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Get Out Of Jail Bash For Paris Hilton

I really promised myself that The Diva Network wasn't going to get involved in the media circus created by Paris Hilton being in an out of prison.

But when I heard that Papa Hilton was already planning a Get-Out-Of-Jail bash for the Mega Diva, I just couldn't resist the temptation of diving right in.

It makes me wonder if he actually told Paris "Don't worry honey, when you get out, we will throw you the biggest, baddest party ever. All you have to do is be a very nice girl, okay?", hence the unexpectected contrition by the heiress from Jail.

So, I took a little trip to the Los Angeles County Jail Website just to see what kind of a luxurious pad Paris Hilton was upgraded to at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility Medical Center Jail Ward, and found a couple of unexpected, yet interesting tidbits:

1. You can actually do an inmate search on their website and if you type in Paris Hilton, you will get the court info on her arrest.

2. If you are a die hard Paris fan, you can send your special jailbird a Care Package courtesy of Canteen Correctional Services Online Shopping! "We offer you complete access to all products approved for delivery to your friends and loved ones. And if you just can't decide on what to put into your Care Package, check out our themed Care Packs in the menu on the left. Not even sure about a Care Package? Try sending a MyCarePack Gift Card! It's good for anything on the Canteen Commissary Menu!"

Try this package ....

$50 Gift Pack - 2 Foam Cup, 2 Sugar (10 pk), 2 Tapatio Sauce (10 pk), 1 Ramen Case of Soup (Chili Flavor), 1 Fruit Punch Mix (6 oz), 1 Columbia Coffee (3 oz), 2 Hot Pickle, 2 Cornuts - Picante, 2 Pork Cracklings, 2 Hot Nacho Chips, 2 Honey Bun, 1 Mothers Taffy Cookies (16 oz), 2 Snickers, 1 Atomic Cinnamon Fire Balls, 1 Sweet and Salty Mix

3. Twin Towers has an Inmate Answering Service that is available 24 hours a day - (213) 473-6100. I just can't imagine the amount of phone calls that are coming in for Paris. Someone please call the number, ask for Paris Hilton and report back to me right away.

4. You can also write correspondence to Paris Hilton c/o Terminal Annex, P.O. Box 86164, Los Angeles, CA 90086-0164. You are going to need the name of the inmate and the booking # - that's #9818783 for Miss Paris. Just make sure you comply with LA County's Inmate Mail Regulations such as cosmetic items or greeting cards larger than 6x9 inches are not allowed.

5. Visiting hours for female immates in the medical ward: Sunday (7:00 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.; 2:30 P.M. - 3:30 P.M.) & Friday (9:00 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.; 2:30 P.M. - 5:45 P.M.) So, if by chance you get past through security to see Paris Hilton, don't forget to snap a pic. I hear it could be worth a cool $5 Million dollars!

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    8:03 AM, Anonymous technoflutemom
    I love the car package! Hopefully I'll never be in the situation to have to send it to a loved one, though :) 

    9:51 AM, Anonymous Sharon
    You can always send one to Paris Hilton :) I'm not really sure she's liking the cafeteria food too much. 

    5:21 PM, Blogger Nick Phillips, MY
    You mean they let you send her stuff like that? I'd love to send her a nice pack of rat poison. LOL. 

    12:26 AM, Anonymous Sharon
    LOL Nick. I don't think rat poison is on the menu :) Or at least, so they say. 

    12:44 AM, Anonymous Gigi
    Not a Paris fan, but I AM a fan of celeb facts. What an interesting article! Makes a celeb seem so, human? When you can access their actual arrest records. Thanks for the chuckle! 

    1:03 AM, Anonymous chase
    Wow you can send care packages to inmates? That is hot! 

    8:47 AM, Anonymous SageMother
    I have marveled at the level of mean spiritedness unleashed by folks over this situation. It has made me reconsider my opinion of people...and that hasn't improved. 

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