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New Grape Seed Extract, Skin Cell Antioxidant Cosmetics -- 29 by Lydia Mondavi

29 Cosmetics - the world's first comprehensive cosmetic collection enriched with the beneficial grape seed extract and dedicated to protecting, improving and presenting beautiful skin - is thrilled to reveal the backbone of this luxury line with the debut of four essential products.

Within the unique 29 cosmetic collection, four signature products stand out as must-haves: D'Vine Conditioning Mascara, Preserves Lip Therapies, Dew Lip Gloss and Napa Mist Atomizer.

D'VINE Mascara: The eyes are the windows to the soul...and the lashes frame the view. Promote healthy lashes with this one-of-a-kind conditioning mascara. Not only does it lengthen and curl, it nourishes the lashes with a veritable vitamin bomb to promote strengthening and natural shine. D'VINE conditioning mascara includes the benefits of grape seed extract, of course, in two devine colors of conditioning mascara: Vine Noir (black) and Devine Brown (dark brown). $25.

PRESERVES Lip Therapies: Antioxidant lip care beyond just moisturizing and protecting - these grape seed extract cosmetics will become vital to the perfect pout:

Hint of Honey: A combination of beeswax, honey and grape seed extract with a slight shimmer. Perfect alone or worn over lipstick it offers complete protection and all the benefits of 29's advanced anti-oxidant, free radical busting products. $23.

First Crush: A mini-facial especially for the lips, this Lip Exfoliating Therapy combines the power of crushed grape seeds with the antioxidant and moisture benefits of grape seed extract and peach extract. Rub a little between the lips and tissue off. For intense moisture, follow with Wine Blot and a drop of Hint of Honey for a touch of shimmer. $23.

Wine Blot (SPF 20): The ultimate sunscreen lip balm to use after First Crush exfoliation therapy and a natural for everyday use to maintain the lips' delicate skin. With one application, the restorative and rejuvenating rewards of this intense moisture formula will have lips lauding its benefits. $23.

DEW Lip Gloss (SPF 15): Top it Off is a high gloss sunscreen lip gloss with a unique formula that turns any color lighter - subduing that favorite nighttime lipstick color making it perfect for daytime. This grape seed extract antioxidant lip gloss also be worn alone for a pretty, moisturizing shimmer. $23.

NAPA MIST Replenishing Atomizer: With a hint of rosewater and the benefits of soothing, moisturizing grape seed extract, this light mist might just become the next cult collectible. As a perfectly light antioxidant atomizer, it's a natural under makeup. It may also be spritzed on to set the perfect look, or as a pick-me-up during a stressful day at the office. Deluxe Refillable Atomizer, $25.

In a range of rich palettes inspired by the extraordinary beauty of America's fruitful Napa Valley, 29 captures the essence of natural radiance. Enriched with the proven benefits of grape seed extract, the 29 cosmetic collection offers an array of brilliant shades and sumptuous textures for the eyes, lips and face. 29's grape seed extract Age Protecting formula protects skin from harmful free radicals found in the everyday environment while moisturizing and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

29's packaging palette of glossy patent-finished winter white with silver and aubergine-brown accents sets the tone for this luxury line. The stylish compacts and cases are embossed with the 29 logo. Counter displays for the 29 collection are modeled after classic steamer trunks, imparting a sense of travel, adventure and elegance to the brand.

29 exclusively available at Neiman Marcus and online at Grape Seed Extract Antioxidant Cosmetics from 29 Cosmetics and, February 2007. Prices range from $22-$50.


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