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Redesigned Therapeutic Aid Takes Aim At The Source Of Tension Headaches

A new design of The Relief Pyramid, the time-tested device for relief of tension headache and underlying stress, is now available online. Designed by an Osteopathic Physician with specialty training in manipulative medicine, The Relief Pyramid targets suboccipital muscle tightness, a frequent cause of common headaches. Effective, portable and inexpensive, it is a promising and powerful tool for millions worldwide who are suffering from chronic headaches.

The most common type of headache is the tension headache. Studies indicate between 63%-93% of men and women over the age of 25 experience tension headache. In today's fast-paced and time-starved world, a common cause of headache is that of stress and tightness/spasm of the suboccipital muscles (found in the upper neck just below the bony skull). While analgesics and different forms of therapy may temporarily alleviate symptoms, headaches often reoccur.

With the availability of The Relief Pyramid headache reducing device, sufferers now have another option -- a drug-free, safe and effective aid that can be used anytime, in the comfort of home or office. Originally, the device was a one-piece monolithic foam product available in two sizes, short and tall. The new and improved Relief Pyramid is now a two-piece adjustable unit, incorporating a reversible top pad. This simple enhancement allows for customization of The Relief Pyramid height to accommodate different patient sizes.

While the latest iteration of the device has only recently been made available, the basic concept behind The Relief Pyramid is not new. Archaeologists have found beds used by the Ancient Egyptians that raised the head during sleep, decompressing the skull (or occiput) from the upper vertebrae of the neck (atlas of the cervical spine). There is evidence that Orientals used similar devices thousands of years ago. More recently, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, the founder of Osteopathic Medicine, fashioned his own version of this bed-like device that he called the Saints Rest.

The idea behind all of these designs involves the principle of occipital decompression. Unfortunately, devices for nighttime use involve spending extended periods of sleep in the same position. Another relatively recent adaptation of the occipital decompression idea, though impractical for many people nowadays, was Dr. Still's "rope tied between two trees." Yet, the desired objective of all these devices is the same: decrease suboccipital muscle tightness, gently stretch the dural tube and realign the occiput on the atlas to relieve tension headache.

What is new with the advent of The Relief Pyramid is a comfortable, portable and affordable design. Three gentle therapies occur during the same 10-20 minute relaxation session. The first is muscle inhibition, where a gentle inhibitory pressure is applied to tight suboccipital muscles to reduce spasm. Second is occipital decompression, where the skull is lifted out of and released from its impacted position. The third is a gentle craniosacral technique (CV-IV) that resets the body's cerebrospinal mechanism thereby reducing stress and inducing a feeling of well-being. All three techniques are specifically addressed by The Relief Pyramid design: the bowl-shaped edge, adjustable height and foam pad resiliency.

Over 15 years of design, testing and refinement have gone into the development of The Relief Pyramid. During his post-graduate Osteopathic training, inventor Richard Brown, D.O. (now retired) recognized the need for a specially designed therapeutic aid he could recommend to patients. Prior, practitioners would often advise use of a padded stack of books or a tennis ball to target tight suboccipital muscles. In an effort to make a specific product available to all, he began experimenting with designs in 1990.

The arrival of The Relief Pyramid to the marketplace is the result of many years research into design and materials. Marketed exclusively by TheraProducts, Inc. (an Arizona Corporation), purchase of The Relief Pyramid and further in-depth details are available on the Web at

Tucson, Arizona (PRWEB) May 5, 2007

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