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Jennifer Lopez vs. Marc Anthony?

JENNIFER'S ACTING STYLE CLASHES WITH ANTHONY'S - JENNIFER LOPEZ found it a challenge filming EL CANTANTE alongside husband MARC ANTHONY, because their acting styles are so different. The WEDDING PLANNER star plays PUCHI, the wife of Salsa king HECTOR LAVOE played by Anthony - in the movie drama. Lopez says, "We have very different acting styles. He's kinda a method actor, he likes to improvise. He says, 'Don't worry, just go with it.' "I'm very disciplined. I know all my lines, I know all his lines.

THE DIVA SAYS - Jennifer, you should listen to Marc, and then maybe the Golden Raspberry Awards will stop nominating you for the worst actress which they do almost every year. Marc Anthony is a phenominal actor and will take Hollywood by storm with his acting chops. I bet Marc will get an Oscar nomination before Jennifer ever does (she really must stop winning those golden raspberry awards for worst actress).

ANTHONY GIVES LOPEZ SINGING TIPS - Pop star JENNIFER LOPEZ has been getting singing advice from her Latino husband MARC ANTHONY, because she feared she wasn't good enough. The WAITING FOR TONIGHT performer suffered from anxiety about her ability while recording a new, un-named track, until a crash course from her singing spouse restored her confidence. She says, "The song I was about to record was a beautiful ballad. Marc just looked at me and he said, 'Jennifer, read the words, sing the words. Don't think about your voice, think about what you are singing.'" The couple, meanwhile, claim their Hispanic roots help them to understand each other.
Lopez says, "My husband is from my culture, from my background and he totally understands me both emotionally and creatively. He is the first person to give me total confidence as an artist."

THE DIVA SAYS - Good for you Jen. We love your music and you always look hot! But you really need to do something about that flat tone.

Source: PR-Inside


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    4:44 PM, Blogger Stephanie
    I love Jennifer Lopez! I know she hasn't gotten rave reviews for her acting, but I loved the Wedding Planner. It was such a sweet movie!
    She just looks *so* happy now, and I love that for her. She and Marc are so obviously well suited. She is so beautiful! 

    5:59 PM, Anonymous Calypso
    My favorite Jennifer Lopez movie was Enough. Even though the critics panned it, I thought she did a great job playing an abused wife who fights back because she's had...well, enough.

    I hope trying to work with her husband doesn't do any damage to their relationship. Sometimes people who play well together don't necessarily work well together. 

    7:22 PM, Anonymous Ruth
    Marc seems really good for Jennifer. They've been very cool, low key and always surrounded by other popular couples like the Beckham. She deserves it after what she's gone through with P.Diddy and Ben Affleck 

    9:45 AM, Blogger mtatum4496
    Jennifer Lopez is not among my favorite performers. But it is very true that when performers who subscribe to a different method of acting try to appear in the same production, it can be tough. Hopefully they both can bend a little and the directors can make it work. 

    11:18 AM, Blogger The Imaginary Diva
    Jennifer does come out with some of the popular love stories and you can really relate to her. I'm a big fan of the Wedding Planner and I even have the DVD.

    But if you've ever seen Marc Anthony act, it's like wow, how come he hasn't been around on the big screen before (he's a Broadway stage performer).

    I also just picked up JLo's new spanish album and it's very beautiful. It's being touted by the press as the new mature JLo. I picked up the credits and it is produced by Marc Anthony. So, it's really no surprise there. 

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