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Emerald Cut or Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - How Do You Choose? Auctions

Emerald Cut Diamonds

The ‘Emerald Cut’ was originally developed for cutting emeralds, not diamonds.

The Emerald Cut is a very bold and solid feeling cut. It can be absolutely stunning because of its long lines it tends to be less fiery than a round brilliant cut. It also tends to have broader, more dramatic flashes of light. The trim lines of emerald cut diamonds lend an elegant, sophisticated air to both the simplest and most elaborate ring settings.

The Emerald Cut is rectangular with cut corners. It is a step cut as opposed to a brilliant cut. A step cut diamond has sloping, four sided facets that are cut below the table and run parallel to the diamond’s girdle. There are fewer facets in a step cut diamond than in a brilliant cut diamond but they tend to have more facets than baguettes. The most preferred Emerald Cuts are those with the length-to-width ratio being 1.30-1.65:1.

When purchasing an emerald cut diamond, it is extremely important to pay attention to quality and to select the highest grade stone you can afford. Flaws and color weakness are more noticeable in Emerald Cut Diamonds than in other cuts. Because they don’t look as good as brilliant cuts, emerald cuts normally sell for less than a brilliant cut of the same quality. The emerald cut diamonds are not as “traditional” as round brilliant or as trendy as the princess cut, in which case people who prefer their jewelry to be quieter and more understated would prefer emerald cut.

The recommended proportions that should be checked for when purchasing the Emerald cut include, ‘G’ color, VS2 clarity, 58% to 69% depth range. This can be guaranteed when purchased from a certified Diamond merchant.

Princess Cut Diamonds

The Princess Cut is relatively new. It is a very attractive cut that gives out maximum brilliance from a square cut. It is effectively a square version of the round brilliant cut and is known as the square modified brilliant cut. The square or rectangular cut was invented about 30 years ago by Basil Watermeyer from Johannesburg. It was then known as the Barion cut. This was a style with extra and improved so as to obtain maximum brilliance from the diamond.

The square stone are better for certain design application such as eternity rings, as they can be set in one continuous line with no gaps between them such as would be with round stones.

The Princess Cut diamond is more forgiving of diamond flaws. Any inclusions are less visible and any slight yellowish color is less noticeable. Also because of the extra faceting, princess cuts are naturally more brilliant and sparkly than ordinary square diamonds.

What to watch out for is that the setting for your princess cut diamond protects the four pointed corners as these are the points prone to chipping. A recommendation for a good princess cut diamond is having a depth percentage range of 58-80% and table of 58-77%.

While not the traditional selection, princess cut engagement rings are becoming very popular either as a solitaire or with accent stones.

For more information about emerald or princess cut diamonds visit

Article Source: American Chronicle
Artile Author: Ally Too


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Is Your Body Seeking Simplicity? Quiz


Are there messages coming from your body and the way you are living in the right now that may be telling you that your life is not as simple as your body needs it to be, in order to maintain optimum health for all your cells.

Like the lights on your inner dashboard, there will certainly be indicators coming from your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual self, warning you that change is necessary.

Here is a test which will help you to recognize some of those warning signs. The author calls it the Sick Canary Test because the miners, in the old days, used to take a canary down the mine with them. If there were toxic fumes, the canaries would die, alerting the miners to evacuate immediately. Are you splitting off from your body and its needs, cycles, and rhythms? Take this test and see:

Score 2 points for each "yes" answer.

1. Do you watch TV because you are too tired to do anything else?

2. Do you get less sleep than you really need?

3. Do you skip meals because you are too busy to stop?

4. Do you feel overwhelmed by your tasks and obligations?

5. Do you ever need a stimulant, such as coffee, to get you through?

6. Do you ever curse your natural rhythms (your menstrual cycle, your “slumpy” time of day, your energy fluctuations?

7. Do you turn to fast food and instant meals because you are too busy to cook?

8. Do you dread mid-life, menopause, old age, baldness, turning fifty, drooping breasts?

9. Do you drive everywhere because there isn’t time to walk or catch a bus?

10. Do you tend to skimp on exercise or meditation whenever something urgent needs doing?

11. Do you find yourself saying “Hurry Up!” to your partner, your kids, your friends, your dog?

12. Do you feel a pressure in your chest or gut at traffic lights, in queues, waiting for things to download on your computer?

13. Do you go for hours without laughing?

14. – or without singing?

15. – or without stretching?

16. Do you postpone going to the toilet because you are busy with something else?

17. Do you forget to drink plenty of plain, filtered water as well as other drinks?

18. Do you suffer from tension headaches?

19. Do you go for days without cuddling another human or other live creature?

20. Do you spend more than two thirds of your waking hours indoors?

0-10 = you’re doing well
11-20 = check your priorities;
20-30 = you may be a sick canary;
30+ = it’s time to call the vet!

Millions of people in our industrialized, Western culture would score somewhere between twenty and forty on this test. So if you, too, scored high, you are probably closer to our culture’s “normal” than someone living a really simple, healthy life.

If your score was high, you might consider starting a meditation, yoga, or stress management program. Or just do the opposite of everything you answered "yes" to!

Article Source: Care2
Adapted from The Lilypad List, by Marian Van Eyk McCain (Findhorn 2004).


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Natural Advantage By Jane Seymour

Guthy Renker Corporation

Experience the Dramatic Difference! Natural Advantage helps reverse the visible signs of aging without prescription drugs or expensive surgery!

It's not just ordinary skin care - Natural Advantage delivers an effective high concentration of Retinol (pure Vitamin A), through a patented Microsponge technology. It works day and night to regenerate new skin cells by slowly delivering the Retinol, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, and the fruit acids to the skin.

In just weeks, this skin care system will help:

Reduce the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Make the appearance of age spots less visible

Enhance skin tone and texture

In an independent clinical study, 95% of the women reported improvement within 14 days using the Natural Advantage System. Get younger-looking skin with Natural Advantage

Natural Advantage 30-Day supply is only $29.95, comes with a special Free Bonus of Ultimate Hydration.


  • Make Up for Dark Skin
  • Makeover Solutions for Gorgeous Eyelashes
  • Discover Cindy Crawford's Secret to Flawless Skin
  • How Can You Say No?


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    Say Goodbye To Fad Diets


    Now For A Limited Time.. Free 7 Day Trial!!! We are so confident our product will work for you, that we'll give you a 7 day supply FREE! Once you see and feel the difference, we're confident that you'll want to continue using Vital Hoodia 1000.

    Vital Hoodia 1000 is the most effective & Authentic Hoodia Gordonii appetite suppressant on the market today. It is delivered in a Sustained Release Formula, which assists in the ease of your dieting process.

    There are no known side effects from hoodia. It suppresses your appetite, reduces calorie intake, is doctor recommended, and known as the most effective diet pill in America-As seen on Oprah and 60 Minutes.

    Vital Hoodia 1000 is all the rage in appetite suppressants. #1 best kept secret of the Stars in Hollywood for weight loss!

    For best results it is highly recommended that a well-balanced, low fat, reduced calorie diet is followed, along with a minimum of 64 ounces of water, and exercise.

    What If You Could Actually Lose 10, 15, Or Even 25 Pounds Quickly And Safely In Less Than 30 Days?"

    Now You Can...
    Here at Vital Body Fitness we love to eat just like anybody! We also like to look and feel great. Is it really possible to have your cake and eat it too?
    If you’re fed up with the weight fluctuations, starvation and fad diets, feeling hungry, and spending hours on the treadmill, then you’ll find Vital Hoodia™ 1000 to be an an amazing alternative. Our product contains 1000 mg (sustained release) of pure South African Hoodia Gordonii and WE GUARANTEE IT! Hoodia just doesn't get more potent than that. Available exclusively right here. Vital Hoodia™ 1000's formula contains NO "fillers." Just pure Hoodia...clinically proven to be the strongest appetite suppressant ever discovered.

    For years, the weight loss industry has led us to believe that in order to look great and stay in shape, you could never eat your favorite foods. Now, of course we're not saying that you can eat ice cream and hamburgers all day, but you can still occasionally splurge and maintain a healthy lifestyle, thanks to our all natural supplement...

    We know it sounds hard to believe, but thousands of people are doing just that… thanks to a revolutionary breakthrough in natural health science: Vital Hoodia™ 1000.

    "My name is Kathy Morrison, MD. I and hundreds of other Doctors recommend Vital Hoodia™ 1000 to our patients. It packs 1000 mg of pure form Hoodia. There simply is nothing more powerful even in a prescription. Vital Hoodia™ offers a safe and effective means to which weight can be lost quickly without the negative side effects and high cost."

    Weight Loss Breakthrough…Vital Hoodia™ 1000 (sustained release) was formulated as an all-natural solution to completely suppress the appetite for food. Doctors teamed up with top biochemist and nutritionist from around the country in an effort to research and come up with the most powerful formulation that would curb appetite, boost energy, and support healthy blood sugar levels. Researchers and doctors found that Vital Hoodia's™ most amazing attribute was weight-loss among it's test subjects and patients.

    The precise ingredient of all-natural Vital Hoodia™ 1000 works in tune with your body to promote overall health and weight loss. You simply take 1 capsule 3 times a day, or as recommended by your healthcare professional!

    What is Hoodia?
    Hoodia Gordonii is the most powerful appetite suppressant ever created. It goes to work on the very first dosage. It also is vital in regulating blood sugar levels and proper metabolic rates within the body. Our Vital Hoodia™ 1000 is created from a special flowering cactus from the Asclepiadaceae family. There are approximately 20 different species. Our proprietary formula comes from the best plants grown in Southern Africa.

    The Hoodia Cactus has been used for generations as a natural appetite suppressant and thirst quencher during long hunting trips in the South African outback. The powerful extract from this cactus has been clinically proven to reduce caloric intake by up to 1000 calories per day.There are no absolutely no side effects. Now you can get this amazing nutritional supplement containing 1000 mg of pure Hoodia Gordonii exclusively right here from Vital Body Fitness!
    Here’s A Short List Of All The Benefits Vital Hoodia™ 1000 Could Offer You…

    Curbs Your Appetite
    Certified 100% Pure South African Hoodia
    Boosts Energy
    Completely Safe...NO Side Effects
    Goes to Work After First Dosage
    Supports Total Healthy Lifestyles
    Regulates Blood Sugar
    Doesn't Keep You Up At Night...Stimulant Free
    Keep The Weight Off Permanently...

    Our sustained release formula helps you reach your optimal weight zone, the continued weight loss will pace itself to allow your body and metabolism to adjust to your new weight. The sustained release slowly releases the powerful Hoodia into your system so the effects last all day. This balance is crucial to maintaining your weight-loss and keeping those unwanted inches off...and Vital Hoodia™ 1000 is proven to do exactly just that so you can KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF PERMANENTLY!!!

    Unlike many weight-loss products on the market today, Vital Hoodia™ helps to keep the weight off because the proprietary formula is made only from the most potent Hoodia Cactus grown on the planet that won't shock your system. Your body accepts the healthy changes our formula makes to your metabolism.

    Why You Should Never Diet Again..
    Studies have shown that the main reason 95% of all diets fail is because they actually lower your daily calorie intake. By doing so it also lowers your bodies natural metabolic rate. Causing your body to store fat instead of burn fat. It many cases, test subjects would crave food even more allowing the faster accumulation of even more stored fat. After 1 week on other diets, fatigue sets in due to the shock on your bodies metabolism.

    Thanks to Vital Hoodia™ 1000 you can say goodbye to fad diets that are impossible to stick with and fail to yield results. Never before has weight loss been so fast and easy to achieve through a product proven time and time again to be completely healthy, safe, and effective. Besides keeping your metabolism at it's optimal burning level, the groundbreaking power and synergy of Vital Hoodia's™ 1000 natural ingredient stops those intense cravings in it's tracks immediately, helping you to obtain the body, health, and self esteem you deserve!

    The Science Behind The Success
    Here’s The Cutting Edge Science Behind Vital Hoodia™ 1000's All-Natural Weight Loss Success.

    After decades of research and development conducted by scientists and doctors at the South African Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) showed the Hoodia Gordonii cactus contains a miracle molecule that kills the appetite and attacks obesity. The most incredible fact is that it's purely organic, with no chemicals added and no known side effects.

    Eliminates Appetite.- Regulates Blood Sugar- Regulates Your Metabolism- Feeling Healthy And Vibrant- Great Self Esteem And Confidence- Fast Weight Loss

    Have You Heard The News??
    Vital Hoodia™ 1000 mgYou may have already seen our product on 60 Minutes, ABC news, Oprah's magazine "O," or your local paper. The buzz is out about the most powerful appetite suppressant in existence...period. If you haven’t seen us, you soon will because it is being described as the new miracle supplement for safe, effective weight loss. Order your today. It's guaranteed and you won't be disappointed!


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      4:52 AM, Blogger espen
      Hihi, didn't know where i could reach you, Espen here. Feel free to use that article u requested to on Grand-pa. :D 

      8:57 PM, Anonymous Kelstar

      I'm assuming you're the one who left a note on my blog. Feel free to use the article. 

      1:23 AM, Anonymous The Designer Diva
      Thank you for being in touch. That is great! I will leave you a message on your blogs as soon as I get the articles ready! 

      8:10 PM, Anonymous luvcamerasnic
      Isn't a pill with hoodia just another fad? I think that eating right is the best way to lose weight. 

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    Girlfriend Gateaway Packages


    A Little Bit Of Red, A Little Bit of White and Say Cheese!

    Tough week at the office? Leave the stilletos and power suits behind, and head for the beach with the GullWing Beach Resort's WOMEN WHO WINE package. Mix adventure and wine tasting with stylish beachfront luxury. What more could a woman want for an extraordinary escapade with her closest confidants?

    The Package Includes:

    Luxurious accomodations in a two bedroom islandview suite or a three bedroom bayview suite for two nights.

    Six bottles of select wine - three red and three white.

    A generously appointed girlfriend getaway welcome basket.

    The Winerd Game.

    Between now and December 21, 2006 the this package rate is $709 based on four guests!

    What a wonderful way to get the girls together and enjoy some R&R!


      5:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous
      Good one though

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    Will Travel For Food


    I recently blogged about culinary tours (from wine-tasting to beer-tasting to gelato tours in Italy and other culinary delights). And after a recent two-week boat trip where one of the biggest daily agenda items was, "What shall we eat next?" it got me thinking. How many people travel for food?

    Culinary tours and cooking classes seem to be sprouting up everywhere. When I travel, food is one of the first things that comes to mind. While boating recently, my skipper and chef caught nine Dungeness crabs for us to feast on. We got creative with fresh crab dipped in butter, crab cakes, melts, salads. You name the recipe, that crustacean was on the menu.

    When traveling to a new place, I always ask friends who have been there: "Where's the good food?" Since we all need food for sustenance, mealtimes seem to bind us together when traveling. It becomes an activity all its own. One of the great pleasures of the trip.

    One of my favorite meals of all time was an insalata caprese in Piazza Navona in Rome. I was with my dad. At the time, I'd never had more flavorful tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella. The food simply tasted better in Italy. The sweet memory of the meal probably had more to do with the company, the intoxicating energy in the piazza, and its historical buildings surrounding us than the ingredients. But who can tell? No matter. The memory is still etched in my brain.

    Do you travel for food?

    About the Author - Jocelyn Milici

    Jocelyn blogs about group travel on TripHub's Group Trip Advisor.
    Travel has been in my life since I was old enough to book my own ticket (and, of course, on family reunions and trips). My first trip abroad (other than to Canada) was across the border to Tijuana, Mexico on spring break my senior year of college. Does that count? Probably not.

    Real travel began for me when I journeyed alone to South and Centra America, deciding never again to travel solo - it was lonely, isolating, not nearly as much fun as being with travel companions, friends, or family.

    After 8+ years in the online travel industry, I'm blogging about group travel with tips, advice, resources, ponderings, and more for family travel, girls getaways, weddings - all types of group travel. The blog is connected to TripHub, a group travel planning site with free tools for organizing small to medium-sized group trips.

    Have a look! Happy travels,

      8:59 AM, Blogger juiicySCOOP
      Ughhh you just made me 10x hungier then what I already am. It's been sooo long since I've had crabs dipped in garlic butter!!! 

      2:19 PM, Anonymous The Designer Diva
      Me too.

      It sounds fantastic. 

      4:49 AM, Blogger EuropeanTop
      Hello and thanks for the opportunity to read and post on your blog.

      I’ve just posted an article related to travel tips for seniors on my blog and I thought maybe you’d be interested in reading it. Here is short preview of some of the areas I covered:

      - Prefer a backpack on wheels instead of a suitcase, you could pull it behind you when your back hurts or you are exhausted.
      - Consider checking your bag in with the airlines, because it would become an unnecessary burden to be dragged all over the airport or the city if you are going to have a short visit.
      - You could stay outside the city, in a hostel maybe, because it is cheaper, less crowded and the air is much fresher, but you have to walk or use the transport more, to get in the city or to the station.
      - Most museums, some concert halls, railways, airlines, bus lines, ferry and shipping lines have a discount policy for seniors.
      - Electronic devices are useful but sometimes they can give you a lot of headaches. You could help yourself with a micro-tape recorder to record your notes. It would be easier than to write and you would put them down on paper later, to share your notes with your family.
      - If you bring a camera with you to keep the beautiful images alive along the time then make sure you know how to handle it or you might fail to record them not only on that camera but also in your eyes.

      For more resources on travelling to Europe you are welcome to visit my blog, where you can also get acces to some excellent maps of Rome and maps of Berlin, together with information on hotels and restaurants.

      Best regards,

      Michael R. 

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    Get Two Free Harlequin Romance Novels

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    Harlequin Ginger Blossom - Romance like you have never seen it before! Harlequin Ginger Blossom offers the classic Harlequin romance tales you've come to expect, now with a completely new look!

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    Romatic Travel, Honeymoons & Destination Travel

    Guthy Renker Corporation presents their newest collection on romantic travel - from destination weddings to honeymoon planning.

    Would you like to get married on your honeymoon? Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular. Around the world, you'll find hotels and resorts that offer on-site help to plan your wedding, from details like the wedding license to extras such as music and photos.

    To help couples, this ebook is a 134-page guide that covers everything you need to consider when planning a destination wedding. Whether the special day involves just the two of you or whether you'll be inviting friends and relatives to join in the occasion, this workbook includes timelines, worksheets, questions you MUST ask, and more!

    Compiled in this book are hundreds of interviews with wedding planners, hotel managers, food and beverage managers, travel agents, and brides just like you.

    With the price of the average American wedding running over $19,000, more and more couples are turning to the Caribbean for unique weddings that combine a wedding and honeymoon into one package.'s Guide to Caribbean Destination Weddings offers a "no problem" way to say "I Do" throughout the Caribbean, Bermuda, and Bahamas.

    Special sections including working with resort wedding coordinators, packing for your island wedding, how to get married in the islands for free, taking a wedding party, and more!

    Following chapters on the details of arranging a Caribbean destination wedding, separate chapters are devoted to each of the Caribbean islands known for their destination weddings. Each chapter includes: Island Marriage Regulations, Romantic Resorts, Honeymoon Hotspots, Currency, and Tourist Board contacts.

    Considering a castle wedding? To help brides, The Castle Wedding Planner is a 225-page guide that covers everything you need to consider when planning a castle wedding. Whether the event involves a domestic or international castle wedding venue or even a Renaissance faire event, this workbook includes timelines, worksheets, questions you MUST ask, and more!

    This book contains hundreds of interviews with brides, castle owners, wedding planners, castle wedding musicians, period dress designers, and more. This guide also includes:

    Budgeting for your castle wedding
    Suggestions on top castle venues in North America and abroad
    Questions for each other about the wedding
    Questions for the castle venue
    Questions for wedding planners
    Questions for photographers about your castle ceremony
    Questions on traveling to international destinations
    over 140 castle venues in North America, Europe, and elsewhere
    32 Renaissance faire wedding venues
    four dozen online resources for period wedding dresses and accessories
    Timeline for planning your castle wedding



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    Our Obsession With Perfection (Jarden Direct)

    When I was younger, one of my biggest dissapointment was that I was never ever going to be one of those skinny asian girls. As I grew older, I realized that I have to be happy with what the Good Lord above has given me. Muscles, Tone and definition. And heck, I was voted best legs in high school by my peers. Still, I'm just being human, given the chance, I still would love to be one of those skinny asian girls. Size 0? Anyone?

    Today, we have Nicole Ritchie. Paris Hilton. Victoria Beckham. They are so skinny. They are even skinnier than most asian girls. They have shoulder blades smaller than my wrist (And I have tiny ones since I am a concert pianist). They are a size of their own. No wonder couture designers are making their mark this world dressing these celebrities.

    And again, ask me who I have pinned up on my refrigerator. Angelina Jolie, of course.

    Not the Angelina Jolie, Tomb Raider. Angelina had to gain weight and muscle mass to do this movie. But the Angeline Jolie, Mr and Mrs. Smith. The skinny supermodel.

    Okay, so maybe I'll never be that size. I dont think I even want to be that size. But given if technology could put me in a capsule and I come out as size 0, please sign me up. Can I pay more to get ahead of the line?

    A recent TV Show Extreme Celebrities explored how and why women in the public eye have become so slim. And what their lasting legacies will be to the general public. It talked about how you can get really sick - hair loss, osteoporosis, heart disease.

    Well, we have to pay for it somehow.

    Nothing in this world is for free.

    And for those skinny capsule makers, book mark me. I will pay a lot of money. I just dont want to kill myself getting there.

    Excerpt From The Imaginary Diva on Life.


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    Nearly 20% of the Population Aspires to Have Cosmetic Surgery in the Future, Do You?

    American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Announces 2006 Consumer Perception Survey Results

    The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) is announcing the results of its 2006 Consumer Perception Survey. The survey was conducted on behalf of the Academy to gauge current consumer perceptions as it relates to celebrity "must-have" features, cosmetic procedures and consumer misconceptions on practitioners' education, qualifications and training.

    The survey showed that cosmetic surgery is something that only 6% of the adult population has done, but that almost 20% of the population aspires to do at some point in their lifetime. The survey also provides insights about the perceptions and myths surrounding cosmetic surgery. For example, the results show that only about half of consumers are aware of the difference between a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon -- which emphasizes the need for patient education surrounding cosmetic surgery.

    Additional highlights of the results report include:

    An overwhelming five out of six consumers believe that personal appearance is key to professional success.

    When asked how open they would be about a cosmetic surgery procedure, 33% of consumers said they would tell only those who asked, while 18% said they would tell only close friends and family.

    The two most wanted celebrity features, according to the survey, are Jennifer Aniston's eyes for women (46%) and Nick Lachey's abs for men (51%).

    If there was disposable income to be had, 46% of consumers say they would forego an expensive vacation or luxury car to pay for cosmetic surgery.

    About 12% of the men surveyed believe they will have cosmetic surgery at some point in the future.

    Only 18% of consumers cited fear of pain as a reason for foregoing cosmetic surgery. Instead, the cost is what would discourage 54% of those surveyed from having a procedure.

    About 20% of consumers are unclear on what a cosmetic surgeon is.

    The AACS Consumer Perception Survey was conducted by Synovate, Inc., and included a total of 1,510 representative interviews. Additional survey methodology and statistics can be obtained by contacting the Academy.

    The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery is a professional medical society whose members are dedicated to patient safety and physician education in cosmetic surgery. Members of the AACS are dermatologic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, ocular plastic surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons or other surgical backgrounds -- all of whom specialize in cosmetic surgery. AACS is an organization that represents all cosmetic surgeons in the American Medical Association through its seat in the AMA House of Delegates.

    CHICAGO, Sept. 13 PRNewswire

    How To Buy the Best Swimsuit, or Bikini For You
    The Beauty of Botox - Which Wrinkles to Remove?
    Stretch Marks - Causes and Treatment Options
    Celebrity Skin, How Do They Do It ?

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    Teaching Kids To Read For Dummies

    You're thinking of teaching a child to read. What a great idea! Now all you need is exactly the right blueprint. This easy-to-follow book is written with two people in mind; you, and the child you're thinking of teaching. Mother and children’s reading specialist Tracey Wood gives you all the down-to-earth, honest information you need to give a child a happy, solid start with reading.

    Teaching Kids to Read for Dummies is for parents of young children who want to give their kids a head start by teaching them to read before they enter school or to supplement their children's school instruction, as well as teachers and caregivers of young children. Filled with hands-on activities that progress a child from sounds to words to sentences to books, this friendly guide shows you how to:

    Prepare a child to read, Sharpen his listening skills, Correct her errors graciously, Choose the right books, Have kids read out loud, Find help if you need it

    Whether the child you want to teach is two or twelve; fast paced or steady; an absolute beginner or someone who’s begun but could use a little help, this empathetic book shows you how to adapt the simple, fun activities to your child’s individual needs. You'll see how to make activities age appropriate, how to add more challenge or support, and how to make gender allowances if that’s relevant.

    Plus, you'll discover how to:
    • Lay the foundation for good reading skills
    • Tell the difference between a reading delay and a reading problem
    • Help your child build words from letters and sounds, advance to short and long vowel words, and conquer syllables and silent letters
    • Select entertaining workbooks, recycle them, and make up your own reading activities
    • Get your child ready for sentences
    • Keep your child reading - with others or on his own
    • Complete with lists of word families, phonics rules, and reading resources, Teaching Kids to Read For Dummies will help you make learning fun for your child as he or she develops this critical skill!

    Welcome to the Homeschooling Store
    Planning to educate your child at home? Looking for materials to enrich a public education? Are you a teacher needing materials to supplement a curriculum?'s Homeschooling Store provides hundreds of titles you need for reading, writing, 'rithmetic, and much more, conveniently arranged by subject and grade-level.


    Personalized Gift Ideas For Kids!
    Actress HILARY DUFF as the Music Choice Artist of the Month
    More Coupons From One Hanes Place
    Jennifer Lopez - First Spanish-Language Album is an Instant #1


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