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How To Dress 10 Pounds Thinner

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By: Georgia Donovan

The end of summer has wreaked havoc on most of us in two places - our finances and our bodies. While I can't offer any solutions on paying off your credit cards, I can help you look leaner, sleeker, and trimmer by incorporating some fixes in your wardrobe to create an illusion while you are dieting off the extra pounds from too many Cosmopolitans and Crème Brules.

The Rule of One

The most important tool you can use is one color dressing. Wear one color, preferably something dark like navy, black or charcoal from head to toe for a longer, thinner look. Wearing one color creates an unbroken line and viola, a thinner, sleeker you. Two colors, by the way, will cut you in half and give you a much wider profile. When I said wear one color I meant just that. If you're wearing a black blazer and black pants, wear a black blouse, shoes and belt. For some punch you could add a colorful scarf or a fabulous pin.

The late Carrie Donovan (no relation), who was the voice of fashion for the NY Times, always wore black. It was her signature.

The Body of Evidence

If you want to appear slimmer avoid pleats, flashy fabrics, busy patterns and textures and avoid, like the plague, anything big or tent like. A tent only belongs in the circus and on a heavy woman, it only accentuates the body and makes her look even heavier. Flowing skirts are another "no-no." They're great for period movies, but most women cannot carry that much fabric. Now I'm not suggesting that you wear anything tight and skimpy that will only blueprint all the flesh that you are trying to disguise because, fit is everything. I cannot say enough about fit when it comes to clothes. Whatever your body style, the fit of your clothes is paramount. Fit is more important than cost. Things that pull, sag, droop, and constrict, add pounds to everyone. When you get dressed, "try on" your clothes. Can you walk, turn, sit, stand, and bend comfortably? Hug yourself, to make sure your jacket doesn't pull or tug when you have it on. And how are the sleeves? Are they too long or too short? Pants should not be tight in the crotch nor snug around waist. If you spend nothing else on clothes this year (impossible I know, but let's pretend) spend the money on alterations. Those special pieces that you have that are classic and that are the backbone of your wardrobe should have an impeccable fit and if they don't fit perfectly have them altered or replaced.

Some Additional Tips

Play up your best feature. If you have heavy hips and waist, keep the focus on top. Wear great makeup so people will look at your face. If you are top heavy but have great legs, play that up. Wear a skirt with high heels or shoes with the new pointed toes. Wear dark colors in skirt, hose and shoe for an unbroken, long, slinky line. Alter your skirt to where it just brushes the knee, never shorter or longer. If you insist on boots, make sure that they are long enough to just hit your leg below the knee. No mid-calf or ankle boots for this look. Here is a trick I learned many years ago from an actress friend of mine in London. When you are fully dressed, stand in front of a full-length mirror, now close your eyes for a minute and then open them. What is the first thing you see, your face or your outfit? You always want to see the face first. This is important when you're making an entrance. Are you wearing the clothes or are the clothes wearing you?

The Awful Truth

The average American woman is 5 foot 4 inches, 140 pounds and wears a size 12. The average model is 5 foot 9 inches, 110 pounds and wears a size 2. Think about that the next time you read a fashion magazine and wonder who designers are designing for anyway. Fashion magazines should be read for suggestions. Not as the bible.

About the Author:

Georgia Donovan, The Clothes Doctor, is a fashion stylist and image consultant, whose mission is to help women reach their fashion potential and raise their fashion consciousness. To subscribe to her free newsletter for mature women, visit or

Read more articles by: Georgia Donovan
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      12:08 PM, Anonymous luvcamerasnic
      These are some great tips! I think that many women forget how slimming dressing in one dark color is. If you do it right, it's very classy too! 

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