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Our Obsession With Perfection (Jarden Direct)

When I was younger, one of my biggest dissapointment was that I was never ever going to be one of those skinny asian girls. As I grew older, I realized that I have to be happy with what the Good Lord above has given me. Muscles, Tone and definition. And heck, I was voted best legs in high school by my peers. Still, I'm just being human, given the chance, I still would love to be one of those skinny asian girls. Size 0? Anyone?

Today, we have Nicole Ritchie. Paris Hilton. Victoria Beckham. They are so skinny. They are even skinnier than most asian girls. They have shoulder blades smaller than my wrist (And I have tiny ones since I am a concert pianist). They are a size of their own. No wonder couture designers are making their mark this world dressing these celebrities.

And again, ask me who I have pinned up on my refrigerator. Angelina Jolie, of course.

Not the Angelina Jolie, Tomb Raider. Angelina had to gain weight and muscle mass to do this movie. But the Angeline Jolie, Mr and Mrs. Smith. The skinny supermodel.

Okay, so maybe I'll never be that size. I dont think I even want to be that size. But given if technology could put me in a capsule and I come out as size 0, please sign me up. Can I pay more to get ahead of the line?

A recent TV Show Extreme Celebrities explored how and why women in the public eye have become so slim. And what their lasting legacies will be to the general public. It talked about how you can get really sick - hair loss, osteoporosis, heart disease.

Well, we have to pay for it somehow.

Nothing in this world is for free.

And for those skinny capsule makers, book mark me. I will pay a lot of money. I just dont want to kill myself getting there.

Excerpt From The Imaginary Diva on Life.


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