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Be Glam with a Dime

Karmaloop LLC

Seeing a head-turner with a completely fashionable aura probably makes you wonder how you can be like her. The glamorous clothes, pretty shoes, sophisticated make-up, she is a total fashionista!

You may actually wonder how she puts it altogether. And your follow up question would probably be..."How much did she spend for her look?!" You may answer yourself. "She must have spent a fortune to look that way." Do you love high fashion, but hate paying high prices?

You can actually look gorgeous without breaking your wallet. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars just to get the latest trends then find them out of style after a few months. Be glam with a dime: The commitment may take a little time, but it is surely worth it.

While it is okay to get ideas from a magazine, only fashion victims follow it religiously when there lots of other things to consider. Individuality is the name of the game!

Seasons come and go. So goes with the trends. But, there are certain outfits that never go out of style. Buy classic pieces. Such staples include blue jeans, black pants, white shirt, and a sultry black dress. Pair bargain finds with the basics. When fit and style is of the utmost importance, a cheap imitation just won't do. Consider these basics building blocks of your wardrobe and buy the best your budget will allow. Be positive that such basic stuff can make a bigger bang for your buck. With a couple of designs and colors in your wardrobe, the main rule to follow is very simple: mix and match! Use your imagination!

Instead of going to a boutique paying around a hundred bucks, why not try checking out a local fabric store. By chance, you might be able to get the buttons, lace, sequins, and other stuff you need to glitz up your wardrobe. Look through your current wardrobe and try making it look a little different by wearing fashion tops and wearing a scarf over it. And if you are even more creative, you might achieve wearing a necktie with it too! Go thrift shopping for your clothes and accessories. For fall clothes, they typically hit the racks in July and they start getting marked down by around September. If you buy a sweater by October or November ( the right time you would probably be needing it more, you can save even up to 75%! Also, you need ample time to be a wise consumer by looking through the different stores and racks. Don't buy right away even though you seem to have a good buy already. You wouldn't know if you can still live without it not until you can't get your mind off it after trying to remove it from your system. Don't buy it in a whim. If you really can't get over it and you just need to go back to the store to get hold of that lovely pieces of tops, as if you're in love, then buy it - it's not bad to splurge a little to treat yourself at times... Just make sure you know yourself and you're not a total impulsive girl and this could work for you.

Everyone likes a bargain. Buy at the end of every season as the price is marked down. Add pieces as the season progresses and the prices fall. Go to clearance sales, if it's possible, target the mall's opening and start shopping as early as possible - when there are less people and the best buys aren't sold yet. Remember, discounts are either given because the shop needs to give space to the newest arrivals and get rid of the old but still quality stocks, or because the stocks have defects. And so, everytime you are into clearance sales and the likes, do not just consider the fit of the clothes but also the quality. Check on the hemlines, the buttons, the zippers, the prints. You have to double-check if there are no damages as holes, cuts, loose or missing buttons, and broken zippers.

Accessorize accordingly. Learn to sew and put on decorations to your wardrobe. If you have time, overhaul your unused clothes to make them more fashionable. Like scrapbooking, it can actually be therapeutic! Just don't overdo it. Come to think of it... cool but not necessarily expensive accessories are a frugal girl's best friend. Such can dramatically lift the whole look of an outfit.

To update the design of your wardrobe accordingly, one good advice is to make lists, scour magazines, and hop for one store to another to get good ideas. You can also check out your favorite designers and glam websites online to know the latest in the fashion realm. Also, check on various tips from magazines and the web to know which stuff would fit your body and lifestyle. Try browsing on credible fashion sources as Vogue, Elle, and Bazaar to get the scoop on what designers are touting for the new season.

Know how to accentuate your best facial features and put on the right make-up to highlight your best look. But remember, the natural look is still the best to get that glamorous image. You should avoid too much make-up and overly done hair.

Don't be a slave to the trend. You can still look pretty and fabulous even without latest dresses. Always keep in mind that fashion should be fun, not something to treat you as a slave.

Vow to stick to your budget. Have that as a challenge for yourself. Remember, fashion is what suits you, not what fits the model from the magazine. Remember, you can look fabulous for less. Know what styles can be in par with your body type. This is definitely more than merely following what is going on in the forefront of the fashion world. The woman who always manages to look like a million bucks on the skimpiest budget is a true achievement.

About the Author
Gloria Granger of California is a trend setter in her own right. Her pretty face matched with her sharp intelligence keeps her on the ranks. She utilizes her knack for research on fashion and everything about it by writing articles about the many avenues of women's fashion apparel.

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