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A Car Racing Fan Site for Women

Montgomery Ward

Now that Pit Crew Live has successfully launched its interactive website for auto racing fans, founder Rod Wortham has turned his attention to the particular interests of female racing fans with the launch of Pit Crew Girls.

Like auto racing's first social network, Pit Crew Live, Pit Crew Girls was created to give women a forum to communicate with their like-minded sisters. "Although NASCAR was once a strictly Southern sport, new tracks have opened in Nevada, California, Illinois, and Kansas, and one is scheduled to open in Seattle, Washington," said Wortham, a former Busch Team owner and NASCAR Licensee for over 20 years. "As the fan base grows, there has been a shift in the interest from the female population. Women have become a large part of the racing world, comprising over 45% of the total fan base. We are addressing that market with Pit Crew Girls."

Although NASCAR was once a strictly Southern sport, new tracks have opened in Nevada, California, Illinois, and Kansas, and one is scheduled to open in Seattle, Washington.

Like Pit Crew Live, Pit Crew Girls is a social network that allows women the opportunity to talk with other female fans about the sport of racing. Female race fans can also create blogs, polls, and forums; check racing news; post pictures; search classifieds; and chat. Members of Pit Crew Girls also have access to tech tips, stats, and can chat live with Pit Crew Girls' moderators. Members of Pit Crew Girls can also buy apparel, memorabilia, and accessories through Pit Crew Live's superstore,

"With Pit Crew Girls, female fans can get everything from information on the latest fashion to the inside scoop on the American Lemans Circuit to a profile of Candace Muzny's race to the Nextel Cup," said Wortham. "This forum allows women to get informed, stay connected, and become inspired to share their opinions and views about all types of racing, including NASCAR, IRL, NHRA, and Formula 1."

Daytona, FL (PRWEB)


    6:58 PM, Blogger Nick Phillips
    Hey Sharon, cool article, bet my wife would love this site. she's into motor racing and stuff. will get her to check it out ... 

    6:07 AM, Anonymous technoflutemom
    Finally! Women are the largest growing segment of NASCAR fans. It is nice that someone is finally providing resources geared to them. 

    5:18 PM, Blogger The Imaginary Diva
    I am personally a big fan of NASCAR racing. The site is really great. Have you been by? 

    7:58 AM, Anonymous tater03
    I am a huge fan of Nascar. I would love to check out this website. Thank you for passing this along. 

    5:03 PM, Anonymous Stephanie2377
    FINALLY!! I've been waiting for a racing site for women! I've joined some Nascar sites in the past, but I am the only female there. I love the smell of burning rubber and asphalt as much as any man. I am a huge Dale, Jr., fan. I will definitely be dropping by this site. 

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