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20% Off Your Favourite Designer Collection At
Isn't this dress just absolutely sexy? It's quite perfect for spring with a bold splash of color and that oh, so feminine touch of flowers that is designer Rebecca Taylor's trademark. Read More

6 Tips and Tricks That Will Help You Achieve That Red Carpet Look
The glamour, the excitement, the drama. What we wouldn't give to be a part of Hollywood's red carpet. After all, it's a chance to shine in the spotlight, to look and feel beautiful. Read More

Helping You Keep Your Clothes On
So, you're going to a party and you're dying to wear that new sexy dress hanging in your closet. The dress is daring, with a dangerously low neckline held together by these tiny little spaghetti straps. Read More

We Just Love Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton does their shoe collection just right..... Browsing through the summer 2007 women shoe collection, you just can not help but want to buy everything. And I really mean everything!!! Read More

Fashion Modeling & Its Occupational Hazards
So many factors determine how successful a fashion model can become - age, height, weight, and even skin color. The road to becoming the "it" model is very competitive and should really come with a health warning. Read More

Mohapatra Completes Fall 2007 J Mendel Collection for the Bryant Park Fashion Shows on March 8th
The Fall 2007 collection has, yet again, a very fresh and young spirit. Following on last seasons critically acclaimed Spring 2007 J Mendel show in the tents at Bryant Park, Bibhu Mohapatra and Gilles Mendel Read More

APO Jeans - The Classiest Bling In Town
If these jeans walked by you, you probably would not recognize that they are one of the most expensive jeans in the world. APO Jeans decided to apt for a subtler, elegant approach, Read More

Host A Jockey Person To Person Party
If you are tired of hosting the same old parties - jewelry, makeup, skin care - then you should look into hosting a Jockey Person To Person party for your friends, co-workers, neighbors and relatives. Read More

Simone "Cameo Satchel" by Designer Charles L. Thomas Launches
The official launching of the Simone cameo satchel was a bit of a long time coming. Not because designer Charles L Thomas was trying to catch up with a trend, but for the trend to catch up to him. Read More

Good Girls Guide to Buying Lingerie
With the popularity of Lingerie boutiques in shopping malls across America the stigma of buying and wearing lingerie is now a thing of the past. However for women who've never bought lingerie before Read More

The Birth Of The Burqini
A brainchild of Australian Designer, Aheda Zanetti, the Burqini has made it's debut on the beaches of Australia. It is the modest version of the swimsuit and the muslim's woman answer Read More

Black Seamed Nylons Are Back In Fashion
Black seamed nylons are making a huge comeback. Isn't it a curious fact of modern life that things go in and out of fashion? Just like they say "what goes around comes around" and it is especially true of fashion. Read More

Your Favourite Little Black Dress Just Got Sexier
Ready to take your favourite black dress for a night out? Whether the occasion calls for chic sophistication or all out femme fatale, Read More

How To Dress 10 Pounds Thinner
The end of summer has wreaked havoc on most of us in two places - our finances and our bodies. While I can’t offer any solutions on paying off your credit cards, I can help you look leaner, Read More

Celebrity Jewelry: Forget Bling, Bring Back Pearls!
Call me old fashioned, but I'll take glamorous stars like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor over spoiled pseudo-celebs like Paris Hilton, Ashlee Simpson, Read More

What Lies Beneath: The Panty Guide?
Pick a panty, any panty. Unless you're buying sexy lingerie for a special occasion, you probably just grab any pair of panties in the morning, almost as an afterthought. Read More

Style Must Haves For All Figures
by Cara Birnbaum for Ivillage. Ever wish you had a shopping list of what you should and shouldn't wear? Billie Causieestko, the Miss Universe stylist has heard your prayers. Here, in an excerpt from Universal Beauty: Read More

Go Ahead. Be A Romantic Tease.
It's all for a good cause. Really! will be sponsoring An Indian Summer $1500 on her Cancer smackdown blogathon. Visit her to see how you can help the fight. Have you ever thought it would be cool to do a sexy striptease Read More


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