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Infamously Single In Hollywood

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Some of the most popular articles in gossip magazines such as Star Magazine and the National Enquirer are those that probe into the private relationships of celebrities. Such magazines like to detail the latest hook ups, and break ups. Though those in Hollywood are known for the brevity in their relationships, there are just some female celebs that just seem to have great trouble both snagging and keeping a man. It just goes to how you that looks do not account for everything.

Naomi Campbell

Famous since the catwalking days of fellow supermodels Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista, this dark beauty cannot seem to keep an assistant or a personal companion. Campbell is known for her erratic temper and penchant for throwing cell phones and the like at those who raise her ire. She has been linked to such notable men as the prince of Dubai, Michael Stipe, with whom she was engaged, singer Usher, and actor Robert Deniro to name a few. However, a longer term commitment has eluded her and Campbell has never been linked to anyone for very long. The last reported hook up with Terrance Howard was unceremoniously denied by the actor who has proclaimed to still be in love with his ex wife.

Mariah Carey

This angelic voice burst onto the scene with the smash hit Vision of Love, which is ironic since love has seemed to elude the song bird. Carey was married to record executive Tommy Mottola, a man quite a few years older than her. The marriage did not outlive the hype of the fairy tale wedding as Mottola turned out to be more like a father and a husband and the two called it quite after a rather tumultuous union.

Carey has gone on to date others such as Latin American singer Luis Miguel, and notorious playboy Derek Jeter. She has also been linked to rapper Eminem, with whom she had a very public feud. Reportedly, Carey was leaving messages for the rapper who was apparently no longer interested in pursuing any romantic involvement with the singer. He released them to the media, and Carey labeled the messages as being misconstrued, and Eminem as being ungentlemanly for releasing the messages.

Carey is legendary for diva like behavior and demands. She has quite a bit of experience in many things, I wonder how long it will take for her to realize that men do not always want the high maintenance type no matter what your bank balance.

Paris Hilton

With Paris, one never knows if she cannot seem to keep a man or if a man cannot keep her. Though the difference between Hilton, and our two other ladies is that she is young and she just wants to have fun. Though shortly engaged to Paris Latsis, Hilton has been linked to just about everyone in young Hollywood, whether they are attached or not. Sometime boyfriend Stavros Niarchos is a boyfriend she snagged while he dated one of the Olsen twins, has the infamous sex tape with Shannen Doherty ex Rick Solomon, not to mention the very married MTV reality star Travis Barker.

No one knows what the future holds for these ladies, but I am guessing that life is easier in Tinseltown when you have someone to share it with.

About the Author
Lisa James reads Star Magazine and writes for Suscriba, sellers of Star Magazine Subscriptions and other Discount Magazine Subscriptions.

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    3:11 PM, Anonymous fishoutofwater
    It just goes to show you that being a power couple isn't everything, though I wonder sometimes if Paris is trying to find a decent match. 

    3:59 PM, Anonymous Calypso
    You know, some people are just happier being single or having several passing relationships instead of one serious one. As long as these ladies aren't unhappy about their relationship status, let's give them a break! 

    1:39 AM, Blogger The Imaginary Diva
    Sometimes you don't even know anymore if these "relationships" match ups are for real.

    I thought that it must have been a big publicity stunt when TomKat arrived on the scene. Just goes for you if these ladies are just being single for the notoriety.... 

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