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Now For A Limited Time.. Free 7 Day Trial!!! We are so confident our product will work for you, that we'll give you a 7 day supply FREE! Once you see and feel the difference, we're confident that you'll want to continue using Vital Hoodia 1000.

Vital Hoodia 1000 is the most effective & Authentic Hoodia Gordonii appetite suppressant on the market today. It is delivered in a Sustained Release Formula, which assists in the ease of your dieting process.

There are no known side effects from hoodia. It suppresses your appetite, reduces calorie intake, is doctor recommended, and known as the most effective diet pill in America-As seen on Oprah and 60 Minutes.

Vital Hoodia 1000 is all the rage in appetite suppressants. #1 best kept secret of the Stars in Hollywood for weight loss!

For best results it is highly recommended that a well-balanced, low fat, reduced calorie diet is followed, along with a minimum of 64 ounces of water, and exercise.

What If You Could Actually Lose 10, 15, Or Even 25 Pounds Quickly And Safely In Less Than 30 Days?"

Now You Can...
Here at Vital Body Fitness we love to eat just like anybody! We also like to look and feel great. Is it really possible to have your cake and eat it too?
If you’re fed up with the weight fluctuations, starvation and fad diets, feeling hungry, and spending hours on the treadmill, then you’ll find Vital Hoodia™ 1000 to be an an amazing alternative. Our product contains 1000 mg (sustained release) of pure South African Hoodia Gordonii and WE GUARANTEE IT! Hoodia just doesn't get more potent than that. Available exclusively right here. Vital Hoodia™ 1000's formula contains NO "fillers." Just pure Hoodia...clinically proven to be the strongest appetite suppressant ever discovered.

For years, the weight loss industry has led us to believe that in order to look great and stay in shape, you could never eat your favorite foods. Now, of course we're not saying that you can eat ice cream and hamburgers all day, but you can still occasionally splurge and maintain a healthy lifestyle, thanks to our all natural supplement...

We know it sounds hard to believe, but thousands of people are doing just that… thanks to a revolutionary breakthrough in natural health science: Vital Hoodia™ 1000.

"My name is Kathy Morrison, MD. I and hundreds of other Doctors recommend Vital Hoodia™ 1000 to our patients. It packs 1000 mg of pure form Hoodia. There simply is nothing more powerful even in a prescription. Vital Hoodia™ offers a safe and effective means to which weight can be lost quickly without the negative side effects and high cost."

Weight Loss Breakthrough…Vital Hoodia™ 1000 (sustained release) was formulated as an all-natural solution to completely suppress the appetite for food. Doctors teamed up with top biochemist and nutritionist from around the country in an effort to research and come up with the most powerful formulation that would curb appetite, boost energy, and support healthy blood sugar levels. Researchers and doctors found that Vital Hoodia's™ most amazing attribute was weight-loss among it's test subjects and patients.

The precise ingredient of all-natural Vital Hoodia™ 1000 works in tune with your body to promote overall health and weight loss. You simply take 1 capsule 3 times a day, or as recommended by your healthcare professional!

What is Hoodia?
Hoodia Gordonii is the most powerful appetite suppressant ever created. It goes to work on the very first dosage. It also is vital in regulating blood sugar levels and proper metabolic rates within the body. Our Vital Hoodia™ 1000 is created from a special flowering cactus from the Asclepiadaceae family. There are approximately 20 different species. Our proprietary formula comes from the best plants grown in Southern Africa.

The Hoodia Cactus has been used for generations as a natural appetite suppressant and thirst quencher during long hunting trips in the South African outback. The powerful extract from this cactus has been clinically proven to reduce caloric intake by up to 1000 calories per day.There are no absolutely no side effects. Now you can get this amazing nutritional supplement containing 1000 mg of pure Hoodia Gordonii exclusively right here from Vital Body Fitness!
Here’s A Short List Of All The Benefits Vital Hoodia™ 1000 Could Offer You…

Curbs Your Appetite
Certified 100% Pure South African Hoodia
Boosts Energy
Completely Safe...NO Side Effects
Goes to Work After First Dosage
Supports Total Healthy Lifestyles
Regulates Blood Sugar
Doesn't Keep You Up At Night...Stimulant Free
Keep The Weight Off Permanently...

Our sustained release formula helps you reach your optimal weight zone, the continued weight loss will pace itself to allow your body and metabolism to adjust to your new weight. The sustained release slowly releases the powerful Hoodia into your system so the effects last all day. This balance is crucial to maintaining your weight-loss and keeping those unwanted inches off...and Vital Hoodia™ 1000 is proven to do exactly just that so you can KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF PERMANENTLY!!!

Unlike many weight-loss products on the market today, Vital Hoodia™ helps to keep the weight off because the proprietary formula is made only from the most potent Hoodia Cactus grown on the planet that won't shock your system. Your body accepts the healthy changes our formula makes to your metabolism.

Why You Should Never Diet Again..
Studies have shown that the main reason 95% of all diets fail is because they actually lower your daily calorie intake. By doing so it also lowers your bodies natural metabolic rate. Causing your body to store fat instead of burn fat. It many cases, test subjects would crave food even more allowing the faster accumulation of even more stored fat. After 1 week on other diets, fatigue sets in due to the shock on your bodies metabolism.

Thanks to Vital Hoodia™ 1000 you can say goodbye to fad diets that are impossible to stick with and fail to yield results. Never before has weight loss been so fast and easy to achieve through a product proven time and time again to be completely healthy, safe, and effective. Besides keeping your metabolism at it's optimal burning level, the groundbreaking power and synergy of Vital Hoodia's™ 1000 natural ingredient stops those intense cravings in it's tracks immediately, helping you to obtain the body, health, and self esteem you deserve!

The Science Behind The Success
Here’s The Cutting Edge Science Behind Vital Hoodia™ 1000's All-Natural Weight Loss Success.

After decades of research and development conducted by scientists and doctors at the South African Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) showed the Hoodia Gordonii cactus contains a miracle molecule that kills the appetite and attacks obesity. The most incredible fact is that it's purely organic, with no chemicals added and no known side effects.

Eliminates Appetite.- Regulates Blood Sugar- Regulates Your Metabolism- Feeling Healthy And Vibrant- Great Self Esteem And Confidence- Fast Weight Loss

Have You Heard The News??
Vital Hoodia™ 1000 mgYou may have already seen our product on 60 Minutes, ABC news, Oprah's magazine "O," or your local paper. The buzz is out about the most powerful appetite suppressant in existence...period. If you haven’t seen us, you soon will because it is being described as the new miracle supplement for safe, effective weight loss. Order your today. It's guaranteed and you won't be disappointed!


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      Hihi, didn't know where i could reach you, Espen here. Feel free to use that article u requested to on Grand-pa. :D 

      8:57 PM, Anonymous Kelstar

      I'm assuming you're the one who left a note on my blog. Feel free to use the article. 

      1:23 AM, Anonymous The Designer Diva
      Thank you for being in touch. That is great! I will leave you a message on your blogs as soon as I get the articles ready! 

      8:10 PM, Anonymous luvcamerasnic
      Isn't a pill with hoodia just another fad? I think that eating right is the best way to lose weight. 

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