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Hear The Music Like It Is Meant To Be Heard

Future Sonics Professional Headphones

Other than multiple platinum albums, of course, what do Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shakira, Mary J. Blige, Jimmy Buffett, and Carrie Underwood all have in common? They're just some of the artists appearing on tour, on stage, and on TV this year with Future Sonics professional earphones as essential equipment.

Future Sonics is the originator of Ear Monitors brand custom miniature loudspeakers--the groundbreaking personal monitor technology that forever eliminated on-the-floor stage monitors for scores of the music industry's biggest names . Invented by Marty Garcia, a renowned tour engineer and audio production consultant, Ear Monitors were the first custom professional earphones designed exclusively for use during live performance. The innovation not only reduced the amount of gear needed onstage, but also saved stars' voices because they could finally hear themselves without oversinging.

Ever since the advent of the Apple iPod and other personal entertainment devices, demand has been growing among consumers for full spectrum, state-of-the-art earphones. This intense consumer interest, spurred by positive reviews of Future Sonics products in many trade and consumer audio publications as well as unrelenting interest in online blogs and forums, led the public to Future Sonics' doorstep. A new, unexpected--and perhaps for the company, even somewhat unfamiliar--market was born.

Atrio Series
Future Sonics has begun making its new Atrio (pronounced AY-tree-oh) Series earphones available to the public on a limited basis. The Atrio Series transfers Future Sonics' TrueTimbre technology without compromise into an advanced, universal-fit product.

Unlike two-way, three-way or so-called "hybrid" armature-based earphones, there are no electronic or comb filtering artifacts, no phase issues, and no crossover dropouts in Atrio Series earphones. All the listener hears is perfectly balanced, natural and realistic sound with a sense of "feel."

The universal fit of the Atrio Series also offers multiple options to satisfy individual preferences and ear sizes. Included with the device are three interchangeable pairs of Future Sonics designed EarFills dual-flange silicon sleeves (small, medium and large) that allow the earpiece to fit snugly in any size ear canal. As another option, the Atrio Series comes with two pairs of Future Sonics designed ComfortFit foam sleeves (large and small); these sleeves can replace the EarFills for wearers who prefer a more complete seal of the ear canal.

Unlike so-called active "noise canceling" headphones, Atrio Series earphones reduce ambient noise without adding sound. "Listening is the only way to experience this unique and realistic quality of audio reproduction in the Atrio Series," noted East. "TrueTimbre technology means the listener experiences the more accurate and life-like audio signature of the original performance, even at the lowest volume."

Atrio Series earphones are built to optimize the sound output of any concert stage, recording studio, multimedia or broadcast production, yet can also improve the enjoyment of portable music and DVD players, laptop PCs and gaming systems. They are recognized by H.E.A.R. (Hearing Awareness and Education for Rockers) as a product offering its full range of sound and performance at even the lowest volumes. Future Sonics continues to support hearing education and conservation as it has for more than 20 years.

The Atrio Series earphones are available in two models--the m5 edition in black, and the m8 edition in cobalt blue. Both models are priced at $199.00/pair (MSRP) and come in a premium-quality protective carrying case. Atrio Series earphones carry a two-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and can be purchased direct from Future Sonics ( or as well as through authorized dealers.

BRISTOL, PA (PRWEB) May 22, 2007

    9:33 PM, Anonymous SageMother
    These look like the earphones I desperately need for my mobile listening. Their shape seems more compatible than ear buds, which I can never get to stay in my ear deep enough to get the full flavor of the smooth jazz that fuels my moods. 

    9:48 PM, Anonymous Gigi
    Wow, even those were designed with professionals in mind, I sure would love to get my hand on a pair of those! Thank you for the heads up! 

    7:51 AM, Anonymous capitalist_junkie
    What a gorgeous design! I bet they are worth the price, too. I can't wait to get my annual bonus -- perhaps I could afford to buy a pair. 

    7:59 AM, Anonymous technoflutemom
    Those sound great! I perform sometimes and it is so easy to lose the rest of the musicians. 

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