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Spray Away Headache Pain -- Naturally

Sinol USA, a company located in Sandy Hook, CT, has developed the first, over-the-counter, all natural nasal spray for headaches. Sinol began formulating their flagship nasal spray back in 2005 from an old remedy that was used by physicians as far back as the 16th century. The research and trials that were conducted in the last few years revealed a list of the largest hospitals, clinics and medical universities around the world were using "capsaicin", the active ingredient in Sinol's nasal spray.

"When we first began researching the properties and active ingredients for Sinol and we came across clinical trials being performed by Johns Hopkins, Boston Medical College, The New England Center for Headache and a dozen more," said Paul Carpenter, president of Sinol USA. "I corresponded with Dr. Alan Rapoport, a Neurologist who works at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, is a professor of neurology at Yale and is co-founder of The New England Center for Headache. Rapoport and other researchers were using capsaicin in trials and getting very impressive results," Carpenter stated.

The ingredients in Sinol sounds more like sun tan lotion than a drug but this is good news. Aloe, rosemary, sea salt and capsaicin are a few of the ingredients that make this product a real prospect for relieving headache pain. Accordingly, a nasal spray works much faster than pills or liquids and relief can be achieved within minutes. Jean Mauro, a patient at the New England Center for Headache, says, "I have been using Sinol at the first sign of my headaches, sometimes needing 2 sprays in each nostril and I have succeeded in heading off numerous headaches." Mauro has purchased Sinol four times in the past year.

Melissa Ellis, VP of Operations for Sinol, comments that the re-purchases on our product confirms the efficacy. "We get calls from all over the globe and the testimonials are very heart warming. Medical doctors from around the country are recommending Sinol to their patients. This is a very exciting time for Sinol and we are now on the shelves at CVS and Kroger," said Ellis.

Sinol is not addictive, has no harsh side effects or rebound headaches like other medication. Sinol can be used in conjunction with other medications and if you are pregnant, however, you need to consult with a physician first.

Sinol is a breath of fresh air to those that suffer from migraines, tension, cluster and premenstrual headaches. Sinol USA has also created a Allergy/Sinus nasal spray that is being used by The New York Allergy and Sinus Centers in Manhattan. Dr Laura Rogers, an allergist in Chicago, states she has had tremendous results with Sinol and it is a great alternative to prescription pharmaceuticals.

Look for Sinol today at CVS, Kroger or a retailer near you.

Newtown, CT (PRWEB) May 14, 2007

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    10:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous
    This product is NOT in Cvs. The company is trying to build demand at the store level by giving out false information. This is not good business and may be against the law. I would take this down if I were you. 

    11:45 AM, Blogger The Imaginary Diva
    Thanks for dropping by Anonymous. I double checked with CVS on their website and by phone, and it is available. Here is the link to where you can purchase it and it is in stock. - 

    11:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous is different from what the PR says. It is not on the shelves in the stores. I talked to the main buyer for stores Steve and he said NOT in the stores. The PR is misleading.

    Mary from Ct. 

    2:32 PM, Blogger The Imaginary Diva
    Gotcha, Mary. I double checked with CVS and customer service has confirmed that this could possibly be "in stock" on their internet store. That's as much as I got. 

    6:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous
    Sinol is available at CVS, I purchased a bottle yesterday and it is really an unbelievable product. Sinol is in the section where Tylenol and Advil, bottom shelf next to Vanquish.

    Very nice product and it works tremendously well, I am a repeat buyer! 

    10:04 PM, Anonymous The Imaginary Diva
    Thanks for giving us a review on Sinol! 

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