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It's A Tough Life Being A Celebrity Superstar

If you are a celebrity, you will need to give your personal privacy more than just an extra thought. Gossip rags are always looking for dirt to dish out. Everything sordid always makes for good front news nowadays - what you eat, what your religion is, and what your sexual orientation is. I wouldn't be surprised if non-disclosure contracts are made mandatory for everyone that comes ten feet close to you.

You could be hot news today on the celebrity columns, and hopefully by tomorrow, it will all just blow over and become yesterdays news. But Tell-All books? They are a legacy that you will never be able to live up to as an A-list celebrity. So, who's talking about who?

Jason Alexander is writing about his marriage to Britney Spears. Remember him? Brit's childhood friend and husband of 55 hours? He'll be talking about sex, Brit's tummy tuck and what a lucky bastard K-Fed is for being there at the right time and the right place. Rumour has it also the K-Fed is also shopping for a book deal now that he's broke, and will be exposing a side of Brit that's never before seen by fans - her physical encounters with women, plastic surgery faux pax and use of drugs. Note to K-Fed: Better brush up on those writing skills, because if your rapping is any indication, it needs some serious work.

It looks like Britney Spears might have the last say after all. She is threatening to publish a warts-and-all book about her marriage to Kevin Federline if he doesn't play ball through their bitter divorce. Brit are you trying to say that there is more to K-Fed that has not been reported by the media yet? I am hoping one of these days I will open the television and find him in Fear Factor stuck in a glass casket with a million maggots. And to think he duped not only one, but two beautiful women.

It's really not Paris Hilton fault that she is the way she is. It seems that Paris Hilton's faux pax pale in comparison to the Hilton women that came before her. Jerry Openheimmer's autobiography "House Of Hilton" paints a not-so-pretty picture of the Hilton women from great grandma Dodo to Paris. The book talks about each generation's never ending obsession with money, wedding rings and divorce settlements. Oppenheimer has woven a trash tale based on estranged childhood friends, ex-spouses and family member. They are labelled as gold diggers with obscene spending habits and their despearte desire for power and attention. So can you blame Paris? Apparently, us common people would love to hate the Hilton women, for any reason. Here's my confessional: I really liked some of the songs in Paris' album.

JLo is fighting ex Ojani Noa's tell-all memoir. Ojani is challenging a preliminary injunction that prohibits him from casting a negative light on JLo. She does not want their intimate sex life placed in public display. He only wants to talk about the hot sex and nothing else. Why can't Jennifer Lopez understand that? His life has not been the same since the court injunction. I wonder why. Poor misunderstood Ojani.

Carmen Bryan, the women behind rapper the success of superstar Nas, tells in her book It's No Secret that she held down two jobs and paid the bills so that he could go into the studio. She is also the woman behind the Nas/Jay-Z rapper wars, dating and sleeping with them both at the same time. Bryan's book will "provoke readers to question society's double standard and the imbalance of power in the male-dominated entertainment industry" as reported by This book is a way for her to get her version of the story told and clear her conscience. Here is the fact Carmen - book deals and clearing of conscience do not go together.

Supermodel Kate Moss has cancelled her Tell-All Book on her love life and drug use now that she has her career back on track. It's a very smart move. I know curious minds would love get every detail on how she had fallen from grace and ended up on the cover of a British Tabloid snorting cocaine. But for now, I prefer to hear more about the wedding dress her beau has picked up from a second hand store. It must be so nice to be able to look great in almost anything!



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