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The Most Of Common Facial Imperfections And How To Correct Them

All of us have some kind of blemish or flaw which can be corrected and made the most of with a few easy-to-perform tricks. Read on as we let you in on a few of the best:

Overly tanned skin

If you've overdone it in the sun (do remember to be especially careful and use high factor sun protection for the face and body) though even with sun cream some of us go so dark it leaves our skin difficult to work with; well don't worry and just follow this advice to bring your face out:

* What make up do I use?

Use a foundation that's the same tone as your tanned skin but with a luminous texture, lightening and clarifying your face.

* What eye shadows flatter me most?

Use clear pearly tones to emphasize dark skin.

* And the rouge....which one is ideal for me?

Use rosy tones with a pearly finish. Cream textures will also make your face fresher.

* How do I make up my lips?

Choose a transparent lip gloss to give volume and luminosity

Very pale skin

Some of us also have skin so pale that our smaller veins show, and the slightest imperfection stands out as the skin is very fine and sensitive. Follow the advice below to correct this and emphasize the skin:

* What make up do I use?

Use a foundation in the same tone as your skin (yes: pale as you may be, don't try to use foundation to increase your colour -this will look unnatural). Use a moisturising foundation with an average covering, and then apply a tanning powder which must be luminous, but with a very light tone, to give just a hint of colour. Ensure you have corrected all the little veins, bags and marks with a good corrector.

* Which eye shadows flatter me most?

Use earthy tones with mid-range colours, such as bronzes and greys ...Avoid extremely dark or light tones.

* And rouge....which one is ideal for me?

If your complexion tends to redden, avoid rosy tones and go for peachy, golden, or earthy ones...

* How do I make up my lips?

Choose a tone similar to that of the eyes but light; particularly if you have fine lips.

Round face

If you have a round face, follow this advice to dissimulate it...

* How can I correct the face?

The blusher is your ally. Use two: one to give colour, the other to correct. The one you use to correct should be in a matt earthy tone, very natural. Use this to give depth to the face.

Apply it directly on the cheekbone, from the roots of the hair to the centre of the face. Also use it around the face, ensuring you smudge it well so it doesn't stand out.

Next, on the same cheekbone, use a coloured rouge, such as pink, peach, or gold; and apply it straight towards the centre of the face.

* And hairstyle ...which one flatters me most?

A hairstyle will help you no end in correcting a round face. Create a wispy haircut that goes towards the face, and avoid haircuts ending around chin level. If it complements you to do so; cut the fringe. This will give you a wider look. Remember that volume should always gather around the crown and never to the sides of the face.

Bulging eyes

If your eyes bulge out a lot, take advantage of this -make the best of it by following these steps:

* Which eye shadow should I use?

Dark and matt! Seize the chance to use matt black, grey, navy and dark green tones; you'll automatically fix this little problem. Avoid light colours and pearly textures.

* And how do I make myself up?

Use the smoky eyes technique, that's to say make up your upper eyelid in the dark tone, and the inner side of your eyelid with a pencil, also applying the dark colour below the eye, just where the lashes begin, smudging it well to produce that trendy smoky look ...

Very thick lips

If you have very thick lips, instead of correcting them: bring them out! Follow these steps;

* What colours do I use?

Use dark tones to bring down the volume, giving you a classical, elegant look. For example: wine red, purples, chocolate brown...Avoid shine, which doesn't mean your lips shouldn't be moisturised, rather the opposite: as they are noticeable, it is very important you look after them properly.

* And how do I make myself up?

If you are going to use a dark lipstick, avoid going over the top in making your eyes up, use a luminous base, give your eyes a touch of light with a light eye shadow you can apply over the whole eyelid, and a lot of mascara. For the rouge, choose a tone from the same range as the eyeliner, for example if you use wine red lipstick, use a pink rouge, or if you use a brown liner use a gold or bronze rouge.

About the Author
Articles by Asuncion Parra Llorente a Beauty coach and founder and professional Make Up teacher at the online Make Up school; Elite Make Up.



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