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Celebrity Skin, How Do They Do It ?

Guthy Renker Corporation

Celebrity skin may seem unattainable, but it is a possibility for many skin types. Following a strategic skin care maintenance and management program is just one way to achieve celebrity skin and learn about the best skin care program for long-term skin health. Healthy skin is a part of a healthy lifestyle, and is a part of looking younger, longer. Celebrities take regular care of their skin through a variety of techniques. These include ongoing facials, massages, skin care regimes, and a healthy diet. Exercise can also play a role in stellar skin year round, as it improves circulation and helps remove toxins from the body in a natural way.

Regular skin care that is integrated into a daily habit will create long-term results. Still, there are many intensive treatments and options available to enhance the skin's appearance and achieve dramatic results. These include anti-aging procedures, scientific treatments for specific skin conditions, or even holistic and natural therapies to improve skin definition.

Celebrity Skin Care Regimes

Healthy skin regimes start with a daily routine that cleans, moisturizes, and nourishes skin on a regular basis. This will include a process of:

* Cleansing * Buffing * Toning * Moisturizing * Sunscreen application * Corrective serums * Quality makeup application * Facials or masques for exfoliation

A healthy skin care regime takes time to develop and integrate into a lifestyle, but once it becomes a natural habit, it can provide consistent results. Celebrities have a variety of resources and products available to help them look and feel their best. This ranges from intensive treatments, high-quality products, natural or holistic remedies for problem skin, and pursuing a healthy and balanced lifestyle with diet and exercise.

Common Celebrity Skincare Treatments

Skincare treatments that offer intensive, deep treatments on a regular basis can encourage detoxification and vitamin infusions. These can enrich the skin's top layer, leaving it rejuvenated and refreshed. Common skincare treatments include:

* Microdermabrasion * Mud masques * Skin resurfacing procedures * Botox injections to remove fine lines and wrinkles * Facial lifts and injections * Organic and herbal serums and treatments * Natural cosmetic applications * Vitamin-rich body and skin treatments, including body wraps, moisturizer applications, and intensive moisture therapy * Photo pigmentation to remove spots and blemishes * Glycolic peels * Lip treatments and enhancers * Skin buffing and hair removal * Acid and collagen fillers

Both dermatologists and plastic surgeons can help with any of these treatments, and although some intensive treatments will have side effects, these usually subside in a few days or weeks. Maintaining skin with natural products and treatments will help in the long-term, so a balance is often necessary.

Celebrity Skincare Products

Wearing natural cosmetics and using high-quality skincare products are often a part of the celebrity skin care regime. Top skincare brands will offer nutrient-rich products that may include:

* Hydrating toners * Vitamin-rich moisturizers * Herbal infusions and serums * Penetrating pore cleaners * Anti-wrinkle creams and serums * Eye treatments such as gels, serums, and light moisturizers * Overnight creams that tighten and firm the skin * Facials that cleanse, remove dirt from clogged pores, and stimulate the skin's top layer

Celebrity Lifestyles that Encourage Healthy Skin

A regular exercise and fitness program, along with a steady diet of natural foods, are essential components of healthy skin. Celebrities and stars often have personal trainers and fitness experts readily available to guide them through their fitness regime, and may even have personal chefs to provide highly nutritious foods and meals. However, some key elements of both of these lifestyles can greatly enhance anyone's skin and appearance.

Healthy dieting and eating habits include integration of food with a high level of antioxidants, natural foods, plenty of fruits, and a variety of vegetables. Foods that are high in antioxidants and that may have a direct impact on skin include:

* Vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables * Leafy green vegetables * Whole grains * Nuts, seeds, and natural fruits * Healthy fats from fatty fish, Omega 3 supplements, and flax seed * Plenty of fresh, spring water

Regular exercise can boost circulation and increase the body's ability to eliminate toxins. This is very important to refresh and remove dead skin cells, as well as any toxic material in the body that may be causing skin disorders or imbalances. Regular exercise can increase the chances of healthy skin production, resulting in a glowing appearance. This healthy glow from within is common among celebrity skin, and is fairly easy to maintain.

Avoiding excessive sun exposure is important to maintain skin's natural elasticity and prevent premature aging. This is why regular sunscreen application is essential for long-term skin care, and is often a part of a daily regime. Skin can deteriorate and mature at an accelerated pace when it is exposed to excessive UV-rays. Tanning booths, too much time outdoors, and inadequate skin care will result in fine lines and wrinkles developing, as well as increasing the risk of skin cancer.

About the Author - by Dave Mcevoy
For more information and skin care tips please come and visit our site

    1:15 PM, Anonymous luvcamerasnic
    These are great tips, but for someone on a strict budget, like me, they might not work so well. 

    5:38 PM, Anonymous stephanie2377
    While all of these products sound luscious, they would be quite out of range pricewise. I am all for helping my face through diet, drinking water and exercise, though! 

    8:24 AM, Anonymous technoflutemom
    I love that you added nutrition. I definitely think beauty starts from within. Eat those berries, nuts and leafy greens! 

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