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Feet Are The It Body Part For Summer 2007

120x600 Banner- Lesbian couple on Beach

Did you know that an average woman walks 10,000 steps in a day?

When you do that much walking (and most likely in high heels), you need to make sure that you are properly taking care of your feet. Especially now that summer is here, it is going to difficult to hide your feet away!

"After your hair has been coiffed and colored, your make-up and manicure are magnificent; you've got a golden glow, taut tummy, and lean legs, what is left to perfect? Feet," says New York podiatrist John Viscovich. He wants to challenge all the ladies out there to take care of their feet. So, here are a few pointers from the doctor on how to get those gorgeous sandal-worthy feet ready for the summer:

Cosmetic and less-invasive surgical foot procedures such as such as shock wave (a high energy ultrasound treatment used for certain foot problems) toe shortenings, and bunionectomies have increased.

Therapeutic pedicures incorporating pure lemon or orange scrubs, aromatherapy as well as quasi-medical treatments such as hard skin removal are on the rise.

The array of o-t-c strips and pads to provide the utmost comfort in even the most torturous shoes can make blisters a thing of the past.

You have so many shoe choices! Right now everything is in style: peep-toe pumps to ballet flats to stilettos and baby-doll round toes.

Dr. Viscovich also offers these tips for pain-free feet this summer:

When buying new shoes, always get re-sized - just like your kids, because even an adult foot can change size.

Vary the styles you wear. Your favorite pair of heels or loafers may be super-comfy, but can actually harm your walk and balance over time. And, as tempting as it is this summer, don't live in flip flops.

Buy new sports shoes regularly - Pay attention to the wear and tear on running or tennis shoes and upgrade accordingly.

Stock up on good o-t-c pads and strips, blister band-aids and moleskin - and keep them in your purse or desk for foot emergencies.

Don't ignore foot pain! Women will often let pain go, chalking it up to "suffering for beauty" but foot pain can sometimes be a precursor to something much more serious such as diabetes or a circulatory problem.

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    9:14 AM, Anonymous chase
    I usually buy shoes that are a little bit bigger than my usual size. I guess for like some sort of an extra 

    11:54 AM, Anonymous Sharon
    I've got to keep that in mind Chase next time I go shopping for shoes. I tend to buy the ones that are too pretty, but not great for comfort.

    It's kind of funny my mom (she's Asian) has always encouraged me to buy shoes a size smaller because "men" apparently like dainty feet :) 

    10:43 PM, Anonymous Gigi
    I am still laughing over a blog here last week that talked about skanky sandal feet. I battle that all the time no matter how I work at it. Keep the feet article coming! Wish I could afford the pedicures mentioned! 

    9:25 PM, Anonymous SageMother
    Since I stay barefoot indoors, I have more callouses in the oddest places from walking on hard surfaces. I tried some glycolic acid on my heel callouses and it help more than I thought it would! 

    11:41 AM, Anonymous tater03
    I am one of those women that tends to forget about their feet until I look down at them and am like oh my goodness when was the last time I trimed my toenails. I am terrible when it comes to nice looking feet. 

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