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Dogs Allowed -- Party with your Pooch

NutriSystem, Inc.

Well only in Hollywood they say. People in Los Angeles love their dogs, perhaps more than any where else. Now they have found a way to Party with their Pooches. Walking the red carpet are Hollywood's Hotties (we are talking about the dogs) with their owners June 19th at Vanguard 6021 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood CA. The star studded event begins at 7 p.m. The dog loving crowd is there to raise money for Much Love Animal Rescue and celebrate with celebrity dog trainer Mimi Germain.

Canine Consciousness is Mimi Germain's brainchild. Mimi has devised a holistic approach to help dog owners find their own solutions. She has an innate instinct to perceive the relationship between you, your dog and your environment and a unique ability to communicate methods for achieving results. Her belief is that together you can collaborate to train and maintain a happy, healthy, well-behaved dog. Always in the moment, Mimi's proactive problem solving fountain flows with groundbreaking techniques. The five star points that make up the Canine Consciousness philosophy are: Holistic Lifestyle Enhancements; Creative Working Solutions; Enriched Love Experience; Mad Knowledge; Smart and Fun.

Skybark is rolling out the grass red carpet in support of Mimi Germain and Much Love Animal Rescue. Skybark will bring to the table its proven formula for providing the best in dog friendly nightlife. Skybark has been happening at the Petapotty headquarters downtown and with its Hollywood inspired feeling it is only appropriate that Hollywood and Skybark finally come together. Petapotty, the founders of Skybark, will be providing public Petapotty's for the pet partygoers doggy business needs as well as bottles of it new odor eliminator "Smel'u'later". Previous Skybark events have been very successful and the bar has been set high this event should only help to raise the bar. So primp your dogs up and get them ready to deal the paparazzi because Skybark has finally made it to Hollywood.

The Honest Kitchen launches their new summer treat, Ice Pups, which they will be serving up to the canine crowd in attendance at the Dogs Allowed party. The make-at-home treat simply requires pet owners to add warm water, freeze in bite-sized portions and serve. The Honest Kitchen, a Pacific Beach pet food company produces a line of human grade dehydrated raw pet food. The Honest Kitchen provides natural pet food, herbal supplements and all-natural treats, with an emphasis on nutritional awareness, social responsibility and a commitment to animal well-being.

Besides the yummy treats from The Honest Kitchen folks and dog water from Vita Paw, guests will be wooed and entertained as the latest in Doggie fashions are presented in a walk down the bone shaped runway. Fashions from OLD NAVY and FIFI & ROMEO will take your dog's self expression to a whole new level. FIFI & ROMEO is known for its luxury lifestyle brand that re-energized the pet industry. They are known for the exclusive designs for Bruiser and Reese Weatherspoon in the movies Legally Blonde 1 and 2. With one flagship boutique here in Los Angeles and 11 in Japan, they are the elite when it comes to high fashion for you, the family and your pets. FIFI & ROMEO contributed wonderful goodies to the silent auction and also an issue of Celeb Staff magazine within the appreciation gift bags. Management at FIFI & ROMEO has been instrumental in helping to make this an event to remember.

Dogs will have a chance to get primped and dolled up by Go Hollywood Grooming. They can also chill in their own custom lounge provided by Orange County K9 or shake it up with there owners on a sod dance floor. This really is a dog friendly event.

Let's not forget the greater purpose to raise money for the animals that are abused, neglected or homeless. Much Love Animal Rescue has been working hard to aid these animals in need in the Los Angeles area. The proceeds from the event benefit Much Love through donations at the door and a live auction. The auction items and thank you gift bags have been generously provided by many of the above mentioned companies. Other supporting companies that have donated items included, Eloise Pet Accessories, BioBag and Dogswell. Paw Print and Fido Friendly magazine are some of the trade media participating in this event.

Some pet lovin' celebrity supporters of Much Love and Mimi Germain hoping to Party with their Pooch are: Wanda Sykes, Britney Spears, Eve, Beyonce, Joanna Cassidy, Tracy Ross, Adam Brody, Hilary Duff, Tori Spelling, Kristin Davis, Minnie Driver, Nicole Richie, Tea Leoni, Drew Barrymore, Alicia Silverstone, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ellen Pompeo, Katie Heigl and more. This promises to be a great evening for the two legged and four legged alike. Hope to see you there.

For more information please call 323.420.3023


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    4:24 PM, Anonymous Gigi
    Fantastic! When are they going to start allowing cats? Of course it will have to be segregated, ala smoking/nonsmoking: cat or dog? :) 

    1:49 AM, Anonymous Sharon
    That's so funny Gigi.

    I think the cats would want their own gig. :) Of course, it will be very interesting to see how the cats do during the fashion show.... 

    12:05 PM, Anonymous tater03
    That is a really cute idea. They do need to have one for cats. Seperatly of course. 

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