium

Perfume Emporium offers discount perfumes, fragrances, skin care, and colognes for men and women. Our goal is to provide the largest selection of perfume and cologne designers at the lowest prices. Browse quality and cheap perfume, skin care, colognes, fragrances, women perfume and men cologne at Perfume Emporium. At Perfume Emporium we provide perfume reviews, ratings, and online discussion for each perfume in our store.

For a limited time only sign up today and receive 50,000 FREE Beauty Bucks! Our Beauty Bucks Program basically rewards you for doing what you already do, purchase beauty products. For every $1.00 spent on Perfume Emporium's web site you will receive 500 Beauty Bucks. You can use these Beauty Bucks to get free products on Perfume Emporium. Once you accumulate enough Beauty Bucks to purchase what you need you can cash them in.


Save $10 off any purchase of $40 or more at Perfume Emporium. Use code CD1972.

Perfume Sale. Up to 70% off over 7,000 designer fragrances at Perfume Emporium.

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Shop Perfume Emporium today and receive $5 off any purchase using code KL1966.

$10 FREE just for registering for Perfume Emporium's Beauty Bucks Program.


Womens Fragrances, Minis, Gift Sets, Bath & Body
WHAT'S N E W ? Alien, Baby Phat Goddess, Curve Soul, Fantasy, Incanto Dream, Island, Love At First Glow, Paul Smith London, Secret Wish, Very Irresistible Sensual
TOP RATED BY CUSTOMERS 1. Mont Blanc Individuelle, 2. Sport Feeling, 3. Eau De Gucci, 4. Jolie Madame, 5. Sotto Voce, 6. Eclat D'Arpege, 7. Fidji, 8. Galanos, 9. Cabochard, 10. Van Cleef, 11. Jungle L'Elephant, 12. Mackie, 13. Niki De Saint Phalle, 14. French Vanilla, 15. Intimate

Mens Fragrances, Minis, Gift Sets, Bath & Body
WHAT'S N E W ? Aqva Pour Homme, BLV Notte, Curve Soul, Dunhill Fresh, Gendarme V, Hugo Energise, Hummer, Paul Smith London, Tommy Bahama, Unforgivable
TOP RATED BY CUSTOMERS 1. Ferrari Passion, 2. Samba Red, 3. Nicole Miller, 4. Verino, 5. Axis, 6. Versus, 7. Colours, 8. Shiseido Basala, 9. DKNY Leaded, 10. Kanon

Skin Care, Moisturizers, Cleansers, Toners, Anti-Aging, Sun Care, Eye Care, Masks

    5:03 PM, Anonymous tater03
    I am actually in need of some more perfume at the moment. I love the sale that they are running and the beauty bucks are just more of an incentive. 

    9:25 PM, Anonymous SageMother
    I will have to look for my favorite perfume. I spoil myself about once every 3 years and purchase Calyx by Prescriptives. 

    9:08 PM, Anonymous FourBear
    Hmm, sounds like something I should check out for sure. I have to be careful not to go overboard though...I have a tendency to hoard fragrances and lotions if I'm not careful! 

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Some Good Automotive Advice For Women, Inc.

We might know everything about fashion, the latest beauty trends, the juiciest gossip about our favourite celebrities, but how many woman out there know more than just the basics about their car? I certainly don't.

My car averages one breakdown a year, and that's not counting the other times it goes temperamental on me - whirring noises, stalling, air condition problems..... Unless this calls for putting oil in my car, or check air in the tires, I am absolutely clueless. I am left with - WHY ME GOD? Or even WHY TODAY GOD? I ask for divine intervention, which, of course, doesn't happen too often and I end up getting stuck with a mechanic that sums me up with WOMAN = NO CLUE = OVERCHARGE.

I am most likely not the only who feel the gender bias going on here. The solution I have come up with is to be more informed with what's going on between the engine and pipes of my car. However, the thought of trading my designers for a jumpsuit and taking an automotive course just doesn't appeal to my senses too much.

Recently I had another dilemma with an old sports car I had sitting in my garage. A mechanic offered to buy it for what I thought was a really cheap price (thanks to another mechanic that persuaded me a couple years ago to install a refurbished engine, install new seats and get the body work done) and I thought I could get a better price. I searched around the internet but I found too much white noise - information that is inconsequential, or even conflicting with each other. So, I went directly to and asked the women experts. The email I received for my question did confirm that the mechanic was offering me lower than what I could possibly get, and guess what? I was able to sell the car to the same mechanic for a little bit more.\

*Please give me a moment to do my happy dance *

I am now newest number one fan.

Do's and Don'ts of Wearing Perfume
6 Things People Must Know About Natural Mole Removal
Beauty Tips You've Never Heard
Tips for Towel Shopping

    9:06 PM, Anonymous FourBear
    I can totally understand your situation! My current car isn't exactly...durable or new, so I often have to deal with mechanics that think I have no clue. While I'm no expert at repairs, I can more often than not tell you what is wrong with my car. Glad to hear you showed the mechanic who's boss! 

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Taking the 'Bet' Out of Looking Better, Inc.

A blind date. Lucky sevens. A hot stock tip. For many, there's no greater thrill than a gamble that pays off. But certain things in life aren't worth the risk: your relationships with friends and family, your safety and most importantly, your health. A new web site and toll-free information service finds the best local surgeons for people considering cosmetic surgery, giving them the peace of mind they need when choosing to make long-lasting changes to their appearance.

By calling 1-800-mySurgeon (697-8743) or visiting, those interested in learning more about personalized, safe plastic surgery options can get in touch with qualified board-certified plastic surgeons in their local area. To make sure only top-notch doctors are listed in its directory, the cosmetic surgeon referral company monitors each surgeon's customer service, and follows up with patients after their procedures. It's just like getting a recommendation from a trusted friend. And what makes the service even better? It's free for anyone to use, by phone or over the web.

"Survey after survey shows that there are huge numbers of people interested in plastic surgery," says Johannes Haze, Managing Director of 1-800-mySurgeon. "But in many cases, they don't know how to get started, or they're afraid they won't find a 'good' plastic surgeon. We started this service to change all that, to take out the guesswork."

The web site and 800 number operate on two guiding principles: get the facts and get in touch. To help patients get educated, the service offers overviews of popular cosmetic procedures and comprehensive information on the cosmetic surgeons in its directory. By matching a customer's needs with a surgeon's specialty, the referral service staff put potential patients in touch with some of the best plastic surgeons in their area. Often, people place a lot of trust in word of mouth and personal recommendations by family and friends, and people considering cosmetic surgery are no different.

"You know, word of mouth never goes out of style," commented Mr. Haze. "But what we're offering is kind of 'word of mouth plus.' You still get the personal recommendation from a reliable source, but you also get the benefit of the thorough research we perform by verifying each doctor's credentials and compiling dozens of patients' experiences."

The company's web site continues to expand its coverage each week. The site currently lists over 70 expert surgeons in many major cities in 20 states and Canadian provinces. The site also offers detailed descriptions of over 30 of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, such as liposuction, rhinoplasty and breast augmentation.

"It's just amazing all the tools we were able to pack on the site," adds Mr. Haze. "You can search by doctor name, type of procedure and zip code. You can find a cosmetic surgeon's board records, credentials, and years of experience. You can even learn about how a procedure works, its risks and what to ask your doctor. And all this info is just a call or click away."

One of the web site's most popular features is the ability for visitors to view side-by-side before and after photos of procedures performed by surgeons in their area. This tool allows people considering a particular procedure to see firsthand the technical skill of local doctors, and gives them insight into which surgeons are offering the results they're searching for.

Whether using the site or the toll-free number, people considering plastic surgery count on 1-800-mySurgeon to find a great plastic surgeon in their area, eliminating the need to roll the dice on an important health decision is a company dedicated to helping patients find and research board-certified plastic surgeons. Their free consumer service provides patients with the tools to research and learn more about their plastic surgeon's board records, credentials, experience and specialties. In addition, the service helps patients find highly qualified and experienced board-certified plastic surgeons in their local area. The company's wealth of helpful resources can be accessed by calling 1-800-mySurgeon or visiting


Feet Are The It Body Part For Summer 2007
Beauty Tips You've Never Heard Free Gifts With Purchase
Holy Water Exclusive to AQUA TAN Sunless Tanning

    7:27 PM, Anonymous SageMother
    If you absolutely must go under the knife, this is a great way to start whittling down your choices. Being able to take you time without someone pressuring you into doing ore than you intend is wonderful! 

    9:41 PM, Anonymous Gigi
    You can never do enough research before choosing a plastic surgeon. Most important is making sure they are board certified and checking to see if they have any litigation against them and why! 

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The Buzz on Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano is really hot this year. She has two must-see movies that are being released that are already creating buzz - Pathology and The Blue Hour. And who can miss her Veet commercial on prime time tv? I have been a devoted fan ever since she stepped into the television scene with Who's The Boss, Melrose Place, and of course my favourite of all time, Charmed.

Did you know that she is also turning 35 years old this year? Hard to believe, but that woman doesn't seem to be aging at all. Really gets me all green with envy ..... I'd love to have two of whatever she's having please! It could just be that she has sworn of red meat and is a real honest to goodness vegan. I am considering of converting to the same lifestyle if I can just look as young as she does.

I was searching around for Alyssa's Commercial to post and I found this instead.

Here's a trivia question for you: So, how come I am always the last to know (especially since it's old, old news)? And how does she stay in the spotlight without being hounded by the glitter papparazzi? Maybe because she sues them for all their worth for publishing un-diva like photos of her?

Googling some more on the net I found another interesting tidbit. Alyssa has her own sports blog *Touch* 'Em All. For being her number #1 fan, I feel ashamed that I have not kept up with what's been happening in her world.

(yes, folks, I admit I stopped stalking the diva :)

I finally found the Veet commercial I was looking for.. This is a second commercial that has been shot that I haven't seen on TV, so enjoy!

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    9:21 PM, Anonymous SageMother
    It's nice to see her moving through her years without the level of trouble that other stars have had. The fact that she doesn't have a sotre bought bustline probably has an influence on her not being hounded bye the paparazzi. 

    11:34 AM, Anonymous tater03
    My husband is in love with her. She does seem to be one of the few that is not letting fame go to her head. 

    9:39 PM, Anonymous Gigi
    She looks fantastic for her age. Wonder how she does it? I was always envious of her great 80's hair on "Who's the Boss". She has stood the test of time! 

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    10:41 PM, Anonymous Gigi
    LOl what a scream! I love the celeb mug shot spreads on sites like This takes it a step further! 

    7:27 AM, Anonymous SageMother
    I can hear some conservatives now just livid at the fact that these arrests aren't really hurting celebrities. There was a time where these things would have ruined lives and ended careers.

    I am so glad things have changed! 

    10:33 AM, Anonymous Sharon
    Jail is now the new "rehab". I wouldn't be surprised if people started walking around with JAIL t-shirts instead of those REHAB ones. 

    12:04 PM, Anonymous tater03
    I cannot believe that they are now selling celebrity mug shots and at that price. No thanks, I'll pass on this one. 

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