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Recipe To A Perfect Holiday Cocktail Party

Bag Borrow Or Steal, Inc.

It is the holiday season again! And you know what that means.... parties, parties and more parties. Whether you are planning your own, or helping a friend plan one, let Evite make it a success!

Start with a party checklist to guide you through your party tasks and to-do list. Just tell them about your event, and they'll tell you what you need to prepare for, including corresponding due dates.

Start off your party in style! Get the invitations out - Evite has so much to chose from. There is certainly one that will strike your fancy and party theme. It's a great way to keep track of rsvps and the number amount of people attending. And for those naughty friends who have not responded, well, no need to keep tabs on them. Evite will send them another reminder not to miss your party!

Now that the invitations are sent, what else do you need to do to prepare for a memorable cocktail party? Take their Drink Calculator for a spin to figure out how much alcohol to stock. Just enter the number of party hours and guests confirmed and it will do the calculations for you. So, if you are planning a 5-hour party and serving wine to 10 moderate drinkers, you will need 12 750ml bottles of wine. To serve liquor to 15 moderate drinkers and 5 heavy drinkers, you will need to have 7 1 litter bottles on hand. Doesn't that just take the worry away?

My favourite tool from Evite is the Party Budget Estimator. I never plan a get together without this one. It not only keeps me on track for my estimated expenses, it gives me a guideline of what my spending will be. If I am planning a 5-hour cocktail party for 15 people, Evite's estimated and recommended budget is:

  • Food $142 - $189 Includes: 6 types of appetizers and 2 desserts
    Budget Tip: Outsource food preparation without breaking your bank. To save time and reduce party preparation stress, buy frozen hor d'oevres or buy precut veggies and fruits to make party platters.

  • Drinks $150 - $202 Includes: Bottled water, sodas, coffee, tea, cocktails and ice
    Budget Tip: Serve a signature cocktail to cut down on the need to stock a full bar.

  • Decorations $67 - $89 Includes: Themed plates and napkins, plastic flatware and cups, hanging decorations, table cloth, flowers, and candles
    Budget Tip: Tea light candles are great for setting the mood for your cocktail party.

  • Entertainment $50 - $66 Includes: Compilation music CDs and games
    Budget Tip: Ask your guests to bring their favorite cocktail recipe to share with other guests. It's entertaining and doesn't cost a cent. Give out a prize for the best recipe.

    More food for thought - Evite also has party menus & recipes featuring recipes from These clever twists on classic dishes showcase interesting flavor combinations and presentation ideas to give your menu a new life. Also, make sure to find the perfect wine to accompany your meal with Evite's wine pairing chart.

    Diva Party Tip: Don't forget to send thank you cards to your guests for attending your party!


      12:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous
      Thanks for the info,WOW beautiful and good blog!
      Managing your money during the holidays is simple once you know the pro's and con's involved. Reevaluating how you shop during the holiday seasons is also a part of sensible money management. Setting spending limits where your credit is concerned is always the best bet. Hope you will find those resources useful for your blog and to your many readers. Have a super day! 

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