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Paris Hilton's Pet Lifestyle Brand - Haute Couture Doggie Style

Is Paris Hilton following the steps of Daddy Hilton?

First there was the handbag company her sister Nikki and her opened, then came the Simple Life Reality Show, her own brand of perfume..... And now, the newest entrepreneur venture for this trust fund baby is her own Pet Lifestyle Brand.

It seems that everything Paris touches turns into a marketing opportunity.

In March 2005, Tinkerbell, her pooch, became the unofficial spokesperson for Little Lily , one of the hippest doggie couture labels. We all knew then that it was a matter of time before Lilyboots (the Jimmy Chewz of the dog world) was going to be a common sighting amongst our downtown streets.

"Lily follows the latest trends in people fashion when designing for dogs, creating people clothes for dogs and not just doggie clothing. From their own velour jumpsuits to their pink Lilyboots, Little Lily allows dogs to be dressed from head to paws in the most fashionable designs that are ultra comfortable and functional at the same time. The concept of Little Lily is not just creating dog products, but designing a lifestyle for dog owners. Little Lily believes that your dog is an extension of you, and you should care for your dog like you would care for yourself. People say you are what you wear; Little Lily believes you are what your dog wears." Little Lily Press Release, March 29, 2005

Little Lily co-founders Lara Alameddine and Daniel Dubiecki will be assisting Paris Hilton in designing and developing the label. Judging from what Little Lily has in their collection and their past joint collaboration with Care Bears and Sanrio, we have much to look forward to.

I wonder if this brand will extend to making match outfits for the dog owners?

I myself will go and convince my fiance to acquire a Chihuahua so I can be part of this big trend. Or not....

copyright 2007 The Designer Diva



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