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Party Makeup - 13 Most Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Night!, Inc

Are you worried about your makeup for tonight? Maybe you have an upcoming event or friends invited you out, but you remember that your last makeup was a disaster? Don't worry anymore. I will show you 13 most common mistakes girls usually do, that totally ruin their party night. You will learn what not to do and what you should do!

1. The first mistake isn't about applying makeup itself. It is about how you apply it. Never rush to apply your makeup. Take your time and stay focused. Remember, I'm a professional makeup artist and if I'm not focused I do mistakes, we all do! This makeup can change your life forever. Someone that can become a part of your life can notice you, while if your party makeup is a disaster, they would possibly miss you out.

2. Some girls forget it's important to wash their face with cold water. Cold water improves the blood circulation and makes your skin ready for the makeup. Also don't forget to apply moisturizing lotion. You want your skin soft and ready!

3. So, now is the time for foundation, right? Wrong! Now you check your skin for acne or pimples or other similar skin problems you want to hide. If you have green colored concealer, it's the time to use it. Yes, before the foundation, use the concealer. Apply it directly on the spots where you want to hide the unwanted guests on your skin. If you don't have green concealer, don't worry. Just skip this part and apply your normal color concealers after the foundation. Caution: don't apply too much of the concealer, you will regret that, because the spots will be visible on the photos.

4. Okay, next big mistakes happen when girls choose their foundation color. For a party, specially club party with all the flashy lights, always chose lighter foundation tones, compared to your skin tone. If the club uses ultra violet lights and you use darker foundation your face will look extremely dark, which is very unpleasant.

5. Now we move on to foundation application. This is where most of mistakes happen. If you applied the concealer we were talking about before, don't apply your foundation in rush. If you are used to apply your foundation in right and left motions now you have to change this. Your party makeup will look the best, if you apply it with wet sponge. Just apply some of the foundation on the sponge, then press the sponge on your face. Make just little movements to the right or left. Repeat this all the time, until your foundation isn't completely applied. This way you will avoid moving the concealer you applied before.

6. Many mistakes happen when choosing the lipstick and eyeshadow colors. For party makeup it is important that you chose strong colors. You have to make this makeup different from your normal daily makeup. If you keep it the same, nobody will notice you on the party. You will just be the member of the crowd. But you want to stand out and become the star of the night, right? So, chose strong colors, don't be afraid! Caution. Choose either strong lipstick, or strong eyeshadows, don't make them both strong at the same time. Because they might clash and it could ruin your night. There are however exceptions when this is possible and it still looks cool, but just don't risk it!

7. Next big mistakes happen when girls with those dark circles under their eyes, totally forget about them. If you have them, just use some white eyeshadow to lighten the under-eye area. Don't apply too much, it can look funny. If you don't have white eyeshadow, use concealer.

8. Now, don't make this big mistake when applying blush. Remember. Blush color has to be lighter than lipstick color. Rather use no blush than a darker blush, compared to your lipstick color. I did this mistake once and my cousin ended up looking like someone hit her on the face! Very bad!

9. Party makeup is all about sparkles. Don't hesitate to use them!

10. Did you ever notice that on some photos your face might be much brighter compared to your body? Sometimes it is such a big difference that it is really embarrassing and it ruins your photos? Well this is another mistake to make! Foundation and concealer on your face reflect the flash light. And that's why your face glows so strong. If your shoulders and cleavage are visible, always apply some of the foundation there too. You can also apply sparkles there. Not that it just looks cool, but your face and body brightness will get balanced and you will end up looking so gorgeous on photos.

11. Always check your neck! Usually girls forget about the line they make on the neck. All your efforts, doing this party makeup, will be thrown away if you make that stupid line. Your party makeup will be whole when you take care of the line. Even it out with your neck tone, use pressed powder too, it helps!

12. Well, usually it is very hot on parties and you also get to dance. Your skin becomes wet and oily and on photos you look like a fountain. Very embarrassing! But there is something you can do about this. You have to apply pressed powder foundation. If you don't have one, buy it! It is completely necessary for parties. Your face will never again glow that much on the photos and you will also look much better during the party alone! You apply it the same way you apply the foundation, just not with the wet sponge, but with the dry one that usually comes with it. Don't forget to apply some pressed powder on your body, it looks great.

13. And the last big mistake. The lipstick! Your lips can do wonders when applied correctly. Let me explain what can go wrong here. Your lips have those pores that have to be visible even after applying lipstick. But how is this possible? Well usually girls make the mistake and apply too much material on their lips. The pores become invisible and their lips look plastic, unnatural. And when this does happen your party makeup will get ruined. Now. Chose your lipstick color. Apply it on your lips. Blot your lips with a tissue paper, so that you remove the unnecessary lipstick and your pores will become visible. Now, the magic trick! Apply the crystal clear lip-gloss on your lips. Your lipstick color will remain on your lips, your pores will still be visible and your lips will look totally sexy with the gloss effect. They will also look fuller and nobody will be able to resist your "sexy" lips anymore. This way the lipstick stays on longer too.

That's about it! All the 13 biggest mistakes were revealed. Now it's up to you. Follow my advice and you may become the queen of the night! The right application of your party makeup can totally change your night life, guaranteed!

About the Author
Zoran Gajic, a professional makeup artist always full of tips and tricks to make girls look even more gorgeous. If you liked my article about mistakes that girls usually make when applying party makeup, don't hesitate to check the party makeup I've done on gorgeous looking girls, at



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