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Taking the 'Bet' Out of Looking Better, Inc.

A blind date. Lucky sevens. A hot stock tip. For many, there's no greater thrill than a gamble that pays off. But certain things in life aren't worth the risk: your relationships with friends and family, your safety and most importantly, your health. A new web site and toll-free information service finds the best local surgeons for people considering cosmetic surgery, giving them the peace of mind they need when choosing to make long-lasting changes to their appearance.

By calling 1-800-mySurgeon (697-8743) or visiting, those interested in learning more about personalized, safe plastic surgery options can get in touch with qualified board-certified plastic surgeons in their local area. To make sure only top-notch doctors are listed in its directory, the cosmetic surgeon referral company monitors each surgeon's customer service, and follows up with patients after their procedures. It's just like getting a recommendation from a trusted friend. And what makes the service even better? It's free for anyone to use, by phone or over the web.

"Survey after survey shows that there are huge numbers of people interested in plastic surgery," says Johannes Haze, Managing Director of 1-800-mySurgeon. "But in many cases, they don't know how to get started, or they're afraid they won't find a 'good' plastic surgeon. We started this service to change all that, to take out the guesswork."

The web site and 800 number operate on two guiding principles: get the facts and get in touch. To help patients get educated, the service offers overviews of popular cosmetic procedures and comprehensive information on the cosmetic surgeons in its directory. By matching a customer's needs with a surgeon's specialty, the referral service staff put potential patients in touch with some of the best plastic surgeons in their area. Often, people place a lot of trust in word of mouth and personal recommendations by family and friends, and people considering cosmetic surgery are no different.

"You know, word of mouth never goes out of style," commented Mr. Haze. "But what we're offering is kind of 'word of mouth plus.' You still get the personal recommendation from a reliable source, but you also get the benefit of the thorough research we perform by verifying each doctor's credentials and compiling dozens of patients' experiences."

The company's web site continues to expand its coverage each week. The site currently lists over 70 expert surgeons in many major cities in 20 states and Canadian provinces. The site also offers detailed descriptions of over 30 of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, such as liposuction, rhinoplasty and breast augmentation.

"It's just amazing all the tools we were able to pack on the site," adds Mr. Haze. "You can search by doctor name, type of procedure and zip code. You can find a cosmetic surgeon's board records, credentials, and years of experience. You can even learn about how a procedure works, its risks and what to ask your doctor. And all this info is just a call or click away."

One of the web site's most popular features is the ability for visitors to view side-by-side before and after photos of procedures performed by surgeons in their area. This tool allows people considering a particular procedure to see firsthand the technical skill of local doctors, and gives them insight into which surgeons are offering the results they're searching for.

Whether using the site or the toll-free number, people considering plastic surgery count on 1-800-mySurgeon to find a great plastic surgeon in their area, eliminating the need to roll the dice on an important health decision is a company dedicated to helping patients find and research board-certified plastic surgeons. Their free consumer service provides patients with the tools to research and learn more about their plastic surgeon's board records, credentials, experience and specialties. In addition, the service helps patients find highly qualified and experienced board-certified plastic surgeons in their local area. The company's wealth of helpful resources can be accessed by calling 1-800-mySurgeon or visiting


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    7:27 PM, Anonymous SageMother
    If you absolutely must go under the knife, this is a great way to start whittling down your choices. Being able to take you time without someone pressuring you into doing ore than you intend is wonderful! 

    9:41 PM, Anonymous Gigi
    You can never do enough research before choosing a plastic surgeon. Most important is making sure they are board certified and checking to see if they have any litigation against them and why! 

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